Leafs lines and changes

Line one

Antropov Sundin Steen

Antropov and sundin have worked well together in the past with Antropovs Like of passing and Sundins Knack For scoring.

Line 2

Tucker Wellwood O’neil

Tucker and O’neill would be good wingers for wellwood considering hes expected to have a breakout season

Line 3/Checking line

Ponikarovsky Peca Stajan

All players good at defense. Amazing shut down line.

Line 4

Suglobov Pohl Williams

This line would be speedy and young.

Defensive pairings:

Kaberle Kubina

Mccabe Colaiacovo

Gill White

Those lines spreadout the grit as well as the offence.

Power play 1:

Steen Sundin Tucker

Mccabe Kaberle

Power play 2:

O’neill Wellwood Antropov

Kubina White

Penalty Kill 1:

Stajan Peca

Kaberle Kubina

Penalty kill 2:

Ponikarovsky Antropov

Colaiacovo Mccabe

Captain: Mats Sundin

Assistant: Micheal Peca

Assistant: Thomas Kaberle

You may ask why i cut mccabe of his assistant but kaberle was the leafs own draft pick and deserves it. He was the one who made up for all of mccabes mistakes in the back end and fore end.