Leafs Getting Ready to Trade McCabe?

The Toronto Star today brings up (yet again) the possibility that McCabe will be traded before the March 9th trade deadline.

The Toronto Star

Will the Leafs decide to pack it in this year, or will they keep McCabe and try to make a final push towards the playoffs (after slipping behind Atlanta in the standings)?


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  1. BleedinBlueEH says:

    I predict he goes to Carolina for Ladd

  2. Toonces99 says:

    Why not trade McCabe?…..I have heard that he rejected 4 years 21.5 Million = approx $5.4 per, which was MLSE final offer….Carolina seems interested and the proposed deal would be

    To Toronto:


    2nd/or a 3rd rounder

    Ladd or Johnson…

    To Carolina:


    The sticking point right now seems to be who Carolina is willing to give up of the 2 prospects.

    Also heard……

    To TOR: Witt + Zubrus

    To WSH: 1 of Antropov/Stajan (like Stajan), Wozniewski and possibly a 2nd/3rd pick

    May happen…..

  3. skidragoon says:

    i heard vancouver wants mccabe

  4. Toonces99 says:

    straight up…No chance….But l think they will prefer Johnson.

  5. PaulK123 says:

    The Canucks need defensive help and McCabe can provide that, here is a good trade:

    To Vancouver:

    Bryan McCabe

    2nd round pick

    To Toronto:

    Ryan Kesler

    Todd Bertuzzi

  6. PaulK123 says:

    Another comment, I have been hearing this trade going around,

    To Edmonton:

    Ed Belfour

    Alexander Khavanov

    To Toronto:


    Ty Conklin

  7. Toonces99 says:

    Key word…Defensive……McCabe is not that…more offensive than defensive….Also $ for $ would not make sense…Bert is making somewhere around 6-6.5 million..no cap space.

  8. Aetherial says:

    I cannot believe the oilers would do this.

  9. Aetherial says:

    Not sure if Carolina will want to pony up the bucks to resign McCabe and that price is HUGE for a rental.

    I see him going to Vancouver although as a Leaf fane I love the Carolina deal!

  10. Toonces99 says:

    They will have the cap room….Tverdovsky(sp?) will not be resigned and they cole and Stall signed until the end of 06-07 l think it may happen…..I also would love this trade….Both ladd and Johnson have huge upsides….

  11. Aetherial says:

    I just can’t see us getting that.

    It would be SOOOOO sweet though to see the Leafs trade someone at the top of their value and get that kind of future in return.

    Of course… I just don’t think they could ever pull off a deal like that… unless Carolina really is serious about *this* year.

  12. Toonces99 says:

    I think they will be “Minnasota North Stars” of 2006…but bust in 2007….I don’t know just seems to big of a turnaround..it’s rare that teams that have such a great season repeat it again the following year, this is why l can see them trying to get more talent (experience)

  13. lukeleim says:

    Bryan McCabe to the Vancouver Canucks for Luc Bourdon & Matt Cooke?

  14. goose says:

    pleaz dunt trade mccabe we need him so badely pleaz i bag u?

  15. the_canadian_game says:

    wowowo by johnson do u mean jack johnson?wasnt he the second pick at the draft or something?

  16. Brad_0989 says:

    There is no way that Carolina gives up Ladd or Johnson as part of that deal. McCabe for Kaberle and a 2nd or 3rd rounder might happen but there is no way Toronto could get Ladd or Johnson without throwing in more and since there is nothing else worth trading for in Toronto’s lineup that might have to be a prospect like Rask or Pogge.

    As for the second deal, I can’t see Washington wanting an underachieving 1st line player in Antropov or a 25 year old minor league defencemen in Wozniewski. Stajan might be of interest but it would probably have to be Stajan and a pick for Witt.

  17. 92-93 says:

    I’ve actually come to some different conclusions about possible leaf trades in the past couple of weeks. Before, i was entirely against the idea of trading McCabe and Tucker but i’ve had a change in heart that has NOTHING to do with their recent struggles.

    the resigning of Kaberle was a good move in my books. Sundin and his contract are unmoveable and it is unlikely that Belfour will be moved by the deadline.

    but the leafs’ most valuable chips – on D, McCabe, Klee and Berg, forwards – Allison, Tucker, Antropov – could all bring someone valuable both now and in the future.

    The best trade partner right now seems to be the Flames and Sharks. The Sharks need defensive depth and i think they would definitely trade for Klee and/or Berg. The Flames have a surplus of D-guys and Leopold is a young d-guy that has tremendous upside and potential. The leafs could part with Allison but I would rather seem the part with Tucker – who is falsely considered by many leaf fans to be their ‘heart-and-soul’ player.

    I don’t buy into that. Tucker has had a fine year and his value is at its peak right now. his on-ice role is an effective one, but i don’t see him EVER replacing a guy like Roberts. I’d rather see Tucker go than Allison because the latter is only 30 and represents a soild second-line Centre for Toronto for years to come. people are too taken in by his lack of speed. in my opinion, Allison makes those around him better.

    Another possibility – a glorious one really – is trading McCabe. this guy’s value is skyhigh right now and the leafs could get quite a bit for him right now. i’ve never been impressed with his defensive skills (something that kaberle – despite his ‘softness’ – has more of). McCabe will not get better from here on in and he will never be the ‘stud’ D-guy for the Leafs.

    The fact that talks have stalled mean nothing however. it could just mean that they will resume negotiations after the season is over. but i’d rather see them trade the guy, save some money and resign other players or go out and get some solid D-guys to combine with Kaberle, the young D-guys, Pilar, and maybe Leopold if they can acquire him.

    Tomas Kaberle————–[solid free agent D-guy]

    Jordan Leopold————————Steffan Kronvall

    Carlo Coliacovo—————————Jay Harrison

    [Karl Pilar]

  18. 92-93 says:

    possible free agent signings for the leafs (assuming they trade McCabe) include Gauthier and Boucher (Dallas).

  19. lukeleim says:

    Tucker has been our most valuable forward this year, hands down.

  20. 92-93 says:

    Tucker and Klee to Calgary for Jordan Leopold and a mid-round pick.

    [Calgary is in need of offense and Tucker provides just what they need – scoring touch and some grit. Klee is a solid depth-defenceman as well. Toronto gets a top-4 D-guy who is young, has some offensive skills and is dependable]

    Belfour and Brendan Bell to Edmonton for Spacek and prospect Danny Syvret

    [Oilers get a veteran goalie for the playoffs to put behind Markkannen. They replace one defensive prospect – Syvret – with another one – Bell. Spacek is an ideal d-guy for the leafs. He has an offensive touch (replaces a little bit of McCabe’s scoring), he is ‘young veteran’ defenceman who can be paired with Kaberle or one of the up and coming young D-guys]

    McCabe to Buffalo for Biron and Peters and maybe a pick

    [Buffalo gets a quarterback for their powerplay and the leafs get a goalie who can split time with Telly for the next year or two until one of Pogee or Rask is ready. Toronto gets a tough guy in Peters so that Belak and Domi become expendable.]

    ________________In offseason________________

    RELEASE/TRADE/WAIVE: Khavanov, Berg (for draft pick), Czerkawski, Belak, Lindros, Brown, Aubin

    RESIGN your young UFAs (all except Antropov – see if you can deal him at the next deadline for something valuable), Biron, and Spacek

    BRING UP FROM MARLIES: Pohl, Kronvall, Harrison

    FREE AGENT(S): Patrick Elias [or another free agent winger]

    THE SAD REALITY: O’Neill and Domi are probably stuck with the Leafs for another year (and probably Khavanov but I am keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll be traded or waived).

    FEEL GOOD STORIES: return of Coliacovo and Pilar

    Patrick Elias———Mats Sundin———–Jeff O’Neill

    Ponikorovsky——-Jason Allison————Antropov

    Alex Steen———–Matt Stajan————Wellwood

    Chad Kilger———–John Pohl————–Tie Domi

    [Wilm, Peters]

    Tomas Kaberle———————–Jaroslav Spacek

    Jay Harrison—————————-Jordan Leopold

    Steffan Kronvall———————–Carlo Coliacovo

    [Karl Pilar]

    ———————-Martin Biron———————-

    ——————-[Mikael Tellqvist]——————-

    DEPARTURES: Belfour, Lindros, McCabe, Tucker, Klee, Czerkawski, Belak, Khavanov, Berg, and prospect Brendan Bell

    ADDITIONS: Elias [approx. 5 million], Leopold [$1.05 million], Biron [approx. 3.25 million], Spacek [approx. 2.75], Peters [450K], Pohl [450K], Kronvall [450K], Harrison [450K]

    RETURNEES: Sundin [6.8 million], Allison [approx: 3.5 million ], Wellwood [approx: 1.25 million], Steen [720K], Antropov [1 million], Kilger [approx. 800K], Ponikarovsky [700K], Wilm [450K], Domi [1.25 million], O’Neill [1.5 million], Stajan [approx: 1.25 million], Kaberle [4.25 million], Pilar [700K] Coliacovo [approx: 1 million], Tellqvist [450K].

    TOTAL—————————————–39 million

    [Note: I purposely over-estimated the resigning amounts of the young RFAs, Allison, Biron, Spacek, Elias, and Kilger. The Leafs have anywhere from 3 to 6 million dollars in cap space to work with along with some tradeable commodities (Antropov).]

    ____2006/2007 Top Prospects with the Marlies____

    Robbie Earl———Jeremy Williams———Battaglia



    ———————-Justin Pogge——————–

    ———————-[JF Racine]———————

    [not to mention 2 additional draft picks for the next draft – from Buffalo and from Calgary.]

  21. 92-93 says:

    What to say about this team…

    Competitive? Yes.

    Playoff-bound? Yes.

    Younger and quicker? Sort of. There are still players who I’d rather not see play for the Leafs (O’Neill, Domi for example). But for the most part, this Leafs squad will be much more effective than this year’s version. Why?

    well offensively the leafs are pretty solid – especially down the middle and on their left side. they have point-a-game centres in Sundin and Allison. Sundin will have more points with Elias on his left side and Allison will continue or even better his pace this year. The third line is the ‘kid line’ and each of these players having another year under their belt, which can only help their play. I’d like to see Wellwood switched up with Antropov though – just to add some speed for the second line and some size on the third. the 4th line will see some youth added into the mix with Pohl and with Wilm and Peters being added into the line-up periodically, there is some toughness and depth as well.

    On Defence, the leafs look pretty solid with some offensive types (pretty much everyone but Harrison has offensive skills). Its a very young D but Kaberle and Spacek are young vets and Leopold has already been to the cup finals with Calgary. The potential return of Pilar and Coliacovo makes this squad of D-guys deeper than this year’s group that includes a slowed Klee and ineffective Berg and Khavanov.

    In net, both Telly and Biron have had more solid numbers than Belfour and can potentially hold the fort until the young star prospects come of age.

    Most importantly, the leafs have some room to move under the cap, they have a squad that can score from the blueline out, and a squad that can play D. However, the most important element here is to add in Paul Maurice as the head coach.

  22. Marky2Fresh says:

    There is no way McCabe gets 5 mil on the open market.

    Lindstrom, Chara, Jovo, Redden, Blake, Morris, Brewer, etc.. are all UFA’s.

  23. buds8 says:

    Morris is garbage, Brewer is injury prone and finished although he is not that old, Redden and Jovo are overrated. The only players that you list who are better than McCabe are Lidstrom, who Detroit will never let go and Chara, and Ottawa will re-sign him too!

    I bet my left nut he gets $5.5 easily!

  24. Aetherial says:

    Not bad, but I can’t see Edmonton making Syvret available in a deal that include Belfour as the main piece going the other way. Brendan Bell is a middle of the road prospect at best.

    If the Leafs trade Belfour to Edmonton, I expect an overpaid vet to come the other way. The name that comes to mind is Peca.

  25. Aetherial says:

    Wanna bet.

  26. toronto77 says:

    that’s a huge rip off, witt takes as many dumb penalties as mccabe maybe even more, and has no speed.

  27. toronto77 says:

    good enough for me, didn’t bourdon play for canada in the world juniors?

  28. lukeleim says:

    sure did he was very valuable too

  29. 92-93 says:

    yeah, i know you’ve been saying Peca and that’s probably right. i am hoping against it though.

    32 years-old, loads of injury problems and 3.99 million a year.

    having him, Allison, and Sundin down the middle doesn’t sound that attractive to me – even if you were to flank them with wingers like Steen, Stajan, Wellwood, and Poni (and not to mention Tucker and Antropov).

    how long is his contract with the oilers?

  30. 92-93 says:


    you really don’t think McCabe is going to get 5 million on the market?

    he is going to get AT LEAST 5.25 a year. AT LEAST.

  31. 92-93 says:

    after it is all said and done. keeping mcCabe is not that bad of an idea – – – as long as its for no longer than 3 at the MOST … and as long as it is for no more than 5 million.

    but you see – this is the problem. the tendency seems to be with JFJ is this: he overspends (so McCabe will get 5.5 even if he’d get that much on the open market, JFJ should use the leverage of playing in Toronto and with Kaberle, etc.), and regardless of the term he signs – probably for 4 years – McCabe will have all of these clauses in his contract that will make it impossible for JFJ to trade him.

    Again, having McCabe, Kaberle, a bunch of up-and-coming young guys like Kronvall, Coliacovo, Harrison, and maybe a free agent signing D-guy (Gauthier or Boucher) and maybe Pilar as a 7th D-guy … does not necessarily sound that bad.

    but if McCabe is going to get too much, why not try and trade him for SOMETHING and free up that cap space for someone else or a bunch of other players?

  32. Aetherial says:

    I was trying to find that out today because my take on it is about the same as yours…

    I figure Peca and maybe a draft pick. The Oilers would need something to compensate for either having to sign Belfour next year or pay his 1.5 mil against the cap to have him sit.

    Peca is not what the leafs want or need. I see it as rather the same kind of thing the Raptors did with JRose and ADavis… except not as big an effect of course.

  33. 92-93 says:

    Wow, I really don’t think Carolina would part with Ladd and especially not Johnson – certainly not for McCabe.

    It WOULD be interesting though, considering that they are making a cup run now. but i just don’t see that happening.

  34. 92-93 says:

    what if nothing happens?

    what if the leafs cannot or do not make a move – as terrible as that seems. what if the status quo is maintained because Lowe doesn’t want Belfour, or Suter doesn’t want Tucker or Allison for Leopold, etc.? what happens then? well it would suck that is for sure. but maybe, the leafs missing the playoffs with the team they have now is going to send a strong message that changes are in order in the offseason – i say ‘maybe’ because common sense doesn’t always enter the equation at MLSE as others have pointed out (sometimes too pesimistically though).

    the difference this time around is that if JFJ is going to do the wrong thing and not make changes now, he is going to have to make that many more changes in the offseason – which includes trading and waiving guys like Khavanov (even if he is JFJ’s pet), O’Neill (despite his personal problems that require him to stay in toronto – after one year, axe him), and Domi (despite his connections to the owner). These things NEED TO BE DONE if nothing is done at the deadline – to free up roster space and to free up cap space.

    RELEASE/TRADE/WAIVE: Khavanov, Berg (for draft pick), Czerkawski, Belak, Domi, O’Neill, Lindros, Brad Brown, JS Aubin

    RESIGN your young UFAs (all except Antropov – see if you can deal him at the next deadline for something valuable)

    BRING UP FROM MARLIES: Pohl, Kronvall, Harrison

    FREE AGENT(S): Patrick Elias [or another free agent LW], another goalie to split time with Telly[suggestions?], free agent D-guy, free agent RW

    FEEL GOOD STORIES: return of Coliacovo and Pilar

    Patrick Elias———Mats Sundin————Wellwood

    Ponikorovsky——-Jason Allison————Antropov

    Alex Steen———–Matt Stajan—-[free agent RW]

    Chad Kilger———–John Pohl————–Battaglia


    Tomas Kaberle————————-Bryan McCabe

    Jay Harrison———————–[free agent D-guy]

    Steffan Kronvall———————–Carlo Coliacovo

    [Karl Pilar]

    ——————[free agent goalie]——————

    ——————-[Mikael Tellqvist]——————-

    DEPARTURES: Belfour, Lindros, McCabe, Tucker, Klee, Czerkawski, Belak, Khavanov, Berg, and prospect Brendan Bell

    ADDITIONS: Elias [approx. 5 million], Pohl [450K], Kronvall [450K], Harrison [450K], Battaglia [450K], free agent goalie [2.5 million], free agent D-guy [3 million], free agent RW [2.5 million]

    RETURNEES: Sundin [6.8 million], Allison [approx: 3.5 million ], Wellwood [approx: 1.25 million], Steen [720K], Antropov [1 million], Kilger [approx. 800K], Ponikarovsky [700K], Wilm [450K], Stajan [approx: 1.25 million], Kaberle [4.25 million], Pilar [700K] Coliacovo [approx: 1 million], Tellqvist [450K].

    TOTAL—————————————37.4 million

    [Note: I purposely over-estimated the resigning amounts of the young RFAs, Allison, D-guy signing, goalie signing, RW signing, Elias, and Kilger. The Leafs have anywhere from 5 to 8 million dollars in cap space to work with along with some tradeable commodities (Antropov).]

    If nothing is done at the deadline, there is that much more work JFJ has to do. I’ve suggested a total of 4 free agent signings (RW, LW, goalie, D) – totalling 13 million dollars. The good thing about this is that if these figures are unrealistic – there is still a lot of cap space left. The bad thing is that these kinds of signings must be short term (not more than 2 years) and very smart deals – something that JFJ hasn’t really been able to do in the 2 years he has been on the job (there have been some exceptions though).

    Possible free agent signings: Elias, Friesen, McCauley (and move Stajan to the RW), Langdenbrunner, Anson Carter, Ruslan Salei, Denis Gauthier, Jay Pandolfo, Frantizek Kaberle.

  35. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    yeah, but most of those guys will be signed by july 1st, especially lindstrom

  36. Frenk_the_Tank says:

    Maybe they should trade McCabe for Brad Richards…the TB Lightning are looking for depth in their Defense corps, so McCabe should be a good fit, if you want to make it even more unrealistic they could go for kubina as well, but unlikley, i think a brad richards and draft prospect trade for mccabe could be a possibility…what do you think?

  37. Marky2Fresh says:

    Kubina, Mitchell, Kuba, Onlizish

  38. 92-93 says:

    if the leafs were to deal McCabe to TB it would be the leafs adding in the prospects and picks not TB.

    but like many have said before – TB is NOT parting with Richards.

  39. 92-93 says:

    it seems like the common speculations surrounding the leafs seem to centre around 6 players:

    Belfour, Allison, Tucker, Klee, Berg, and now McCabe.

    I guess this means:

    a) that because of his contract, Sundin is untradeable

    b) role guys like Kilger and Wilm are too valuable to lose considering their low salaries but solid contributions

    c) the young guys – Harrison, Kronvall, Coliacovo, Steen, Stajan, Wellwood, Poni – are too valuable to the Leafs’ future to move (but one of them could be moved to make a deal work)

    d) crap guys like Belak, Czerkawski, O’Neill, Domi are not valuable enough – not even for draft picks.

    But looking at each of the 6 assets, it seems clear that it will be very difficult for JFJ to make a good move for the leafs considering the cir*****stances …

    1) Belfour: Rumours have it that he might be headed to Edmonton. However, Roloson, Cujo, Biron/Noronen are likely to be more attractive to Lowe than Belfour is, especially with his poor/inconsistent play this year and the fact that Belfour will likely only waive his no-trade clause if the other team he goes to accepts picking up his 4.5 million option for next year. …. yikes. looks like the leafs are going to have buy him out next season at 1.5 million and go for a free agent goalie to pair up with Tellqvist next season.

    2) Klee: In my opinion, if Klee is going to be dealt – and its pretty likely he will considering his FA status – he will go to either the Sharks, TB, or Buffalo. The Leafs wouldn’t get much in return – maybe a mid-round draft pick or a 2nd or 3rd rounder. In any case, he is a good addition to any playoff bound team seeking a solid depth-d-guy. The leafs would free up 1.9 million in cap space and a roster spot for another young guy (CALL UP HARRISON NOW JFJ!).

    3) Berg: I have been guilty of under-valuing Berg’s services but he hasn’t been as bad as many people say. he is a #6 D-guy but he is a solid one (his play for Finland and for the leafs this year reflects this). again, the leafs won’t get much more than a mid-round pick for him, but again it would be positive for the team taking him because of depht purposes, experience, etc. The leafs get to open up another roster spot and free up 1.1 million in cap space. This would leave just McCabe, Kaberle, Kronvall, Khavanov, Harrison, and Woz on the blueline this season – but two qualifications: i) come next year, the leafs can sign a free agent D-guy or see if Pilar and Coliacovo are ready to play ii) the leafs might be able to acquire a D-guy at the deadline this year (re: below…).

    4) Allison: Allison is the a solid trade chip for the leafs. i honestly wouldn’t be sad if he wasn’t traded and if Lindros was let go next year instead. I like the combo of Allison and Poni and maybe a more defensively concious player like Stajan on the right side. in any case, the most likely destintation for Allison is either Calgary or Nashville (not ottawa). However, Calgary is more likely to go after jokinen but if they can’t get him, Allison might be the guy to get – regardless of his FA status and his bonuses. that being said, the Flames probably won’t want to give up a solid young D-guy like Leopold for a guy who might end up being a rental. Nashville might be willing to part with Markov or even Tootoo (as a future replacement for Domi). In any case, whether or not JFJ does decide to deal the likes of Berg and Klee, it would be beneficial to the leafs that they seek a solid (young) D-guy for Allison and Leopold matches that in description big time.

    5) Tucker: a more likely choice to be traded to Calgary is Darcy Tucker. yes the leafs would be giving up arguably their best player this year in terms of grit/scoring, but Tucker is destined to be battling injuries that will make him ineffective and if the leafs can get a solid D-guy like Leopold in return, why not make this deal?! Tucker is also more likely to go to Calgary and get the Leopold deal done because the Flames are lacking that kind of grit (according to Suter anyways). The Leafs would probably have to add in a prospect or pick or a roster player like Berg or Klee to get this deal done. Of all the deals mentioned so far, this is one I would like to see the Leafs make the most. It gives them a top-4 D-guy to pair up with McCabe (while Kaberle can be paired up with Kronvall or Harrison).

    6) McCabe: this is the most unlikeliest rumour right now and that’s simply because it is not likely that JFJ would trade McCabe – who has played so well OFFENSIVELY besides Kaberle this year. to tell you the truth, i dont care if this deal gets done either way. The leafs could use McCabe and his tandem with Kaberle but if it means resigning him for too many years, for too much money, and having him patroling our blueline making the mistakes he makes, i wouldn’t mind seeing him traded either. the most likely destination would seem to be Vancouver and i’ve heard mentionings of Kesler, Cooke, 1st round draft picks, etc. I dunno. Other places i’ve heard include Carolina and TB (but the returns being bandied about are, needlessly to say, unrealistic to say the least: Ladd, Johnson from Carolina – although F. Kaberle is a little more realistic – and Richards from TB). my own speculation thinks that maybe Buffalo would be willing to part with Biron and someone else for McCabe (someone else being a tough guy like Peters, a player like Pyatt, or a high-round draft pick).

  40. 92-93 says:

    what if …

    Allison and Berg to Calgary for Leopold

    Belfour and Tucker to Edmonton for Peca, Conklin, draft pick

    Klee to SJ or Vancouver for picks










    Then next season:________________________________

    FREE AGENTS: Patrick Elias, Jamie Langdenbrunner

    RELEASE/WAIVE: O’Neill, Lindros, Czerkawski, Belak

    RESIGN: McCabe and your RFA’s (except Antropov)

    BRING UP: Pohl, Harrison, Battaglia, (maybe White when/if Coliacovo gets injured again)





    [Wilm, Battaglia]——————————–







    ADDITIONS: Elias [approx. 5 million], Leopold [$1.05 million], Peca [4 million], Conklin [1.14 million], Langdenbrunner [approx. 2.5 million], Pohl [450K], Kronvall [450K], Harrison [450K], Battaglia [450K]

    RETURNEES: Sundin [6.8 million], Wellwood [approx: 1.25 million], Steen [720K], Antropov [1 million], Kilger [approx. 800K], Ponikarovsky [700K], Wilm [450K], Domi [1.25 million], Stajan [approx: 1.25 million], Kaberle [4.25 million], Pilar [700K] Coliacovo [approx: 1 million], McCabe [approx. 5.25 million], Tellqvist [450K].

    TOTAL———————————-41 million

    [Note: I purposely over-estimated the resigning amounts of the young RFAs and McCabe, and the signings of Elias and Langdenbrunner. The Leafs have anywhere from 2 to 5 million dollars in cap space to work with along with some tradeable commodities (Antropov).]

  41. Krutch says:

    I dont think Vancouver will give away Bertuzzi right now anyways

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