Leafs Defence core

With McCabe signed on it seems very unlikely that the pronger door will open, but thats not to say that the leafs defence core wont get a free agent boost.Currently the leafs defence core looks like this.

McCabe- No 1 guy!!!!

Kaberle- No 2 guy!!!!!

Belak- most likely be a healthy scratch, is useful because he can play wing or defence

Wozniewski- will likely alternate between The Leafs and Marlies

Kronwall- will likely alternate between The Leafs and Marlies

Then there are many free agents the leafs could resign










But with the exception of kaberle and mcCabe, the other defencemen are suited for a 5-6 role, so the leafs need some cheap 3-4 d-men… if they want to upgrade their offence. On the bright side they have a platoon of young defencemen ready to earn a spot in the nhl.

Other free agents the leafs may look into on July 1st are:

Pavel Kubina, Willie Mitchell, Brendan Witt, Jay McKee, Hal Gill, Danny Markov, Kim Johnsson, Teppo Numminen, Francis Bouillon, Jaroslav Spacek, Niclas Wallin, Aaron Ward, Ruslan Salei, Brian Leetch, Brett Clark, Karlis Skrastins, Jason Woolley, Dick Tarnstrom, Joe Corvo, Filip Kuba, Daniel Tjarnqvist, Andrei Zyuzin, Ken Klee, Kenny Jonsson, Tom Poti, Jason Strudwick, Brian Pothier, Mark Eaton, Nolan Baumgartner, Sean Brown, Keith Carney, and Eric Weinrich.

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  1. sidleaf says:

    i’d rather save the cash and see anyone of the leafs young d-men get a shot at a 3-4 role, wozy and kronwall were studs last year, harrison wasn’t too bad either…time for change, i don’t know if mccabe got the no trade claus but if the pronger deal were to go down i’d part with him before kaberle, kaberle can feed prongers shot jsut the way he did mccabe last year, i think mccabe got too much money, but this is the nhl so…he’ll get his fair share of disaproval if he makes any mistakes on the ice

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Why would this hinder the Pronger signing.

    Kaberle/Steen is a million less then Pronger, cap space aint really taken up, and we need a good top two defensemen, this just means McCabe isn’t *****ing up at the number one spot.

    The sillyness of some people… 🙂

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    McCabe and Kaberle have great chemistry, its possible that McCabe said he would only resign if the leafs promised not to trade kabby.

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    for the last time, kabby and steen are 1.5 less than pronger, ad McCabe didn’t sign with Toronto to have the guy who makes him the great goal scorer that he is traded away for another one way player. and McCabe wil not be traded away either, not a few days after signing a new contract.

  5. Toonces99 says:

    Good idea….but highly unlikely.

  6. Toonces99 says:

    It’s widely reported that the Pronger deal is still in the works, the only difference now is that JFJ is not pushing as much, also it is said that the leafs would pull Kronwall from the deal and add Stajan for Pronger and Torres…The deal would look something like this:

    To Toronto: Pronger, Torres

    To Edmonton: Kaberle, Tucker and Stajan.

    In my opinion that wouldn’t be a bad deal for the both teams….Torres is an good player and a local boy..would fit in well, l would however miss Tucker as he brings some sandpaper to the club and can pot some pucks…would be tough to replace. I still believe that this deal will go through. I beleive his (prongers) value will somewhat take a hit when the market opens on July 1st, as most teams will now have a wide variety of people to choose from, now none of them are the same caliber of Pronger (excluding the usual suspects, JOVO, Chara, etc…) but none the less there are many….thoughts?

  7. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    What do you mean for the last time? This is the first one… silly, silly person…

    Anyways, Kaberle = $4.25, Steen is $.8

    Pronger is $6

    And if that’s wrong, what’s a hundred thousand dollars?

    And are you telling me Pronger won’t have a better effect on McCabe then Kaberle does???

    Silly, silly person…

  8. sufferingleaf says:

    Good than bye bye overpriced overrated defenceman!

  9. scout says:

    why are you saving cash

    are you worried about the teachers

  10. scout says:

    they have the perfect chemistry for what?

    finish out of the playoffs again

  11. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    GOALS!!!!!! did you miss last season, they were a hurge point producing tandem

  12. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    why? McCabe and kabby played well, i wouldn’t expect the same chemistry from McCabe and Pronger

  13. grandmasterb says:

    With someone of Macabes stature and keen eye for defense the leafs need not worry about it, time will be best spent worrying what the genius JFJ will do next?

    Let macabe sign at the last minute LOL JFJ your a joke

  14. grandmasterb says:

    What are you five, mcabe does not want anyone to steal what little limelight he thinks he may have.

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