leafs possible moves this off season

this off season weve all heard alot of speculation about what brian burke might have up his sleeve, but lets get some of your opinions.

when i think of the leafs roster i think of a team in need of alot of changes, basicly been in rebuild mode since the late 60s with little to no accomplishment to date,

First off they need a long term leader,
and with there finnancial situation, ide like to see them aquire V. LEcavilier

trade could look like this,

7th pick, kaberle, kuba for him
a few solid two way players be nice to help fix the defensive situations, and yes there has been defensive situations if we finished 23 this year

mabye aquire guys under long term, regardless of contract cause we have a few bucks

7th, myers, pogge

mabye a trade with the pens
Stall for that 7th,kuba and a 2nd rounder

Mabye even SJ- Marleau for
7th and myers.

I think nabokov be a nice fit for our 2nd and 3rd round picks

Schenn for milan lucic of the bruins?
what do you think?
also Should try free agency first offer Jbo 42 mil for 6 years
Kovalev 2 yr/5 mil
komiserak 2.5 mil for 5 years

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  1. Hockey75 says:

    Kuba, don't you mean Kubina?  I dont think Burke is going to go around trading draft picks, he said he wants draft picks, he wants the #1 or #2 pick that will get us Tavares or Hedman.  I dont think the Oilers will trade Horcoff or Cogliano at all.  I dont think San Jose will trade Marleau or Nabokov, they might trade Thornton.  Komisarek might end up as a Leaf, he's a Brian Burke type player (hits a lot of guys).  I also heard on TSN and few other places that Burke might want Camalleri, the Sedin's, Gaborik, Bouwmeester, Komisarek and a few other guys.  He says he's planning on the Leafs making the playoffs next year, let's hope so!  I also don't think we will get rid of Schenn.  Stall for Kubina and draft picks, I don't think he will do that.  I think Vinny will stay in Tampa.  Kovalev will probably stay in Montreal.

  2. hatterson says:

    This is likely the worst set of moves I have ever seen.  Either they are completely stupid (Schenn for Lucic) or have absolutely zero chance of happening (trading for Lecavalier).

    Lets review:
    7th+kaberle+kuba for Lecavalier.
    Okay, given that there's no one in the Leafs organization named 'Kuba' I'm going to assume you mean Kubina.  The *ONLY* reason TBL would trade Lecavalier would be for a cash dump however in this trade their getting back 9.25M in salary and giving up 10M. (In fact the cap hit is 9.25 vs. 7.3 so they lose 2M cap space).
    Horcoff/Cogliano for 7th, Myers, Pogge
    Okay, I don't know who Myers is, maybe Mayers.  Why would we give up our #7 pick, and our "goalie of the future" (although that's looked a lot worse of late) for either a guy who's signed for 5.5M long term and averages about 60 points a season or for a guy who was a 25th overall draft pick and hasn't really wow'd the league scoring a combined 83 points in 164 career games.
    #3: (my favorite)
    Schenn for Lucic
    So on one side we have a #5 overall pick who has played very well in his rookie season and logged 20+ minutes a game.  On the other we have a very good checking line player who had a good season on a great team where no one had to pay attention to him.  Yea let me think about that….

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