Leafs give up on Sundin! Armstrong best Leafs Captain Ever!

The wheels have fallen off and this season appears to be gone. Leafs Nation is calling for blood, starting from the top down, or down up, or anything to prove that MLSE wants to win a cup. I agree with my fellow Leafs fans, change is required now, but I must say that I do not agree with people still defending Sundin.

It’s not just about winning games Leafs Nation, it’s about winning a cup. Leafs fans continue and unfortunately will continue to support a team that is not driven to win a Stanley Cup.

I grew up playing hockey and the goal was always to win a championship. Even playing street hockey as a youngster, the goal was to pretend winning the cup.

Which leads me to the main point. Mats Sundin, arguably the best offensive Leafs player of all time has repeatedly said he does not want to leave Toronto, it is his home, he wants to finish his career here and reap the benefits of Toronto hockey popularity. A cup could be waiting for him in Pittsburgh, Detroit, or Anaheim, but this does not interest him. And with the hapless state of the Leafs it is obvious he will not win a cup in Toronto.

I respect Sundin for his abilities and his love for Leafs Nation.

What I cannot take anymore is this: it was Yzerman as captain who won the cup, not Federov; it was Sakic as Captain who won the cup, not Forsberg; it was Neidermayer as captain who won the cup, not Selanne (and not Alfredsson); it was Scott Stevens; it was Mark Messier; it was Wayne Gretzky; it was Guy Carbonneau; it was Mario Lemieux; it was Rod Brindamour; it was Vincent Lecavalier; and yes Leafs Nation it was George Armstrong in 1967, the GREATEST LEAFS CAPTAIN OF ALL TIME.

It will be Sydney Crosby who wins a cup; and Patrick Kane; and Joe Thornton; and maybe even Jerome Iginla.

It has not been Pavel Bure; or Alex Mogliny; or Borje Salming.

It’s not about the name on the back of the Jersey Mats, you play for the symbol on the front. Mr. Armstrong brought the Leafs 4 Stanley cups to be exact. Darryl Sittler was the first of 2 Leafs who got over 100 points in a season (and 10 points in a game), the second was Doug Gilmour, not you Mats. Rick Vaive was the first of 2 to score 50 goals, Dave Andreychuk was second, sorry not you Mats!

Even the current Leafs prove this game in and game out. Teams are always taking shots at Sundin and yet no other Leafs come to help. Anyone remember what recently happened when Anaheim thought that the Leafs took a run at Perry?

I hate taking away Sundin’s thunder as one of the best Leafs ever but he is not the captain that is capable of bringing a cup here. Toronto needs a cup not a money player who averages a point a game as his best qualification.

Sign Sundin for 3 more years and 3 more years will come without a cup.