Are the Leafs after Khabibulin?

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  1. lafleur10 says:

    if the leafs trade reimer ….and are looking for a backup there are a ton of guys out there better than khabibulin who is done….not even for a cheap deal is this guy worth it

  2. leafy says:

    Why are we going after these dinosaurs? Brodeaur, Khabibulin,….who’s next, Broda and Bower?

  3. lafleur10 says:

    i agree leafy you guys should target a younger guy that is a back up

  4. leafs_wallace93 says:

    The entire league and most of Leaf Nation are becoming idiots on Reimer. Is Reimer going to win the Vezina? No, but he well be one of those Craig Anderson, Lalime types that will be at least average and more time to time go on a great run. He’s an ideal backup.

  5. nordiques100 says:

    The Leafs look like they’re stuck in neutral again.

    Will be too good, thanks to bernier in goal, their top line being too dangerous, to be a bottom dweller.

    But, they’ll be too bad to be a guaranteed playoff team so in a dog fight as they were last season.

    Nonis and his restraint in the UFA market, say for example not giving Niskanen 40 million or paying Bolland over 5 mil per, will look good on the resume.

    But, He’s really done nothing to improve the club and really, on paper, the team looks worse.

    Santorell is ok, but he is making more now than McClement and there is a lack of a centre on the team that can win draws and kill penalties.

    Komarov will bring elements like Bolland brought minus the stanley cup experience. Plus he isnt a centre. Holland is though but can he be consistent enough to be an NHLer?

    Theyre hoping Frattin can take over some of what Kulemin provided but he isnt near as physical. Leivo and Ashton too will be asked to take on some of those responsibilities that Raymond provided.

    Their D is better, Robidas is better than Ranger and Polak, there isnt much to differ from him and Gunnarsson, but its not like they got the desired 1A or 1B type Dman that can help Phaneuf.

    And this is all with a coach who has been averse to playing young players or trusting them. So thats an intriguing story line. Will he allow for Leivo, Ashton, Frattin etc to play, or will he turn to Orr, McLaren, Bodie and force the young kids back to the Marlies?

    And 2 players shunned the Leafs, Gorges and Bolland though Bolland went for the cash.

    In this same situation in Calgary, Feaster, after his big boss, Brian Burke was hired, performed safe, risk averse moves, didnt hurt his team with them and eventually got fired in december.

    I can see, if the Leafs get off weakly during the first 20 games, a big houseclean by Shanahan in 1st quarter. This is especially true if they get off weak with all those home games in Oct and Nov.

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