Leafs Need to Concentrate Most of their money to Wingers

For the past two years, Toronto’s 1st line wingers have been Nik Antropov and Alexei Ponikarskey, who have been playing with Mats Sundin. Antropov who continues to miss large portions of each season with nagging injuries and after over six years in the Leafs organization he has not scored more then 20 goals. Nik is not a first line player. Same can be said about Alexei, who has been able to stay healthy for the most part of the season, has not being able to be constintent with his point production. Alexei is also not a first line winger.
The Leafs should pursue free agents like Paul Kariya and Ryan Symth, to play along side Mats Sundin. The only thing blocking this from happening is the Cap. John Ferguson would be wise to perhaps trade away Byran McCabe to the Islanders in exchange for negoitating rights for Ryan Smyth. If this happens and Symth signs, the Leafs have a possible chance in also signing Paul Kariya. If Kariya does not work out then the leafs should pursue players like Petr Skyora or Mike Comrie. Either way the leafs should also have enough money to bring back Curtis Joesph as a backup. If all this could work out for the leafs, they would be a serious contender come October.

The Leafs Line could like this

Symth Sundin Kariya

Antropov Wellwood Ponikarsky

Steen Stajan Tucker

Kilger Pohl Deveraux


Kubina Kaberle

Colaiaclovo White

Gill Kornwall