Leafs Land Phaneuf!

The Leafs have acquired Keith Aulie, Dion Phaneuf and Fred Sjostrom from Calgary for Matt Stajan, Ian White, Jamal Mayers and Nik Hagman.


There is another deal pending with another team as per Brian Burke during his press conference.

Aulie is a massive blueliner at 6’6 and was a former WJC member. He will add depth as the leafs lack blueline prospects after Schenn and Gunnarsson.

Sjostrom is a PK specialist and has lots of speed.

Phaneuf is the centrepiece however. He’s been an allstar and a stud on D, except for the last couple of seasons where he has seemed to regressed.

But here is a blueliner who can skate, hit, score and be a punishing. Clearly he needed a change and with the Leafs, he will get that chance.

The Leafs, with the season going down the tubes are in rebuild/build/win now mode and Phaneuf will bring all of those components. He is very young still and how with he and Kessel, there are two young studs to build around.

The Flames get 2 expiring contracts, but two affordable ones. Mayers and Stajan are UFAs at years end. Stajan is a young centre who may be a cheaper option than re-signing Jokinen.

Hagman is very affordable at 3 mil and him and Jokinen are what the Flames hope to form a 2nd unit. They have some chemistry playing together for the National Team.

White is a tough loss for Toronto who was the Leafs top blueliner the last 2 years. He is in a contract year and could be expensive to re-sign but nowhere near as expensive as Phaneuf. He is a character guy and a classic westerner who should fit in well with the Flames.

Outside of beating the hapless Oilers, the Flames were terrible and needed a shakeup. With Bouwmeester, Regehr, Phaneuf, they had lots of big ticket dmen but little depth up front. This deal helps that but still doesnt take away too much off the backend.

It will be interesting to see what Burke has left to do and from what the roster looks like now with expiring contracts and other tradeable parts, plus perhaps Kaberle available in the summer, its going to get exciting in Leaf Nation.

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  1. pezzz123 says:

    Am I the only one disapointed to see Jokinen go?

    The guy was clearly not scoring up to his 5.25 million contract, but he was really starting to develop a new apsect of his game. Physical play. Since the last playoffs, he's really started to get involved physically, by blocking shots, going into corners and battling hard on the boards. And he's a expert a protecting the puck with his body. He was really starting to create space on the ice and use his big body the right way.

    I would've been happy if we could've kept him for 3.5 million this summer.

  2. cam7777 says:

    You know what would be amazing?  If Burke managed to turn Jeff Finger and Lee Stempniak into Paul Kariya.  St.Louis has actually had varying levels of interest in Finger, because their own defense is so inconsistent and injury prone.  For whatever reason, they think Finger would be a good fit.  Chris, if Burke managed this, I would cry tears of joy.

    Kariya – Kessel – Kulemin
    Ponko – Grabo – Mitchell
    Stalberg – Bozak – Hanson
    Sjostrom – Primeau – Orr

    Hell, we could possibly crawl pretty far in the standings if this were the case.

    You're totally right though, this was clearly the plan.  Focus on using the players we have to get cornerstone pieces that are young, and spend some time getting rid of bad contracts and shoring up our defensive game.

  3. cam7777 says:

    I felt for sure you had to keep him.  It's because he hasn't panned out that he should be kept.  You paid a good price to land him (really only a first since Lombardi is a spare piece and you got Prust back), and really, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to recoop that value for a guy like Jokinen.  He should be kept until his game comes full circle.  He's young enough.  I really felt Hagman would've helped him turn the corner.

    Of course, he isn't gone yet.  Hopefully Sutter has had a change of heart.

  4. regguyforleafs says:

    I wonder if the Leafs could get Skora for a discount price..he is in the minors right…not a long term solution but maybe a little scoring ability and bench strength?

  5. lafleur10 says:

    i'm no over valuin halak at all! what he's done is amazin and we've (habs fans) seen this in him i don't think that nashville has the depth we do infact i know they don't we have desjardins playin in hamilton riht now and he's amazing, we have simila another halak ans missiaen i think spelled that right int he system all very good prospects1i think we could keep price and halak cam but it won't work as they both are proving that they are #1 goalies and this will cause a problem with them as they both want to play! so i say trade 1(halak)now while his value is high(like ian whites was) and lansd that top 4 defenceman that we need yes your right we need defencman more than forwrds riht eventhough cammalleri is likely done for the season!but teams will pay a price for halak like they paid for a washed up blake and a useless toskala but we just have to find that ! haha maybe burke can give us a list of who those are! haha i know gainey said that about halak  as to get all of the montreal media of his back then a sudden he'll have something that nobody expected in terms of a trade,!

  6. CofRED says:

    I'm not all that disappointed to see him go.  But I am disappointed in what's coming back on this one.

  7. CofRED says:

    I second that.  And if the Flames make the playoffs, that's the deal that could haunt them.  True contenders need a guy like Prust.  In '04 they had Ville Neimenen.  Not a great player but drove other teams nuts.  Claude Lemieux was at his best in the playoffs, so is Kris Draper.  Even Sean Avery is valuable come past season time.  Like I said in another post too, it's not like McGratton will be dressing in the playoffs, so Prust would have been that much better to keep around.  I love Nystrom too, but if I had to choose, he would be sent there instead.

  8. cam7777 says:

    Unlike the Leafs, you cannot afford to take on more cap next year though, which is the only way we could rid ourselves of Blake.  What you need is to find a team that has a lot of defensive depth, and see if someone can be spared in place of Halak.  However, a quick glance around the NHL, and you'll find that a lot of those teams don't have a need for Halak.

    The Hawks could spare Barker, but taking on Halak doesn't really help them.  Sure he might be better than Huet, but Niemi has been lights out, and they already have to resign him this summer, while Huet is near unmoveable. 

    Calgary had a lot of defensive depth, but lost a couple key pieces today in Phaneuf and Aulie, so I doubt they are trade partners.  They also have one of the most reliable goalies in the league.  Vancouver could do it too, but again, Luongo makes it an unnecessary deal. 

    Honestly, how many teams are actively searching for defensemen?  I'm not mocking you, I'm actually interested now.  Let's find a trade that works for Halak.

  9. CofRED says:

    I was skimming through this and something caught my eye.

    "Phaneuf brings leadership we were lacking"

    All I'm going to say on that one is if that's the kind of leadership the Leafs are after then they should have given all those draft picks to Ottawa to try to get their hands on Heatley instead of Kessel.  "Phaneuf" and "leadership" are not words that belong together.

  10. lafleur10 says:

    i think the oilers might be a good fit for halak

     here's 1 for you cam

     to edm:
     halak ,s.kostitsyn,r.obyrne 2nd r.d. pick

     to montreal:

  11. cam7777 says:

    I love it.  You could probably get rid of that 2nd, or reduce it to a 5th if you take back Nilsson and bury him in the minors.  Gotta take advantage of being one of the richest franchises in the league, remember.

    Those are both totally Habs players too, coming back to you.  That said, the Oil are looking to get better, and preferably bigger at center ice, not worse.  Taking a quick look around, here are the teams I see as looking at goaltenders in the summer:

    Chicago (but only if they can dump Huet somewhere)
    Ottawa (I think their current situation is a flash in the pan)
    San Jose (but only if Nabokov can't be resigned)
    Tampa Bay

    Now of those teams, some of them aren't likely to be willing to seriously come to the table, because they either already have other options,or are comfortable signing someone for free to bridge the gap until someone already in their system is ready.  Washington has Varlamov and Neuvirth nearly ready.  Tampa has a pretty reliable Mike Smith, and probably can't afford to give up much.  St.Louis has a very reliable Conklin even if Mason doesn't resign, so they won't give a maximum return.  Philly has Coburn to burn, so they might be a good option.  I really like San Jose too, and Nabokov is rumored to not have many friends in the locker room.  Dallas is the best option, but they don't have anything you want, in my opinion.

    Here are my propsals:

    To Philadelphia:

    Jaroslav Halak
    Ryan O'Byrne
    3rd in 2010

    To Montreal:

    Braydon Coburn


    To San Jose:

    Jaroslav Halak
    Ryan O'Byrne
    3rd in 2010

    To Montreal:

    Ryane Clowe

    I know we just said defense was priority, but Clowe would be a fine addition, and really add some size and grit to the Habs.  Ideally you could land both.  That being said, and going back to what I said about Cogliano and Grebeshkov, these two (Coburn and Clowe) are not Habs players.  Gainey seems to be mired in his thinking that small speedy players are all that is necessary to win games.  And Martin isn't helping the cause with his non-belief in toughness….

  12. mojo19 says:

    ha thanks guy (lafleur).

    Its a great day for the Leafs.

    JS Giguere is so much better than Toskala, im pumped.

  13. mojo19 says:

    Hopefully Dion can grow and mature into that leadership role. New situation, fresh slate in Toronto for Dion.

  14. assman says:

    this trade kicks ass, i told you. burke dont screw. around. if he makes it, he can. now rapes sutter. from behind. phanouf is a killer. white and hangman are flakes. stajan a mamas boy. burke is a rapist. brutal man

  15. HABSSTAR says:

    It doesn't surprise me in the least that Bettman blocked a super star from going from one of his pet teams to a Canadian team.  Now the chances are slim to none of ever getting him as they'd have to take Gomez contract in return and I doubt they would.  

  16. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Just going to have a say but Nashville might have the best depth in goaltending. When you have two good-players like Pekka Rinne and Dan Ellis in goal then you know you will probably do well.

    In the system, don't forget Chet Pickard. Who will most likely will become the next great starter for Nashville. Don't forget Mark Dekanich…Who many scouts are fond of. Also…Anders Lindback wad backup to Markstrom in the WJC.

    This franchise also produced stars like Vokoun and developed a really good Chris Mason in a short span the franchise has been around.

    The Preds are one of the best in the net

  17. SBD_Leafs says:

    Good Deal But Kinda Pi$$ed That Hagman Leaving And The Fact I Just Got A Hagman Jersey

  18. Kyleton says:

    "He must feel like a useless piece of luggage right now."

    I bet his luggage feels the exact opposite of useless

  19. lafleur10 says:

    vokoun as orginally a habs draft pick!

  20. HABSSTAR says:

    Just be careful.  There was a lot of guys running around here talking about the "Best D in the East" after the Beauch and Komi signings. 

  21. mojo19 says:

    lol, sorry to hear that guy. We all been there.

  22. Magleaf says:

    you like this deal for both teams??

    just a while ago you thought phanuef was worth stall, tangredi and a 1st from pittsburg

  23. JoelJoel says:

    I agree… That's like saying that Kramer called this one.

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