Leafs lose Kubina to MCL surgery

Ray Stubblebine/Icon SMI

Sportsnet and the FAN 590 are reporting the Leafs will be without the services of defenseman Pavel Kubina after an injury to his MCL in Saturday nights shootout loss to the Rangers


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  1. habsrock99 says:

    Goddamnit, I picked him up after Bieksa got injured.

  2. leafy says:

    MCL injury could be 2-3 months.  Excellent chance for either Stralman or Kronvall.  Also, don't be surprised if the Leafs give Derek Walser a look.  He was named AHL player of the week two weeks ago and is 2nd in Marlies scoring to David Ling with 6 goals and 6 assists.

  3. leafy says:

    To quote Seinfeld, "That's a shame".

  4. RealisticLeaf says:

    I know I am copy and pasting from another post I made but want to see what everyone thinks.

    Sorry to hear about your TV leafy.

    Anyone catch the Hot Stove last night?

    Strachan says that JFJ and Maurice are very close to gettin the AXE. YEAH!!!!! Now see it is not only Steve Simmons saying that now.

    It was also mentioned during the game that Sather would like to have Tucker on his team. Harry Neil mentioned that he was chatting with him before the game and Neil asked him about Avery. Sather said that he would like to have both Avery and Tucker on his team.

    Back to the Hot Stove. Strach said that Glenn Healy is apparently a front runner to take the post of GM. Healy did not get the job the first time as he wanted to blow the team up and start over and JFJ wanted to keep the course started by Quinn. The MLSE wanted JFJ as they felt Quinn was onto something. Strach also mentioned that Bowman may want the post as President and GM. The pannel felt that he may want one more challenge before he retires. They all felt that way except for Duhatschek who felt that he does not want to leave Detroit. My slant on this is that Bowman being GM of the Leafs will not go away and where there is smoke….there is fire. Although I like the idea of Healy being GM as he is not affraid to call it like it is as he does on TSN. I have always like the stuff he has done on TSN and feel that it would reflect as GM. At least I can hope.

    Personaly I feel that MLSE thinks it is better to blow it up now. Finish last in the NHL and get some high picks and stock the team up. Get rid of all the bloated contracts and start over. Pour LOTS of money$ into the scouting staff and reap the rewards. Also leaves money to sign some quality free agents. Not the Gill’s, Kubina’s, or Blake’s of the world. Tucker at 3 Million…I still consider that a good signing. It certainly is workable…unlike McCabes contract. We are stuck with McCabe unless the NYI want him.

  5. leafsrule31 says:

    … sweet! hopefully mccabe tucker and blake catch it to. what a useless bunch of freeloaders.

  6. leafsfan86 says:

    hopefully? so you are wishing bad things upon these human beings that are MUCH better than you are? Please….nobody wants that in this forum.

  7. leafy says:

    Thanks a lot, bud.  I got a new digital box and my TV is up and running.  What a day yesterday. lol

    Very interesting news.  Healy could very well make a great GM.  I've noticed by simply observation that goalies tend to be really smart people.  Many of the on-air personalities who were once goalies tend to be very knowledgeable, i.e., Greg Millen, Kelly Hrudey, Darren Pang, etc.  And look at the job Garth Snow has done on Long Island…not that bad.  When he got hired, people were skeptical.

    Anyway, I like Healy's idea of building a new team from scratch, which is going to happen sooner or later.

    Bowman as GM and president is a no-brainer.  There are 2 potential obstacles however.  One is Bowman's age – he's no spring chicken.  Secondly, I doubt that MLSE is going to give Bowman complete autonomy over the team, which Bowman will almost certainly want.  For those who are too young to remember, Bob Pulford wanted the Leafs GM post back in the '70s, but that old zombie Harold Ballard refused to give it to him, so Pulford went to Chicago instead.

    But either way, it is inevitable the Leafs will have to start from scratch sooner or later.  It's like a trip to the dentist…painful, but you have to go through with it eventually.  Let's see how it plays out.

  8. jody200411 says:

    HAHAHAH what a f'n joker you are.

    Those guys ARE your team. With the exception of Tucker Blake Sundin and Kaberle, the rest of your team wouldnt crack any other NHL lineup. Goaltenders and coaching staff included

  9. leafy says:

    A little overly harsh, no?

  10. habsrock99 says:

    It is because now I have to settle for Paul Ranger and hope his start isn't a fluke.

  11. senators101 says:

    Or worse, break his foot.

  12. jpmac says:

    This smoke is being made up by the Toronto media.  Once something is heard out of Detroit, or from Bowman himself I highly doubt this would happen. 

    Why would he want to leave perennial contender and go to Toronto Who have only a few solid prospects, even fewer draft picks and a decent number of bloated contracts, some with no trade clauses.  I can understand he wants a challange, but Toronto has one of two ways to go.  They get rid of everyone they can now, and wait for players like Mccabe, etc to finish out their contracts and build up prospects and draft picks.  This route probably means Toronto will not contend for maybe 4-5 years which would put Bowman into eighties. 

    The other situation would be to continue on this road to mediocroity, and let all the contracts expire, and with someone as experienced as Bowman working things, he would be able to attract players that JFJ couldn't.  Once again with the cotracts that the leafs are tied up in, this would mean, again, about four years for them to be contenders.

  13. morrissey says:

    Right on the mark if you ask me, even some of the Toronto "Big Name Players" wouldn't get picked up if placed on waivers, let alone the useless no-names… How many teams would claim mccabe off waivers at his ludicrous salary? Exactly… no one.

  14. leafy says:

    Hopefully that's not the case.  If it is, we're stuck with these guys like herpes.

  15. mojo19 says:

    I wouldn't mind seeing Kronvall back in there. And what's the word on Carlo Colaiacovo? Do they have a clue as to when he's coming back?

  16. leafy says:

    I haven't heard anything on Carlo.  It appears that his status is wait-and-see, although the Leafs are pretty mum at this point.

  17. lukeleim says:

    blow the team up.

    Bryan McCabe and Bates Battaglia to the NY Rangers for Nigel Dawes and Paul Mara.

    Hal Gill and John Pohl to the Phoenix Coyotes for Nick Boynton and the Coyotes' 2nd round pick of 2008.

    Pavel Kubina to the Colorado Avalanche for Scott Hannan.

    Vesa Toskala, Andy Wozniewski and Robert Earl to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Marc Denis, Dana Tyrell and The Lightning's 1st round pick of 2008 and 2nd round draft pick of 2009.

    Jason Blake – Mats Sundin – Nik Antropov
    Alexei Ponikarovsky – Kyle Wellwood – Darcy Tucker
    Jiri Tlusty – Matt Stajan – Alexander Steen
    Chad Kilger – Mark Bell – Nigel Dawes
    Boyd Devereaux – Wade Belak

    Tomas Kaberle – Scott Hannan
    Paul Mara – Carlo Colaiacovo
    Nick Boynton – Ian White

    Andrew Raycroft
    Marc Denis

    Let Wade Belak, Paul Mara and Nick Boynton test UFA

    before 2008 NHL draft, trade Kyle Wellwood to the Atlanta Thrashers for the Thrashers' first round pick of 2008.

    buyout Marc Denis

    sign Jose Theodore 2 million one-year contract
    sign Barret Jackman 9 million three-year contract

    Alexei Ponikarovsky – Mats Sundin – Jason Blake
    Jiri Tlusty – Nik Antropov – Darcy Tucker
    Nikolai Kulemin – Matt Stajan – Alexander Steen
    Chad Kilger – Mark Bell – Nigel Dawes
    Boyd Devereaux

    Tomas Kaberle – Scott Hannan
    Barret Jackman – Anton Stralman
    Carlo Colaiacovo – Ian White

    Jose Theodore
    Andrew Raycroft

  18. leafy says:

    I like the way you've improved the team with these trades.

    Here's the problem: Battaglia, Pohl and Woz realistically have zero trade value right now, except if it's a minor deal, i.e., crap for crap.

    You have to look at it from the other GMs point of view.  If I'm the opposing GM, I would look at the Toronto roster and ask for guys like Stajan, Steen, Tlusty, maybe Colaiacovo, pending health.  I'm afraid that's the reality, otherwise I'm sure even JFJ would have acted.

  19. werdo says:

    The Leafs really need to shake things up now. They should follow the example of the Thrashers – fire Maurice and JFJ should take over behind the bench. LOL

  20. Swagz says:

    that is by far the dumbest and most unrealistic scenario Ive ever seen… 
    Theres no way those crappy players are worth half as much as u think they are… Kubina for Hannan?
    Gill for boynton?
    TB first rder?
    You're a joke

  21. mojo19 says:

    Actually there was nothing wrong with the Gill for Boynton suggestion, but yeah the other ones weren't realistic at all. Boynton cleared waivers after all, so….

  22. MR40 says:

    I got Kubina, beause I knew he was going to be a good fantasy player. He gets ton's of penalty's, and gets points.

  23. lukeleim says:

    you're an idiot man. Kubina for Hannan isn't very unrealistic. Considering how well Kubina has been playing as of late and how poorly Hannan has been playing. Their contracts are very similar as well. As for the Gill for Boynton trade proposal, Boynton was placed on waivers and cleared waivers, you're saying they won't accept Gill, a slightly cheaper alternative? The toskala trade more of a dream situation. Yet, I think Toskala's market value is still fairly high, and taking Denis and his contract off of the Lightnings hands would be a gift. Don't reply to my posts, you obviously don't know anything about hockey.

  24. RealisticNick says:

    I also did the same.

  25. Carlton60 says:

    Not sure how this post got so far off-topic from the original thread…

    What should the Leafs do now that Kubina will be unavailable until early 2008? Do you agree with the call-up of Staffan Kronwall?

    OR – Would you have preferred to see Stralman or Harrison instead?

    OR – Should they have called up a slightly older Marlies D-man with more NHL experience? Such as:

    Bryan Muir — leading +/- on the Marlies (+14)
    Derrick Walser — Marlies top scoring defenceman; AHL player of the month in October (his +/- could be a liability)

    OR – Should the Leafs trade one or two forwards and/or a D-man for another NHL Defenceman? What type of defenceman should they try to bring in to fill Kubina's absence? Who would you like to see in a Leafs uniform? (no – we're not getting Nick Lidstrom or Chris Pronger – it's just not going to happen…)

    I'm looking forward to seeing Kronwall in the lineup for the next few games, but if he looks out of place, I hope they call up Bryan Muir. He has good size but he's 34, so he may not be able to match Kubina's ice-time. It's too soon to make a trade in my opinion, but if Kronwall, Muir, Walser, Stralman, Harrison, etc. don't work out and the Leafs don't get ahead of .500 by the end of November, a trade may be necessary…

    Go Leafs Go!

  26. leafsrule31 says:

    uhhh.. MY… team. .is one of the worst in the league. its actually kinda bad it happened to kubina and not mccabe tucker or any of the other no shows instead. call it pessimistic or realistic.. your call. but the guys im beating on have a combined like 3 goals in 15 games and are a combined like minus 12. they also make about 18 million between em. so i may be a joker… but you need to pull your head out of your ass.

    guaranteed theres about 25 gm's out there who would be interested in the other 3/4s of the lineup that "wouldn't crack any other nhl lineup" goaltenders and coaching staff included.

    go pound sand.

  27. leafsrule31 says:

    its a business son, don't make it personal. if the management can't fix this team.. hopefully the injuries can.

    go find another shoulder to cry on.

  28. leafsrule31 says:

    exactly.. at this rate we're already effed for the next 10 years. the entire organization needs to be gutted, starting from the neck up. let someone who actually has a clue worry about the rest.

  29. leafsrule31 says:

    i could start at the bottom and go.. up and still know it was you behind this.

  30. jpmac says:

    How is only trading three significant players blowing the team up.  And as a side note those three are McCabe (who has a no trade clause and might not want to go to NY). Kubina who his injuried for a couple of months, and Toskala who was just signed this off season.

    I am sorry this just doesn't make alot of sense to me

  31. RealisticLeaf says:

    Leafs loose 4-3 in overtime.

    Can anyone tell me what McGiveaway was thinking in sending that weak pass through when he had to have known that the Habs player was right there. Man McCabes game has really gone south and keeps getting worse. He is playing just flat out stupid hockey.

    I was sitting there thinking…just dump it in. Don't pass it…low and behold there it goes onto the Habs player stick.

    Only one good thing comes from a loss. We are just another loss closer to JFJ getting fired!!

  32. leafy says:

    At least he didn't score in his own net.  That's an improvement right there.  Therefore, on the basis of these facts, we can conclude that his play is improving.

    Seriously, can you imagine having him on your team in an important playoff game?  For instance just imagine Game 7, tied at 3-3, in over time.  Yikes!  He could piss away an entire season with a play like that.

    I hate to bring up Raycroft again, but again we see that he just can't come up with the big save when a mistake is made.  Yes, he didn't play too badly tonight, and yes, I understand the Leafs are playing like crap this year and probably would miss the playoffs even if Bernie Parent from 1975 was their goalie, but let's say the Leafs were as good as Ottawa and were gunning for the Cup, is Raycroft the guy you want to lead your team to the promised land?

  33. RealisticLeaf says:

    Hard to blame this on Raycroft. I don't know too many goalies who could stop Kovalev in the slot. The defence broke down in that play as Welwood drove the hab player towrds the boards and Whit did not check him. Which allowed him to pass out front to and open Kovalev. Two defensive breakdowns there.

    You are right about McCabe….I thought Holloween passed…but it is still scary.LOL

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