Leafs going after McLaren ?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are going after Boston defenseman Kyle McLaren….Yes, most Leafs fans tend to make up “rumours” about who the Leafs are going to get for Hoglund, Lumme, Eriksson, etc. However, this is one of those rare times, where there is actually truth to the rumour.

The Leafs are after Bruins d-man Kyle McLaren. Boston is rumoured to want a young defenseman back, and obviously McCabe and Kaberle are untouchable. Both sources I got this from, say that Bruins are trying to get prospect Carlo Colaiacovo from the Leafs in return for McLaren.

McLaren for Colaiacovo? I think the Leafs are giving up too much. McLaren is oft-injured and from what a lot of people on this site say, he isn’t even that good.

However, the Leafs could use a big strong defenseman like him. I think they could probably give a little less than Colaiacovo to get him. Colaiacovo had a really strong training camp and looks to be a promising defenseman. Maybe it’d be better if they can deal another prospect (possibly a goalie which Boston desperatly needs). would mu

What are your opinions?


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