Leafs may bolster line-up

Eklund on www.hockeybuzz.com is reporting that Peca will sign soon with the Leafs (e3) and that sources have told him it is entirely possible that both Peca and Carter might sign for amounts that would keep Toronto under the cap. It is said that the Islanders and Canadiens may still be in the race for Peca, but aren’t leading contenders. Montreal, Vancouver, and Detroit may still be in the running for Carter.With these additions the Leafs would look like:

Ponikarovsky – Sundin – Antropov

Steen – Peca – Carter

Tucker – Stajan – O’Neill

Kilger – Pohl – Battaglia

Ondrus, Suglobov

McCabe – Kaberle

Kubina – Colaiacovo

Gill – Kronwall




Call-Ups: Bell, Harrison, Westrum, Earl, Williams, Tellqvist

Still Need to Re-sign: Wellwood, Wilm, White

This is good except it’d mean Stajan and Wellwood wouldn’t get as much ice-time as they need to develop properly. However I think the Leafs will be succesful enough to either get one of the last few play-off spots or if not then be no worse then 10th. I still wouldn’t be completely surprised, however, of they stink it up next season. They need to get rid of their 3rd string goalie, Belak, and (if he doesn’t play up to 30-goal, 60 point potential) O’Neill. Allison would be a good acquisition if he could be signed for cheap, but I think if he was it’d stifle the youngsters too much.

Here’s my max and min stat outputs for the Leafs, assuming Carter and Peca sign.

Max Min


Ponikarovsky – 30-50/15-25

Sundin – 45-90/30-70

Antropov – 20-60/<10-25 Steen – 35-65/20-50 Peca – 25-55/15-30 Carter – 35-60/15-35 Tucker – 35-60/20-35 Stajan – 15-50/<10-30 O’Neill – 35-70/15-35 Kilger – 20-35/<10-<10 Pohl – 10-25/AHL Battaglia – 20-40/AHL Ondrus – 10-25/AHL Suglobov – 20-30/AHL McCabe – 25-75/10-40 Kaberle – 10-70/<10-30 Kubina – 20-60/<10-30 Colaiacovo – 10-30/AHL Gill – No real offensive output but…Top 4/Depth Kronwall – No real offensive output but…Top 6/AHL Belak – No real offensive output but…Depth/AHL Raycroft – 2.10 GAA-0.915 SV%-35 wins-5 SO/ 3.00 GAA-0.885 SV%-15 wins Aubin – 2.20 GAA-0.910 SV%-20 wins/AHL Tellqvist – 2.50 GAA-0.900 SV%-20 wins/AHL Williams – NHL roster spot/AHL Westrum – Third liner/AHL Earl – Marlies scoring leader/AHL Bell – #6 Defenseman/AHL Harrison – #6 Defenseman/AHL *** White – PP minutes & Top 6/AHL Wellwood – 25-60/15-40 Wilm – Top PK forward minutes/AHL Allison – 25-80/20-60 OR Injured

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  1. 92-93 says:

    good to see such an unbiased perspective – even if i disagree with your assessment of the leafs this offseason. its refreshing nevertheless.

    as for the ‘good luck’ – well, if you consider a 4-4 record good luck than that’s a pretty glass-half-full outlook on things.

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