Leafs not interested in Kovalchuk

Lebrun is posting on his twitter account this morning that Brian Burke has told him that he has no interest in Kovalchuk. This goes right along with what Hockey trade Rumors has been saying, burke wants to move Europeans off his team, he wants to bring in big tough Canadian/American players just like what he did in Anaheim.

# I’ve got a Kovalchuk blog coming later here’s what Burke told me today: “We’re not going to be involved in that race,” Burke said of Kovy.

# Kovalchuk doing right thing by weighting all options July 1. Still time to get back to Devils and Medvedev July 1 once all is on the table

# LA still makes most sense to me for Kovalchuk . KHL’s Medvedev also wants him but he also has to wait until July 1 to get an answer … about

# Devils and Kovalchuk still talking but he’s headed to market. Brian Burke told me today Leafs won’t be involved in Kovalchuk sweepskates