Leafs Phaneuf not changing physical game after suspension

Just because he’s coming off the first suspension of his NHL career doesn’t mean opposing players can expect to have their head down when they skate anywhere near Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf.


Not unless they want to pay the price.


“I play the style that I play and I’m going to continue to play the style that I play,” Phaneuf said on Friday. “Obviously with the suspension, I was disappointed in the hit. I had no intent of going in there to hit from behind.


“I try to be a guy who hits hard and hits clean and I’m going to continue to play that style. I respect the decision that the NHL made. It was tough to deal with at first — there were a lot of different emotions that go into it, but I’m ready to move past it.”



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  1. leafy says:

    What a joyous night for the Leafs. Never expected a 7-3 win.

    The Leafs had an insatiable appetite for goals. Just kept going after Chicago all night. Why can’t the Leafs play like that every night?

  2. leafy says:

    Like I’ve said, the Leafs are so much better when Lupul is healthy and in the lineup. Not a bad night for the Lupul-Holland-Raymond trio.

    Holland is looking really good. Great looking pickup by Nonis.

    D’Amigo continues to impress too. Great work ethic and shows he has skill.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:


      Lupul can hit, shoot, cycle, skate, be a playmaker, gets in the dirty areas, hell he even dropped the gloves against LA. He’s been the best heart and soul guy since Wendal.

      • leafy says:

        Yes great heart and soul player, and he’s played the best hockey of his career as a Maple Leaf.

      • leafy says:

        What frustrates me most about the Leafs is that they can potentially cause big damage in the playoffs…if they can get in. They have a very impressive skill level and the East is wide open. If only they can get it together. Tonight was very impressive.

        • leafs_wallace93 says:

          Lupul was a beast in the playoffs with Anahiem early in his career too.

          Leafs do have character, even I was writing them off after St.Louis and then tonight… After Boston went up 2-0 everyone expected the Leafs to fold. I get that the Leafs aren’t a predictable/consistent team but when they play with a care free attitude they can light up anyone on any given night.

          D’Amigo reminded me of Frattin tonight.

          • mojo19 says:

            I think D’Amigo can be an upgrade on Leo Komarov. Not quite such a yapper, but he does like to get involved in the antics a bit and he’s got some sand paper. But he was also a very good US Junior and has some finish. He could be a great 4th line energy winger who can chip in the odd goal and play tough.

            I like the Frattin comparison as well. D’Amigo has been the most impressive of the Marlies except for possibly Trevor Smith.

            • leafs_wallace93 says:

              He had a Darren Helm type shift in the 2nd. McClement finally made a mark with a good PK solo effort. D’Amigo and McClement could be a good 4th line pair.

        • mojo19 says:

          Ya Boston and Pittsburgh are your favourites in the East. After those two, it’s not like the West where you have 4-5 really good teams who could go all the way. It’s Toronto, Montreal, Tampa, Washington, Jersey, Detroit, and the Rangers, maybe the Hurricanes or some dark horse who might sneak in. Not a great group.

          • lafleur10 says:

            i think your forgetting that we are favorites in the east with boston and pittsburgh those are the 3 elite teams in the east the rest could all be dark horses come playoff time

        • lafleur10 says:

          leafy they have shore up there defence and play better as a unit they continously get exposed and if that continues and they make they won’t do any damage in the playoffs,they’ll be playoff fodder for a team and will lose easliy and could quite possibly get swepted.

      • mojo19 says:

        Ya Lupul is amazing. He’s got a lot of slick moves and he plays really tough. I think he should be our captain as well.

        • leafs_wallace93 says:

          And to think I used to shoot down your trade rumors for him well before the Beauchemin deal.

        • reinjosh says:

          I have to agree with Wallace. I was never really on board with your Lupul trade suggestions. How wrong I was haha.

          He’s been a total beast. Almost every game he’s played he jut goes out and battles like he’s a third line power forward just trying to create energy, but he’s got the skill of a top line winger. It’s awesome.

          The only bad thing about him is his injuries.

          Lupul is this team’s heart and soul. He’s hard to not love. I honestly like the dynamic of Phaneuf being the real captain, but Lupul being right in line with him as almost the secondary unofficial captain. It allows a unique leadership type role that I’m not sure he’d have as the real captain.

  3. mojo19 says:

    Names potentially on the trade block:

    Brad Richards
    Paul Stastny
    Brayden Schenn
    Steve Ott
    Shawn Matthias
    Vernon Fiddler

    Evander Kane
    Jiri Tlusty (w/c)
    Martin Erat
    Tuomo Ruutu
    Jamie McGinn
    Nail Yakupov
    Dany Heatley
    Ales Hemsky
    Sven Baertschi

    Tim Gleason
    Rusty Klesla
    Dimitri Kulikov
    Alex Edler
    Michael Del Zotto

  4. LN91 says:

    Gardiner played 26 minutes last night and Peter Holland actually played more then 8 minutes a night…Hopefully, Carlyle is coming to.

    • reinjosh says:

      Yeah let’s hope Carlyle starts to use Holland a little more regularly now. He’s been a pretty good looking player when he gets some actual ice time.

      I’d say the same for Carlyle and Gardiner, but Carlyle has actually been playing him a lot more. He’s hasn’t played less than 21 minutes since Nov. 13th, and since he’s been scratched, Carlyle has only used him LESS than 23 minutes once in his last 9 games. Gards has also only been a minus player twice in the last 9 games.

  5. reinjosh says:

    I really liked the teams speed. Taking Fraser and Ranger out of the game really changed things. Potentially not having Clarkson as well.

    I think our best and most dangerous asset has been and always will be (at least for the next few years assuming Nonis doesn’t dismantle certain portions of the team) our speed. I liked having Liles and Rielly in over Fraser and Ranger. Let’s do that more often I think.

    And Holland played a hell of a game. I’d like to see a little more Holland/Lupul action. Let Bozak ride the third line when he’s back, keep Kadri with Kessel/JVR and let’s see what we can do with that.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Like I said before, D-men like Gardiner whose strength is skating, need ice-time to get into the flow of the game. Play him, and he will get better. Rielly being a rookie, is a little different. He is NHL capable, but not experienced enough to play the big minutes…if Carlisle can tell he is feeling it that particular game, then you can play him more. Otherwise, play him smart minutes. Sometimes he may need a game or two in the press box to watch and learn after he struggles a couple of games in a row.
      Holland I liked from the start and deserves ice-time. I don’t care how we get some wins right now, play who we need to. More speed, less grit, whatever. We need wins. Not just to improve in the standings, but improve our position as a trade partner. Eventually, we have to improve our overall ability to defend big forwards in our own end and we need more than just Clarkson/Lupul that can protect the puck in the opponents end. We could really use Reimer or Bernier to go on a hot streak as well.
      We need to make some changes still, but our ability to do so will be improved with some wins. we need to play with intensity and desperation right now.

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