Can the Leafs find a new home for Komisarek?

Komisarek’s contract is such that he has to provide that list of 12 teams every June 15, so that part is not exactly news, but if he is willing to play anywhere, league wide, that may give Leafs GM Dave Nonis a couple more options to pursue.

Toronto would likely have to assume the max salary they’re allowed to (50 per cent, or $2.25-million annually) to move him – especially given how little Komisarek has played – and even then it may be difficult to find a home for him.

Being in limbo like this is a difficult situation for the player, too, as regardless of the money involved, this is hardly what Komisarek wanted when he chose Toronto as a free agent in the summer of 2009.

He was asked about the rumours after practice on Sunday and wasn’t revealing much.

“I’m not going to be commenting on what someone in St. Louis said so,” he said. “I don’t even know the guy or why he would say that. I’m curious to see where you guys get your stuff. That’s all I can say at this time.

“You want to play and you want to contribute; that’s the biggest thing. You don’t want to be a passenger; you want to be helping the team out. I can just worry about what I can control and that’s coming to the rink with a positive attitude and working my butt off.

“I’ve got to be ready for when an opportunity comes – when and where that is, who knows? We’ll see how it unfolds. Right now I’m just taking it day by day.”

Not exactly the words of a player dying to stay in Toronto.

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  1. doorman says:

    I really don’t think it will be as difficult as some think. I am not saying it will be a great return, but he is a vet guy with a year left who has a rep for being a good team guy. I hope he gets a chance to play, as he could have handled this whole situation differently

  2. glotz_99 says:

    Can we stop with Komisarek articles, its pretty obvious the Leafs will use buyout clause on him once the season is finished. The reason he is not playing is because A) he is a piece of shit and B) teams are not allowed to buyout players on injured reserve. if he were to play and get injured the leafs could get fucked over. If he didn’t have a no-movement clause he would be playing out the rest of his contract on the marlies (ala jeff finger) because no other team is interested.

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