Leafs May Have A Plan B

Could the Toronto Maple Leafs have someone other than Derek Morris in mind for their needy blueline core? If The Team radio station is accurate, this may very well be the case.
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It has been well documented that the Buds have been aggressively persuing the Flames blue chip rear guard Derek Morris. But with financial details making a potential deal unlikely, it’s believed that the club has looked at Atlanta Thrashers blueliner Frantisek Kaberle. Older brother of current Leaf, Tomas Kaberle.

Atlanta has been in need of a top two center ever since the departure of Cliff Ronning. So Toronto may be a good trade partner. The deal would be as follows:

The Leafs would acquire Frantisek Kaberle in exchange for D-man Jyrki Lumme and centerman Robert Reichel.

The Thrashers would get their centerman for Heatley and Kovalchuk. As well as a solid blueliner who doesn’t get hurt as often as Kaberle did. Also Reichel instantly become a member of Atlanta’s Czech Mates.

The Leafs now get a younger Jyrki Lumme in this deal. He is a very smart hockey player with sound instincts of the game. An excellent point man for the powerplay. The one area plaguing this guy is the injury bug. When healthy, he can put up good offensive numbers and play a reliable defensive game as well. He is just as soft as his brother however.

So what do you guys think? I know this isn’t a Jerome Iginla or Derek Morris rumor. But a solid one. Personally for the Leafs, this is more affordable. But who knows what Pat Quinn is thinking anymore!!!

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  1. aaron says:

    As far as I’m concerned, there are three great teams in the league: Detroit, Colorado, and San Jose. The Leafs were good last year, but they look like they’re going to go the way of the Penguins next year.

  2. devilfan says:

    I dont see Atlanta making this trade. Kaberle has a little offense in him, and the rest of the defensive core doesnt really have it. They need that quaterback on the powerplay and he is the guy to do it. He certainly is not the best by far, but he can get the job done on the point with the new lineup.

  3. devilfan says:

    I think McEachern, Kozlov, Smehlik, and Krupp did the job perfectly. Dont forget they already have guys there like Odgers, as well, to carry the load of the leadership. Jeff is one of the better leaders in the game.

  4. dazplumy says:

    If u don’t like people posting articals about the leafs or don’t like reading them, then why the hell are u reading them in the first place? If u don’t like it, don’t read it, and don’t go bitching about it!!! Its freedom of speach! If u like it, read it. If u know that u won’t like it, then get the freaking hell out of hear! We aren’t forcing u to read about the leafs!

  5. dazplumy says:

    as I said to Sportswriter about his coment, if u don’t like it, THEN DON’T FREAKING READ IT!!! FOR F*CK SAKES!!!! Quit bitching about things! If u don’t like the leafs, u don’t have to read the aritcals! Plain and simple!!!!!

  6. Motherpucker says:

    OK, I forgot to mention that Atlanta would not want to pick up this burden of salary between Lumme and Reichel, especially after recent signings. Nowhere in my post did I say Kaberle was a top 3 d-man.

  7. Motherpucker says:

    He’s not, obviously…I was judging on all the ridiculous Leaf posts in general, although this wasn’t as bad as some. I see in post after post regarding Leaf rumors that a few third-rate players will be traded for stars, that’s all (not that Frantisek Kaberle is a superstar). And yes, Cory Cross was mentioned recently although not in this article.

  8. Motherpucker says:

    Did I compare Kaberle and Sundin? NO. I was simply asking if you would like it if I was rumoring trades involving one of your superstars for a few third-rate players. This article was a little more realistic than “cross, hoglund, and a pick for derek morris.” There is absolutely no comparison between Sundin and Kaberle, so quit trying to twist my post.

  9. Rotty says:

    Whooaa Buddy !!

    IF you don’t want to hear trade rumors , good or bad , YOU ARE IN THE WRONG F**KN’ PLACE !!

    just because your not a Leaf fan, doesn’t give you the right to bash someone who is !

    I mean you can’t fault the guy for having taste!

    Your obviously a Rangers fan , and , well why don’t you finish paying out those ridiculous contracts and make the F**kn’ playoffs before criticizing some Leaf fan for making a bloody RUMOR announcement!!

    – at least they make the playoffs

  10. ManillaKilla says:

    …and if he wasn’t a cancer…and if he actually played defense. I didn’t see too many teams going after him when he went back home because he didn’t get his way.

  11. ManillaKilla says:

    If you had hockey sense you would know that money is always a huge factor in trades. Maybe Kaberle is a nobody, but Reichel and Lumme are overpriced nobodies. And while Reichel has put up some decent offensive numbers, he is far from a complete center, although he wants to be paid like one. Furthermore, he is a crybaby and a cancer. Can you really see him happy and thriving in Atlanta? He wanted twice his worth just to stay in Calgary.

  12. ManillaKilla says:

    A sussessful team is one that wins the Stanley Cup (excluding expansion teams). Nobody remembers who came in second or third. That being said, nobody is bashing the leafs, just their foolish fans that constantly overate talent. Talent which hasn’t accomplished anything in a long time. I am not saying all leafs fans are guilty of this, just a disturbingly high percentage.

  13. ManillaKilla says:

    Reichel and Lumme provide veteran leadership? Just because they are old, doesn’t mean they have leadership skills. If you followed the nhl, you would know what a joke it is to mention Reichel and leadership in the same breathe.

  14. leafs123212000 says:

    I don’t see San Jose any better then the leafs…they’re younger so they’ll be better longer..but not any better now.

  15. Motherpucker says:

    That’s what I tried to get across.

  16. rumormillman says:

    You really have no clue when it comes to hockey do you? lol. Do you have any idea how much leadership Reichel has when it comes to Czech hockey? Robert Reichel is close to god in his country. Seeing as how Atlanta is loaded with his kind. He would fit so well with this club!!!

  17. ManillaKilla says:

    Wake up Moronto fan. Reichel is a crybaby, and always will be. So he is a god in his country. Hasek is, too. Doesn’t make him a good leader. Ask Flames’ fans, or Coyotes’ fans. If you acquire Reichel for a few people on your team, you have a dressing room divided. You really know nothing about sports or hockey.

  18. PanMan says:

    Maybe Dallas but not New York (unless you’re talking about the Isles). Just because they have million dollar contracts, it does not mean that the Rangers (or Dallas for that matter) will take them off the Leafs’ hands just because they can. I for one am sick of everyone thinking that New York will trade for anybody and everybody. And what really makes me angry is that the Rangers will not get any credit for their success next season because they “have a team of superstars that only play there because of the $.” Sad, but Mr. Quinn was the one who forced us to pay that much for Holik and Kaspar. He said it himself that he was very interested in these 2 players. He offered Holik under 9mil so why can’t we do the same?

    May I remind you that the Ranger fans are the smartest fans in hockey, and the management is slowly earning that name as well.

  19. PanMan says:

    It’s funny because the Leafs were winning without their regulars in the Playoffs, but once they came back they lost the series. How’s that for an awesome team. In the Playoffs, your best players have to be your best players. Maybe it’s time the Leafs realize who their best players are! I think they started with letting CuJo go (or just got lucky because he didn’t want to stay there anymore; says alot about the chances for success of this team), but they screwed it up with Belfour’s signing. Dafoe would have been much better.

    Oh how good Lindros would have looked there!

  20. rumormillman says:

    You are a joke when it comes to hockey knowledge. I just hope other people on this ite won’t continue to ream you as much as I will if you continue this non sense. I never said Reichel was a good leader did I? Someone else did. So once you get your stories straight. Then, and only then will I or any other knowledgable member here will ever comment on your ridiculous comments!!! Loser

  21. Aetherial says:

    On the contrary, my comment was a congratulations on a job well-done by Carolina.

    I just think that they won’t do it again this year. I still don’t see the talent there.

  22. Aetherial says:

    I do not recall Cross Hoglund and a pick for Morris being mentioned by anyone.

    I do not recall your post was in response to any other specific rumors… just this one.

    Therefore, You are making an analogy to support some *point*.

    When you try to make situations analogous then you are implying a comparison. In your post Sundin (one of our superstars) is one side while in this thread Kaberle (one of your superstars(?!?)) is on *your* side.

    Therefore my assessment that you are an idiot is correct.


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