Leafs In Desperate Need Of A Trade?

This can only be good news for us leaf fans who want to rebuild. After last nights game in Washington the leafs have lost their third veteran defencmen to an injury. After trying to skate backwards in the 1st period on the pathetic Washington ice, defencemen Ken Klee twisted his ankle.

Now with another leaf injury the leafs are forced to call ANOTHER defencemen from the marlies, or to make things easier would JFJ just make a trade. After watching the two new marlies defencmen playing with the leafs which are Jay Harrison and Andy Wozniewski, i am very impressed with their play. They were able to stop Oli Jokinen on Monday, they were able to stop Lecavalier, Richards and St.louis on Tuesday and last night they worked really hard on Ovechkin and Jay Harrison was able to take a slight break away from Ovechkin WITHOUT taking a penalty, something the leafs take too much of.

After the leafs have just finished an 8 game losing streak it looks as if another one is on it’s way, the leafs play New Jersey tonight, a team that they have beaten twice, but this time they have Elias and the devils are on a bit of a hot streak. Than they play Atlanta on Tuesday, a team that they are used to destroying but the thrashers are also on a bit of a hot streak. Than the Rangers on Friday and Saturday that doesn’t look to good, than games against the capitals, sabres, sens, canadiens, isles, lightning…etc. You can very well see that the Leafs schedule does not can any easier for them and they could be out of the playoffs before you know it.

With all these injuries happeneing to the Leafs D-core it apears that defence is not their problem, it’s goals for which is the problem of the offence. With players like Sundin, O’neill, Allison, Ponikarovsky, Stajan, Tucker, and two awesome rookie forwards in Steen and Wellwood that the leafs are having problems scoring. Every leaf fan knows that if the leafs are to compete they are going to need another defencemen and a winger, but i say instead of one D-man and a winger, why not just have 2 wingers. I am quite satisfiyed with the young defence players we have now. I say we call up a D-man from the marlies now and wait for coliaicovo to come back.

What players can we aqcuire at the deadline? I don’t know but the players that we should get rid of at the deadline are Berg, Khavanov, Klee and Antropov it is time for these players to go.

Here are some suggestions for the leafs:


Scott Young

Eric Brewer

Mark Bell

Kyle Calder

Scott Hanann

Derek Morris

Keith Carney

Ruslan Salei

Brenden Witt

Jeff Friesen

Brent Sopel

Gary Roberts

The leafs offence is to be determined but their defence should stay like this:




on the power play(5 on 4)

Mccabe-Kaberle(unit 1)

Harrison-Coliaicovo(unit 2)

on the penalty kill (4 on 5)

Mccabe-Harrison(unit 1)

Wozniewski-kaberle(unit 2)

I doubt that JFJ will get rid of the 4 players I suggested and will not stick with the youngsters, so expect him to make a trade very soon. Sometimes I wonder what’s even the point of writing an article if the leaf organization is not going to listen to the fans.

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  1. leafnut28 says:

    Gary Roberts? WTF????????

  2. jakeman says:

    I am sure I am not alone, but I am growing increasingly frustrated with the leafs not making some move of some sort. It is obvious that they are not getting any better and are in big trouble, so if you don’t want to get rid of any good players or prospects, atleast get rid of “Quinn”. Do something, don’t just let the season go by without trying.

  3. 92-93 says:

    the fact of the matter is that JFJ really cannot do very much at this point. if a deal appears on the horizon – especially towards the deadline in March when most GMs will be more willing to part with guys like Witt, etc. – then a deal could happen. but i don’t see anything happening before the olympic break.

    true, the leafs young D-guys are responding well and probably better than Khavanov and Berg. but any team that is without FOUR regular defencemen is going to struggle. period.

    and i’d rather see the leafs struggle down the stretch then make an impulsive trade for a veteran that won’t be around in the long run. for example, a guy like Witt would require a leaf prospect and a mid-round draft pick (according to sources out of washington and Spectorshockey). do the leafs really need to pick up a D-guy, lose some youth and draftting potential, just to barely make it into the playoffs and probably lose in the 1st round.


    The scoring problem has a lot to do with the Leafs’ speed and the ‘gap’ that is seems to be in place between the Leafs’ D and forwards coming out of their own zone. as Quinn has said many times, when a team players better D positionally – regardless of their team speed – offensive opportunities will open up and scoring will result. if you look at the Leafs’ PK, you can see that when they are in a super-defensively conscientious state of mind (and they have to be when they are on the PK), they have scored many goals – 2nd most SH goals in the NHL. if the leafs can carry this over to 5-on-5 play and play better in their own end, they will score more.

    but they arent scoring more because they don’t play well in their own end …

    therefore they are always hemmed in their own end

    and therefore they don’t generate enough quality scoring opportunities or shots.

  4. 92-93 says:

    Two things about tonight’s game that seems like a bad omen to me and bad decision-making:

    1) starting Belfour AGAIN over Tellqvist. this makes no sense. i don’t even care if Belfour gets a shutout tonight (jinxed him there i guess), Tellqvist should be getting WAY MORE STARTS. Belfour started all the games on the road trip and now he is playing in his second straight back-to-back game.


    2) Wade Belak is filling in for ken Klee. do i need to say more?

    well yes, I would have rather called up Ian White or even Brad Brown. why are we still even CONSIDERING playing Belak? why hasn’t he been waived yet?!?!

  5. phat_cat says:

    why hasnt belak been waived……in one word McGratton

  6. 92-93 says:

    sorry, not a good enough excuse to keep Belak around.

  7. goose says:

    Wheres Leopold and Jeremy Roenick?

  8. Aetherial says:

    Starting Belfour…

    The HAVE to start him, especially since he was pretty good last week. Simply, they need to showcase him.

    D-men… I think they are at the point where 2 things are a problem… 1) salary concerns. 2)They have to let SOMEONE play for the Marlies!!

    The Marlies are already without Kronvall, Colaiacovo, Wozniewski and Harrison… 3 Marlies playing with the big club, and one injured… the cupboard is bare my friend 🙂

  9. 92-93 says:

    ‘showcase’ him for what? according to most “experts” here on HTR, there is no way any team will trade for Belfour.

    the marlies point is a good one, but the concerns of an AHL club and where they are in the standings never takes priority over the NHL club. Let BELAK play for the Marlies!!

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