Leafs in talks with Tampa, but for Leacavalier?

Apparently a source inside the Leafs organization has said Burke is making a serious push for Lecavalier. However he feels Kaberle and Blake would have to be moved in order to properly fit him under the cap. Although this is very unlikely it could possibly happen. Tampa is under financial trouble and probably like to get his big contract off his hands where as if it’s 1 thing the Leafs have it is money.

What would it take for the Leafs to Land Lecavalier?


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  1. mojo19 says:

    Everyone said that about Kaberle and last years roster, that either he or Antropov would lead the team in scoring. But injuries held Kaberle out of contention. Still Blake and Poni's 63 and 61 points would be tough to beat for a defensman.

  2. Hatyfranco says:


    Thats the amount of points Lecavalier gets per season rounded to the nearest hundredth.
    This is his last 5 seasons that include his two freak seasons of 108 and 92 points. Apart from these two he never hit 80. In ten years, only 2 seasons over 80 points. Apart from these two he never hit 80. In ten years, only 2 seasons over 80 points. Apart from these two he never hit 80. In ten years, only 2 seasons over 80 points. Hope I made a point there. He is barely a point per game in this span, and that's including two out of the ordinary seasons. 
    I don't see why every team would have to give their top ten players for this guy(exagerating to make a point here). He's a great player, don't get me wrong, but not the god everyone makes him out to be.
    Thornton who is a point per game player even if you include his garbage first three years. He was traded for Marco Sturm, Wayne Primeau and Brad Stuart. Sturm is worst than Ponikorovsky. Wayne Primeau and Brad Stuart aren't the hardest to match.
    If Thornton who is better and more consistent than Lecavalier gets traded for that, why must a team offer 100 1st round picks, 20 prospects and 8 roster players for Lecavalier.
    I don't want to take that deal and make it a benchmark for all other deals. From all this one thing I do want to say is teams make certain trades for reasons we sometimes don't understand. Whatever Boston did by trading their star for spare parts worked for them…4 years later they are a top tier team. I'm sure there will be plenty of deals that leave everyone wondering what happened in years to come. 
  3. hockey_lover says:

    I think most people would be willing to say that if he is able to pull off 83.4 points per season playing on Tampa Bay, then it is likely that his output would increase playing on a better team (better players, better special teams, etc).

    Tampa was tied for 2nd lowest scoring team last year (only one goal ahead of Colorado). They were the 9th lowest scoring team the year before. From 03-04 to 06-07, they were close to top 10 in scoring. In those years, Vinny hit his 108 pt season (although his 92pt season was when they were in the bottom top of scoring). Before 03-04, Tampa was a bad team, in the bottom ten (if not bottom 5) in scoring and didnt qualify for playoffs.

    There is only so much he can do. Again, Id be willing to bet that on a better team, he'd put up much better numbers.

  4. Hatyfranco says:

    Good players are good regardless who's around them. Take Sundin for example. Never was on a good first line while in TO. He still put up his point per game regardless if Renberg or Hoglund were on his line… He did it every year. Lecavalier still has St-Louis with him through these rough times. St-Louis did win an Art Ross after all. It doesn't matter how low your team is in scoring. When you're on the ice, only your line is on, not the whole team. Like I said, not saying Lecavalier is bad, just saying he isn't worth all the hype around him, and probably wouldn't require a team to sell their soul to acquire him.

  5. NHLSlayer says:

    LMAO, no, they only do that when they win…

  6. NHLSlayer says:

    Lafleur, your bias is showing, making you look very immature…

    Every time you type, you just sound more and more childish, but perhaps you should get a grip on hockey before you go making things like this up….

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