Leafs May Have A Plan B

Could the Toronto Maple Leafs have someone other than Derek Morris in mind for their needy blueline core? If The Team radio station is accurate, this may very well be the case.
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It has been well documented that the Buds have been aggressively persuing the Flames blue chip rear guard Derek Morris. But with financial details making a potential deal unlikely, it’s believed that the club has looked at Atlanta Thrashers blueliner Frantisek Kaberle. Older brother of current Leaf, Tomas Kaberle.

Atlanta has been in need of a top two center ever since the departure of Cliff Ronning. So Toronto may be a good trade partner. The deal would be as follows:

The Leafs would acquire Frantisek Kaberle in exchange for D-man Jyrki Lumme and centerman Robert Reichel.

The Thrashers would get their centerman for Heatley and Kovalchuk. As well as a solid blueliner who doesn’t get hurt as often as Kaberle did. Also Reichel instantly become a member of Atlanta’s Czech Mates.

The Leafs now get a younger Jyrki Lumme in this deal. He is a very smart hockey player with sound instincts of the game. An excellent point man for the powerplay. The one area plaguing this guy is the injury bug. When healthy, he can put up good offensive numbers and play a reliable defensive game as well. He is just as soft as his brother however.

So what do you guys think? I know this isn’t a Jerome Iginla or Derek Morris rumor. But a solid one. Personally for the Leafs, this is more affordable. But who knows what Pat Quinn is thinking anymore!!!