Leafs Logjam on Defence

I would like to address the Leafs current Defensive corps. It seems to be in a logjam with too many quality and overpaid defencemen. Last season’s top 6 looked like this:

(in no perticular order)

Assuming Carlo signs we already have a top 6 for this year. But wait a minute. Kronvall signed a 1 way contract, Stralman is coming in from Sweden and might crack the lineup, Pilar is going to try and come back to the NHL now that hes healthy and not to mention we have reserves of Wozniewski and Harrison.

Its a safe bet that someone WILL be moved by the time training camp comes around. I ask of you, who do you think will be moved, where will he/they be moved and what do we get in return?


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  1. the_word says:

    Kornwall, Stralman, Pilar, Woz and Harrison are all 7th defensemen at this point in their careers, so there isn't an issue at the moment.

    Woz and Kronwall may be ready, but that's not set in stone and Stralman is the X factor.

  2. simplyhabby says:

    Gill is the obvious weakness in that defense with Kubina being just way too overpaid.  If you can do something with one of those guys then JFJ will have a job next year.  That Kubina deal is the killer.

    Previoulsy I knocked the McCabe deal however, his price is the going rate and with the new deals being signed this year, it may look like a bargain but, why the no trade clause? 

  3. vancity4life says:

    hahahaha i hope you dont mean kubina and gill are included in the quality part there.

  4. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    woz will be 7th D-man, Kronwall, Stralman, pilar, Harrison, sifers, Oreskovic will be the Marlies D-core

  5. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Colaiacovo is the most likely to be traded at this point

  6. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    both top 4 defenseman, so yes.

  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Gill was +11 last season. Were any habs better than that?

  8. Have2BeLeaf says:

    More roderick.
    Gill is not obviously the weak link, he proved to be worth his weight in his contract for 2 million. I defy someone to find a better defensive defenseman for the price of 2 million bucks this past season.

    Is the fastest guy out of the block? No, but he knows how to play with in his skill set and be effective in doing so.

    Kubina is over paid, YES WE *****ING KNOW THIS ALREADY!
    How many more times do people want to bring this up? It's common knowledge by now. Kimmo Timonen is over paid, make him your focal point now! The Timonen deal makes our 3 highest paid defensemen's contract look like steals by contrast.

    I would rather have McCabe at 5.75 than Markov at the same number or Timonen at 6.3 million.
    Kubina at 5 million, I'd rather eat that than choke out 6.3 for Kimo Timonen.
    Kaberle, who is by leaps and bounds the best defenceman of the four I am discussing should be the highest paid of the 4, but ironically he is the least paid of the 4.

  9. Have2BeLeaf says:

    I think Kronwall will take Woz down for the 7 guy, he has a more refined skill set than Woz and can do more on the ice.

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Maurice loves Woz. Woz does all the little things right. He's more dependable.

  11. leafers4life says:

    i have read several articles that Bryan McCabe said he would wave his trade clause only if he were to be traded to islanders. This could be good for leaf fans to finally get rid of him and open up some more cap space!

  12. Glucker says:

    Gill was the only bright spot on a PATHETIC PK, he's good in his own zone, very good, and i can only remember 1 bad game(where he was responcible for 2 goals) other then that, he was the second most reliable D-man on the team(kaberle being the 1st)

  13. JuicemaN says:

    He was +11, but there was absolutely no need for you to say "were any habs better than that?"  You're just asking for an arguement.

  14. JuicemaN says:

    Care to explain how they aren't quality dmen?  Did Gill's +11 confuse you?

  15. Have2BeLeaf says:



  16. hatterson says:

    I think it would be a solid plus for the Leafs to ditch either McCabes contract or Kubinas.

    McCabe is a good top 4/PP specialist Dman, worth 3-4 mil a year, not 5.75

    Kubina is another decent top 4 dman with an offensive mind, but again, not worth the money he's getting.

    Dump one of those contracts and get either a good draft pick or a good winger in return and use the money you save to go after guys like Drury or Smyth.

    On a related note, sportsnet is now reporting that Carlo has officially signed a three year extension, no word on the money involved.

  17. WDF says:

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  18. KingCanada says:

    As much as Id LOVE to see one of McCabe/Kubina go i dont see it happenning, their might be a market for them but i dont think JFJ has the balls even.

    The odd man out I think will be Ian White.  I dont really have anything to back it up besides speculation and my own common knowledge/guessing/hoping..lol

    You have to give something to get something and the leafs need to get a "sumthing" (winger), Ian White is a great player and he comes cheap at 0.85 million (3 years), i just dont think he will fit in the Leafs plans, they already traded another short talented blueliner in Brenden Bell, why not trade the other.  We have plenty of replacement possibilities who are taller, stronger and can be equal or better in terms of offense. We have Kronvall, Stralman (depending on performance at training camp) and Woz who i think is a non-spectacular player, never will be, but reliable still.

    And lastly there is Pilar, i really hope he makes it back to the Leafs, that would be a real good feel good story for someone who got his career almost ruined thanks to some sort of blood defect or sumthing.

  19. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    a hab fan coming onto a leaf board and saying our guy stinks. THAT is asking for an argument. I was merely proving a point.

  20. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    it will pay him 1.3 mil per season, over the next 3 years

  21. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Colaiacovo signs for 3 years at 1.3 mil per

  22. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Leafs now have 41 mil spend on previous buyouts and 19 roster players




  23. Pony says:

    Big guy with good mobility and sticks to the basics, for a depth dman I agree whats not to like.

  24. Cards85 says:

    I'm sure he is sorry for being a hockey fan. Sorry to piss off a Leafs fan. So sorry sir.

  25. LEAFS877 says:

    I agree that we have one to many blueliners,

    Gill was definetly the weakest defensman this year.
    I know people are saying that McCabe was, but i know  McCabe will be better next year.

    I think JFJ should try moving Gill to make room for one of the younger guys like Pilar, Kronwall and Wozniewsky. And eventually Kulemin, Harrison and Stralman would play on the big club.

  26. BieksaForMVP says:

    Wow he was a +11. Marek Malik was like +40 or something one year, and all that any Ranger fan ever says about him is trade him, and he's loussy,

  27. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    and most smart leaf fans say keep Gill.

  28. simplyhabby says:

    Well there are a few habs that most pundits would take over Gill that make under 2 million per year? Higgins and Komisarek.

    I am sure most pundits would agree there are many habs who were in the minus this year (most of them) that they would take over Gill.

    Yes why don't we talk about how amazing Gill is at a +11 instead of talking about how he hits like he is 4'7 instead of 6'7 but skates like he is 10'7.

    I said he was the weak point of the defence,  MCcabe is your PP QB, Kaberle is your top D man, I already mentioned Kubina, Gill and the otheres are promising young D talent so as a hockey fan who unfortunately watches way too many leaf games, I can confidently say Gill is the weakest link of the D.

    While we are on the subject of stats.  Lets talk about how great Raycroft was.  Wow.  Look at all those wins from last year.  Wasn't that a leaf record?  All the fans and media are praising how good he is right?

  29. simplyhabby says:

    Where did I say Gill stinks?  i said he was the weakness of the D and proved my point in my last comment.  If you read my original post, I retracted my first thoughts of the McCabe deal (at time of signing) stating the leafs got a bargain. (with the exception of the no trade clause)

  30. simplyhabby says:


    Glad you know about Kubina/

    MCcabe over Markov.  You obviously do not watch hab games.  Souray and McCabe are a much better comparison as Kaberle and Markov.

  31. Have2BeLeaf says:


    I forgot about this national holiday….SILLY ME!!!!

    Komisarek makes less than 2 million he makes 1.7 on the cap and he is a young guy that came through the system. Maybe I had to spell it out for you, I meant a better FREE AGENT signing on defense for 2 million bucks.

    Gill exceeded all expectations last season and only showed weakness on a couple of occasions and for the most part of the year might have been their most responsible and trust worthy defenseman.

  32. KingCanada says:

    PS Kulemin is a forward, this is an article about defencemen.

  33. my_sphincter says:

    Gill SUCKS!!!

  34. my_sphincter says:

    lol… exactly!  Wasn't he among the worst in GAA and S%.  Hell, if the Leafs had a goaltender that could stop a puck, they might have made the playoffs last year.

  35. simplyhabby says:

    Tell me, why do all leaf fans think critique from a habs fan is worse then nazism?  I indicated Gill was the weakness of the team. i did not say he was a minor league player.  Please refer to my other post regarding why I beleive Gill is the weakness of the D.

    Before you spell things out, why don't you actually say free agent first.  The purpose of the article is talking about the glut of defenseman.  I simply stated Gill is the guy you should rid yourselves.  I did mention Kubina but then yet another prick of a leaf fan screamed murder about me mentioning his contract.

    A lot of argument can be made about Francis Bouillion vs Gill but Gill did have the better year last year so as a "Free Agent" for now, you are correct but in the long run, I will take Boullion because ironically, for a guy half the size of Gill, he plays much bigger then GIll ever will or did.

    BTW, thank you for supporting the stereotypical leaf fan that no one outside the GTA likes!  I will always say Hab fan are pretty bad but you guys have us beat hands down!

  36. simplyhabby says:

    I was talking with my Leaf friend beuase of the rumours circulating that the leafs are going after a goalie.  If they had the benefit of a solid goalie, they would of made the plyoffs with ease.  Definately the weak part of the leafs last year.

    LOL, oh wait, lets see what leaf fans say about that comment.  I am sure they will deflect the obvious point about there team and mock the habs. (Like we beleive the habs are perfect for not making the playoffs)

    Cmon, I know there are real sensible leaf fans out there.  I do have many firends like that. 

  37. Peca4PM says:

    Edmonton wants a D…..Kubina would fit there……

  38. sikboy21 says:

    Wellwood first line and Sundin second line?  Pass the dutchie, you've had enough.

  39. sikboy21 says:

    lol… exactly!  Wasn't he among the worst in GAA and S%.  Hell, if the Leafs had a goaltender that could stop a puck, they WOULD have made the playoffs last year.

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