Leafs offseason

I wanted to know, how realistic it would be to try and resign most of the Leafs upcoming free agents. So, here goes…I am comparing the Free agent leafs CURRENT stats, to the stats of players in 2006, who signed and resigned last offseason.

JS Aubin-29- similiar to Brent Johnson who resigned for 575K
So I give him 600K

Ian White- 22- Numbers similiar to Hainsey last season, who signed for 750K in the offseason. Give White 800K.

Carlo Colaiacovo- 23- He isn’t as good as white, and must be resigned for a min of 900K, so 900K it is.

Mike Peca- 32- Mosk good PK specialists (Bonk, Peca) go for about 2-2.5 mil. Give Peca 2.5 mil.

Bates Battaglia- 30- This is a tough one. His numbers similiar to Rucchin last season (who signed for 2 mil), and Morreau who got a 2 mil per season extension in the offseason. Bates has numbers comparable to these 2 mil players. As wellas Kilger last season, who resigned fo 900K. I give him 1 mil.

Jeff O’neill- 30- Numbers similiar to Sturm this season, who resigned for 3.5 mil, O’neill can fetch 3 mil.

Yanic Perreault – 36- Getting up there in years. Comparable stats to Guerin who signed for 2.5 mil. I’ve heard Perreault asked the coyotes for 1.6 mil. So I’ll give him 1.6 mil.

Antropov-26- Injured a lot, Stats compare to Axelson who resigned for 1.85 mil, however Antropov has been asking for 1.5 mil. Give him 1.5 mil.

Poni-26- Stats inflated playing with Sundin, however his numbers are compareble to Samuelssons last season, who resigned for 1.2 mil. Poni gets 1.5 if Antropov gets it.

Devereaux- hasn’t done much, gets 0.5

If the Leafs resign all of those players for those amounts, they have a 24 man roster adding up to 48 mil. If they don’t Resign Perrealt, it is 45.5 mil for a 23 man roster.




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    I dunno, allowing kids on this site isnt a great idea, their should be an age limit or something. Its Losers not loosers, but sometimes our defence plays pretty damn loose in our own end lol.

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