Leafs Nearing Deal With Sundin

The Toronto Star is reporting that the Leafs and Sundin are closing in on a deal. It is speculated that the Leafs will sign Sundin to a two year deal worth 11.5 million, the same as what McCabe earns.

The Star goes on to speculate that if the Leafs are able to close out the Sundin contract at 11.5 million they will have roughly 10 million dollars to spend come unrestricted shopping season. HTR speculated that it is well known that the Leafs covet Ryan Smyth and Todd Bertuzzi and that the Leafs could possibly get both with the 10 million left over.

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33 Responses to Leafs Nearing Deal With Sundin

  1. the_word says:

    I find it hard to believe that Sundin walked away from an 11.5 million dollar contract.  I guessing JFJ pushed for a one year deal and gave Sundin some good PR by making it seem like Mats chose a one year deal.
    The question a one year deal on Sundin's term raises is, will there be a no trade clause?  

    Now it appears that the Leafs are actively trying to get rid of McCabe or Kubina.
    1 They're signing too many defensemen to one way contracts
    2 Eklund said so (ok that means nothing), but Dregger backed up the McCabe story, so it make have legs
    3 JFJ claimed he'd change around 6-9 players, I'm sure if the board was impressed by JFJ's plan, then ridding Kubina or McCabe was part of it.

    The Leafs could do a lot with 15 million in cap space.

  2. fernz says:

    I just heard a few min. ago that Sundin only wants to sign a 1 year contract with the leafs, worth about 3.5 mill to 5.5 mill, so this means if he signs than that means its time for JFJ to let go of sum1 like: Mccabe or kubina, but even o'neill who is even a UFA this summer, so if they do that they will be ready 2 be better on the blue line, and even on forward if they could sign a good winger who could score goals.

  3. Leafer4life says:

    If infact he signs for anything under then 5 million its a steal..Sundin again proving nay-sayers wrong when it comes to leading this team, atta boy Mats!

  4. wingedim says:

    TSN.ca is reporting that the deal is a one year deal, and that Sundin didn't really want a multi year deal. This way he can call it quits when he feels he's not playing at the level he feels he should be and not hamper the team with a cap hit if he needs to retire before the contract expires.

    Question I have is, does that not bedome a moot point due to the over 35 clause in the CBA? Or is that due to injury. I can't recall.

    Regardless, if that is in fact the reason Mats is only signing a one year deal, it's nice to see that he's looking ahead to the implications to the team if he needs to retire early. Even if in fact he's taking year by year and seeing how the team fares, then goes UFA afterwards, he's thinking about the team and how to improve it if he does take a bit of a pay hit with the new deal.

  5. beefjerky says:

    When I heard all this stuff about 2 year deals i was a bit confused, this 1 year rumor makes a lot more sense to me. Sundin can decide when to call it quits, and the leafs have a shot at signing Thorton next year, though that probably won't happen its worth a shot…he could be the new Sittler/Gilmour/Sundin in leafs nation.

  6. BruMagnus says:

    I'm sorry but can we fracking wait until he is actuall signed! This is the third Sundin soon to sign post in the last 2 weeks.

    One thing I've recently noticed about this site is how fast new articles are being submitted, and how few responses most are getting, as there is little time for people to go through them all.

    GIVE US SOME TIME. As I've been saying for weeks now.

    No one goes into the HTR archive. At minimum, Extend the amount of posts on the homepage!

  7. BruMagnus says:

    In response to the actual post:

    This finally puts Sundin over the hill as tradebait. I had said it for the past three years that the Leafs should have traded Sundin for a massive return when his value was still high. This has effectively quelled almost all his trade value. Yes, he will undoubtedly retire a Leaf.

    But as a true Leafs fan, let me ask you guys, wouldn't you rather see him win a Cup on some team for HIS sake? Or do you want to really see him retire with nothing? Let him pull a Ray Bourque for christsake!

  8. Glucker says:

    is starbuck dead?

  9. Glucker says:

    I want him to win a cup, doesnt matter with who, he deserves it more then any1 in the league right now, and he still has great trade value, more then Forsberg did when he was traded this year

  10. Glucker says:

    OK, its done, Sundin, 1 year, 5.5

  11. Hoondog2 says:

    I want to see Sundin do what he wants, if he wants to retire a Maple Leaf, then i have no problem with that, he still has the ability to control a game, and in no way hurts the Leafs. 
    You can trade the Guerins, and Tkachuks of the league at the deadline, but you don't trade the players that pour their hearts into their team for most of their careers unless they want to be traded.  Can't there be any sentiment involved here, you don't see Sakic shopped at the deadline, or Lidstrom, or Yzerman, or Iginla. 
    Bourke requested a trade, and luckily for him it worked out, but in my mind it was still a cheesy thing to do. 
    Sundin must believe in the players here, and if he ends up being the best Captain to never win a cup, then its fine with me, if its fine with him.

  12. Glucker says:

    yea, and you definatly dont see guys like Smyth put on the block at the deadline…oh, wait…=.=

    any1 is fair game come deadline day

  13. Glucker says:

    well, mats is being good to the team, if you're over 35 and retire, the team has to continue paying you, and you continue to count to the cap(STOOPID), so basically he's making sure that he doesnt cripple the Leafs if he needs out, i think he thinks this may be his last year, and if he doesnt retire this year, hes gonna continue taking it 1 season at a time

  14. mojo19 says:

    Darren Dregger said it will be a one year deal, and on the radio last night they said it seems like Sundin just wants to go one year at a time, if he can't keep playing up to the highest level he'll just sign for less to help out the team.

    Yzerman-esk move by Mats Sundin, the greatest Leaf of all time.

  15. beefjerky says:


  16. Toonces99 says:

    My understanding was that Sundin did not want to handcuff the leafs with a longer deal in the event he retires prior to the full term of his contract….should he retire and have time left that money would count against the cap….and yes l support the riddance of McCabe….

  17. JuicemaN says:

    Agreed.  Name one other point per game 36 year old player that will garuantee you at least 7 games barring a freak injury.  Joe Sakic maybe….not a bad name to be tied to.

  18. DoubleDown says:

    i think tim horton was pretty good
    and so was johnny bower

  19. JuicemaN says:

    I agree, but you'll get attacked by the red-neck leaf fans that don't want to accept a european as the best leaf ever.

  20. wingedim says:

    okay so an $800K savings with a NMC and NTC. I can seen the latter two given his desire to remain a Leaf. And I suppose $800k is okay, but, I guess I was anticipating more of a cut.

  21. KingCanada says:

    Heres an IDEA of the cap situation the leafs are in now that we have most of our players signed.

    Sundin          5.5
    McCabe         5.75
    Kabrele         4.25
    Kubina          5.0
    Gill                2.075
    Tucker           3.0
    Raycroft         2.0
    Kilger            0.9
    Ponikarovsky 2.125
    Antropov        2.05
    White            0.85
    Stajan, Wellwood, Steen, Belak, Kronwall, Woz, Pohl   6.0 (aprox, give or take..)

    TOTAL   39.5 MILLION DOLLARS (puts pinky on mouth ala Doctor Evil :P)

    so assuming the cap is moved to 49 million, the leafs have just under 10 million dollars to resign Carlo Colaiacovo hopefully at 1.25, maybe Mike Peca at a discount im thinking 1.75.

    So that leaves around 6.5 for the open market..  ALL that money will NOT be spent, the team needs around 1 million of breathing space in case something happens or for the deadline, SO that leaves 5.5 which is NOT enough for Gomez, Smyth, Drury or ANY of the big names out there!

    Say we dont sign Peca, that leaves approx 7 million..

    So in MY mind its eigther the leafs go for ONE of these big name UFAs and leave out Peca.
    I say they sign Peca and a few second tier players, maybe Yashin, both Kozlovs, Blake (if possible unlikely), Roberts, Tkachuk, Walker, Fedotenko, Nagy, Handzus, Lang, Hartnell.

    Pick one or two.. depending on which.

    I personally prefer the second scenario were we keep Peca, try and sign Roberts to bargain basement lol take a shot at Fedotenko or Nagy and then finally try to sign Victor Kozlov since he was really good at the shootout and we SHAT THE BED in that department this season.

    Our PK went to shits when Peca got hurt so i think we need him but at less then he made last season, i MISS Roberts, i love his game, and he was a big voice in the locker room, would be good for the kids, im sure BRUMAGNU would agree on that altho im sure he wants to keep him on the Pens.

  22. KingCanada says:

    I TOTALLY agree here bud, I think that he should be traded at the deadline to a team with a good shot at it.  Im thinking the Canucks, YES i know they dont have a cup contending team as of now, but i think with this free agency they add a few pieces, then say they add SUNDIN at the deadline, that could put them over the top, all the need is extra scoring, Luongo is a wall anyways.

    TO VANCOUVER: Mats Sundin
    TO TORONTO: one of Corey Shneider (if hes not traded yet) OR Luc Bourdon with a high pick
    Grabner, Edler, 1st rounder, 2nd/3rd rounder

    that sounds relatively fair in my mind

  23. Hoondog2 says:

    If Sundin was requesting a ridiculus amount of money maybe he would be shopped.  The situation with Smyth was as much his fault as it was Edmonton.

  24. masarume says:

    Not too bad of a plan.

    Although, JFJ promised moves and thus far… we've not seen too much activity other than him just resigning players.

    I would rather keep Peca and go after Nagy at 3.5 million.
    I say we have no chance at Smyth/Drury/Briere. Those guys will earn at the very least 6 million.

    Its enough to get the leafs to the playoffs, but probably a first round exit. Till they get BC to take over MLSE and get a new GM, we'll be stuck status quo.

  25. Glucker says:

    so far our hit for next year is
    38.732, according to nhlnumbers.com
    worst case senerio with the 2 guys we have left to sign:
    Colaiacovo takes 1.5, we have 40.232 on the cap
    Peca takes 2.5, we have 42.732 on the cap
    we still need a back up goalie, that should cost us 1 mill, no more. 43.732
    i have no doubt that Kubina or McCabe won't be back in Blue&White next season, along with Stajan, who JFJ doesnt seem to mind giving away(he wanted to trade Stajan and Kaberle for Pronger, Edmonton wanted Steen and Pronger, deal didnt go through) so we'll end up clearing as much as 6.550…(McCabe and Stajan)… although we'll probably taking on some salary in the process…I can see a McCabe+Stajan for Satan going down, in which case, we clear about 2.5 mill… so…41.232.
    with the cap projected to go anywhere between 48 and 52 million we have ~7-11 to spend, 7 mill, we sign Smyth and leave it at that, with 1 mill of spending room. 11, we sign Smyth and Roberts and have like 3 to spend during the season. of course we would have to bring up a defensman to fill in for McCabe, so .5-2.5 left after this offseason.

    Smyth Sundin Satan
    Poni Wellwood Antropov
    Tucker Peca Kilger
    Steen Pohl Williams/Deveraux

    Kaberle Kubina
    Colaiacovo White
    Gill Woz

    Generic Backup

    and there you go, next year's Leafs(assuming 48 mill cap)

  26. Glucker says:

    every season that passes he'll take less

  27. Glucker says:

    i honestly think that that was a horrible move by Edmonton, almost as bad as loosing Gretzky, this guy was their team's heart, and they're not gonna get anywhere for at least 5 years because of it, I mean, they can go out and sign some amazing players, but their heart won't be with the team, it will take a few years for the chemistry to really form, and maybe for some homegrown talent to take the helm… thats when the team will come back to its old great ways. Thats the same reason that you can't just drop Sundin and sign someone to take his place, because nobody can, you need to bring his replacement in from now, allow him to become a part of the team without the pressure of leading the team to greatness, and over time that guy will become the defacto leader, and then when the current leader leaves, the transition to the other guy will be easy. If I'm the Leafs, I'd be looking to grab Smyth

  28. BruMagnus says:

    seriously though it's overloaded.

    should change the title to Leafstraderumors.com

  29. BruMagnus says:

    Mario Lemieux?

  30. BruMagnus says:

    Mark Recchi?

  31. BruMagnus says:

    Players like Sakic, Lidstrom, Yzerman and Iginla (with the exception of Sakic who just missed it, yes I know same situation as Leafs) do not play on non-playoff teams. It would be folly to trade someone like Joe Thornton or Nik Lidstrom at the deadline when your team is wicked.

    I guess Sakic and Sundin were in the same boat last year, especially as the Aves were further behind and went on a tear. And in all fairness, I wouldn't have traded Sundin last deadline if I were the Leafs, seeing as you only missed the playoffs by one point, and without Mats you wouldn't have had that chance at all. Same goes for Sakic.

    But if the team isn't a playoff team come deadline, and has little hope of making it, like St. Louis and Philly, then even the Joe Sakics should do what's best for them and their team.

  32. JuicemaN says:

    I meant to say garuantee yuu 72+ games….mario can't do that, he can hardly play 10 games…not to mention he's retired.

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