Leafs pushing for Nash?

Sportsnet can confirm that Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke met with Columbus Blue Jackets general manager Scott Howson this morning at a New York City hotel.

Burke was in New York for an HBO taping when he ran into Howson and the two managers decided to talk over breakfast.

As reported earlier, Damien Cox confirmed the Leafs were on a short list provided by Rick Nash to the Blue Jackets of teams that he would consider waiving his no-trade clause for.
Debates continue online on what a deal involving the Leafs would cost them, or if they even have enough assets to get a deal done involving Nash.

It is believed any deal between Toronto and Columbus would have to include a combination of players that could include Nazem Kadri, Luke Schenn, Nikolai Kulemin and possibly James Reimer.


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  1. GO_LEAFS_GO_Noni says:

    I wouldn't take the risk on Nash. Kulemin, kadri, schenn, and reimer are players with huge potential. They are the players that could potentially make the trade horrible for us. They are all great young players who need time to grow. Draft picks could be an option to trade. as I would trade draft picks over these guys any day!

    Nash on the other hand is a proven player on 1 team. Where he has been given most of the spotlight. On another team with a few other star players, who knows how he might play. especially in a tough hockey market like toronto.

  2. TheLeafNation91 says:

    No offence, but any player has potential…Most of the time these players become an average player or dwindle to nothing at all. That's why they are prospects…Prospects are never a guarantee.

    Now, the price for Nash is steep and I don't think we should do it…But to justify not trading any of those guys in the future because they have potential is absurd.

  3. DannyLeafs says:

    Couldn't agree more. I mean if you are trading prospects and picks in a deal, for an established player with time left on his deal you have to expect to give up the kind of potential that could have you losing the trade in the long run. I mean we wouldn't by lotto tickets that could only win you the price of the ticket would we?

  4. LeafsFTW17 says:

    To TOR:  Nash, Mason.

    To CBJ:  Kulemin, Kadri, Gustavvsson, Scrivens, Percy, Conditional pick(depending on the playoffs, 1st or a 2nd).

    To TOR:  B. Schenn.

    To PHI:  Grabovski, Aulie, Crabb.

    To TOR:  Penner.

    To LAK:  Lombardi.

    To TOR:  Moen.

    To MTL:  D'amigo, 4th(2013), 7th.

    Lupul – Bozak – Kessel
    Macarthur -B. Schenn – Nash
    Penner – Connolly – Armstrong
    Moen – Steckel – Brown
    (Boyce, Rosehill)

    Gunnarsson – Phaneuf
    Gardiner – L. Schenn
    Liles – Franson


  5. Steven_Leafs says:

    one of the best arguments I've heard on here.

  6. lafleur10 says:

    moen will cost you a 2nd r.d pick+ he won't go anywhere for a 4th and the pick will  be in this june's draft

  7. Steven_Leafs says:

    yeah LeafsFTW17! Moen is a Montreal Canadiens! Which means he is easily worth 2 1sts and a 3rd. Just be lucky that he isn't generational talent defenseman PK Subban!! That would cost you Kessel, Schenn, Aulie, Lupul, Kadri, Colborne, Reimer, Scrivins, 10 1st round picks and 5 2nd round picks.

    Moen for D'Amigo, 4th, 7th….. that was dumb!


  8. LeafsFTW17 says:

    omg you're right, my baddd.  What was I thinking, that type of top 3 forward is worth ATLEAST 10 1st round picks. but then we will have to trade him back to montreal in the summer for a conditional 7th, after all all the leafs players suck and a 7th from montreal is as good as a 1st from any other team. =P

  9. lukeleim says:

    Sure, Nash could take Toronto to the next level. But what's that? Eighth place? Minus the largesse needed to lure Nash, can Toronto reach the two or three more levels that lie between them and Boston?

    Now is the time to hang on, not to compromise the entire project by adding a superstar to an average team. The trade deadline is turning out to be a sellers market and I believe it would be in our best interest to sell for future assets and take our aspirations to the UFA market in July.
    Trade Mikhail Grabovski to the Los Angeles Kings for Dustin Penner and the Kings' first round draft pick of 2012.
    Trade the Leafs' second round draft pick of 2012 to the Buffalo Sabres for Paul Gaustad.
    Waive or trade Matthew Lombardi and Mike Komisarek.
    Finish the season and hope for the playoffs with the following roster:
    Joffrey Lupul – Tyler Bozak – Phil Kessel
    Clarke MacArthur – Tim Connolly – Nikolai Kulemin
    Dustin Penner – Paul Gaustad – Matt Frattin
    Mike Brown – David Steckel – Colby Armstrong
    Dion Phaneuf – Carl Gunnarsson
    Jake Gardiner – Luke Schenn
    John-Michael Liles – Cody Franson
    James Reimer
    Jonas Gustavsson
    Resign Paul Gaustad three-year contract for $6 million.
    Resign Nikolai Kulemin three-year contract for $9 million.
    Resign Matt Frattin two-year contract for $2 million.
    Resign Cody Franson two-year contract for $3.4 million.
    Resign Darryl Boyce one-year contract for $700,000.
    Sign Josh Harding two-year contract for $5 million.
    Sign Zach Parise four-year contract for $28 million.
    Trade Tim Connolly, Nazem Kadri and Keith Aulie to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Jeff Carter.
    Waive, buyout or trade Colby Armstrong.
    2012-2013 Lineup
    Zach Parise – Jeff Carter – Nikolai Kulemin
    Joffrey Lupul – Tyler Bozak – Phil Kessel
    Clarke MacArthur – Paul Gaustad – Matt Frattin
    Mike Brown – David Steckel – Darryl Boyce
    Dion Phaneuf – Carl Gunnarsson
    Jake Gardiner – Luke Schenn
    John-Michael Liles – Cody Franson
    Josh Harding
    James Reimer
  10. MystifoLeafs says:

    Everyone seems to be making trade perposals so I figure I would make mine.

    2nd 2012 (TOR)
    Contracts may have to be evened out in this deal but I doubt it would be out of the question. If Not this pull off a Burke esque deal…
    1st 2012 (TOR)
    Burke solves two problems in this one trade. He…
    1. Upgrades the top 6 getting bigger.
    2. Solidifies our goaltending with Halak who is locked into a fair contract.
    Also we avoid the whole Rick Nash deal for now. While Nash does make us better right now it handcuffs us in the long run. Where as this deal helps us right now while having the potential to make us better in the long run as well.
    Projected Lineup.
    Lupul – Bozack – Kessel
    Stewart – Grabovski – Kulemin
    Armstrong – Connolly – Lombardi
    Brown – Steckel – Crabb
    Phaneuf – Gunnarsson
    Schenn – Gardiner
    Franson – Liles
  11. mojo19 says:

    Historically the team bringing in the star player for the picks/prospects/young players, etc. wins the trade.

    Look at when the Pens dealt Kovie to the Rangers, the only thing decent coming back was Rico Fata and he's no Kovalev. 
    Rene Corbet for Theo Fleury, etc.
    And its not unique to hockey. Kyle Drabek might be a decent pitcher but he'll never be anything close to Roy Halladay. We got next to nothing for Vince Carter….
    Of course there are, I'm sure other examples of teams who gave up too much for a good player, but not usually when you're talking about a player of Nash's calibre.
  12. LeafsFTW17 says:

    The lineup for 2012-2013 is amazing.  A few things I'd do differently like have Colbourne as the 3rd line center with Macarthur and Frattin.  While saying that I still love the idea of having Gaustad but would put him on the 4th line instead of Boyce.  Having 2 of the best faceoff men on the same line will give the first guy the advantage of cheating knowing that if he gets waived out someone just as good will be there to back him up, thus leading to a faceoff win almost everytime.

    I'd maybe use the 1st that you aquired from the Grabovski trade to make a package for Halak. 

  13. Steven_Leafs says:

    the first offer is great for us and give STL a solid backup for Elliot while getting a top 9 forward but I doubt it is anywhere near enough to get Halak.

    the second offer is more realistic but I doubt Stewart for MacArthur and Aulie is enough of an upgrade for their playoff run. That deal would make more sense in the off-season if Halak lost his spot to Elliot in the playoffs. I get the feeling that acquiring Halak would cost us Reimer automatically and either a top6/top9 forward or top4 defense.

    Examples: your first offer makes sense but Reimer would likely need to replace Gustavsson, and your second offer would likely have to replace Aulie with Schenn or Gunnarsson. (and then probably lower or get rid of the pick in each example)

    I do love the idea of trading a good player with a goalie to get a much more consistent goalie though. And who knows, maybe the picks are nice enough to get them to do it. 😛

  14. mapleleafsfan says:

    I like it. A lot. Really hope Burke can swing something for Parise, although I'm not sure I see it happening.. The trade for Carter may have to be Schenn instead of Aulie, which I would still do. That team is stacked. I think the top 6 is talented enough that not having a huge banger doesn't really matter that much. That said, I'd probably try to get another big body in the bottom 6. Maybe don't get rid of armstrong (unless we need to for cap purposes).

  15. mojo19 says:

    To Columbus:

    Kulemin, Gardiner, Kadri, Reimer, Lombardi, 1st
    To Toronto:
    Nash, Pahlsson, Mason
    To Edmonton:
    Mason, Holzer
    To Toronto:
    To Anaheim:
    2nd rounder, Tyler Biggs, Dale Mitchell
    To Toronto:
    Teemu Selanne
    Joffrey Lupul – Tyler Bozak – Phil Kessel
    Clarke MacArthur – Mikhail Grabovski – Teemu Selanne
    Sami Pahlsson – Tim Connolly – Colby Armstrong
    Mike Brown – David Steckel – Joey Crabb/Darryl Boyce
    Carl Gunnarsson – Dion Phaneuf
    John-Michael Liles – Cody Franson
    Luke Schenn – Keith Aulie/Mike Komisarek
    Nikolai Khabibulin
    Jonas Gustavsson
    Need Teemu to request a trade to try to get a cup, and then have Burkie convince him to re-unite. A little far fetched, but this team would have potential to do some damage in the playoffs.
  16. mojo19 says:

    Holy shit, no Rick Nash…

  17. frankinboltonleafs says:

    …and to add to your point…Burke has said he's building a winner not through the draft. So when a Nash, Parise, Weber, whoever, is on the market…well we need to be pulling out all the stops to get these kinda guys….since we aren't drafting them. You aren't winning a cup without them. I love our depth but it's only substance…you need that quality thing.

  18. mojo19 says:

    Joffrey Lupul – Tyler Bozak – Phil Kessel

    Rick Nash – Mikhail Grabovski – Teemu Selanne
    Sami Pahlsson – Tim Connolly – Clarke MacArthur
    Colby Armstrong – David Steckel – Mike Brown
    Carl Gunnarsson – Dion Phaneuf
    John-Michael Liles – Cody Franson
    Luke Schenn – Keith Aulie
    Nikolai Khabibulin
    Jonas Gustavsson
    x – Joey Crabb, Darryl Boyce, Jay Rosehill, Matt Frattin
    x- Mike Komisarek, Matt Lashoff, Juraj Mikus
  19. mojo19 says:

    Very true, Frank.

    Also Burke has a keen eye, and he knows prospects well. We have a good pro scouting staff now, and because of this we were able to have Keith Aulie and Jake Gardiner thrown into trades. We also dealt virtually nothing for Franson. So if losing Gardiner is a huge concern for the future of the Leafs blue line, then remember Burke will continue to add quality d-men. We got Holzer ready to play and get a good look in the NHL, and Blacker might not be far off too.
  20. hockey_lover says:

    Wait a tic .. the Leafs are interested in Nash? I hadnt heard this news before 😛

  21. dumbassdoorman says:

    I think he was actually refering to the price being paid so far this season for rental players, and he is right.

  22. habs79 says:

    Should Columbus trade Nash they would need a player in return they can sell to what little fan base they have. After Zherdev and Filitov, I doubt they would want yet another Russian who can't find the net (Kulimen has a 7.1 shooting%). Gustavvsson is a ufa and will be of little interest to Columbus. Scrivens can't compete should the Kings or Canucks offer one of their young back ups. Percy is a good prospect, and there will be no condition it will have to be a 1st round pick. As for Kadri until he can show he can stick in the NHL his trade value will not be as high as it could be.

    As for Brayden Schenn he was the key player they got for Mike RIchards so there is no way Philly parts with him.
    Penner for Lombardi is a trade Burke would probably not want. Both players are bad but at least Lombardi's contract is cheaper and shorter.
    As for Moen they will probably be looking for what they got for Gill, and it is clearly a sellers market.
  23. lafleur10 says:

    that's what i was refering to doorman! thanks,i don't think a second and a prospect is  fair for moen,much like the gill trade  that's what i think well get for moen.

  24. habs79 says:

    Funny sometimes Leaf fans seem to forget there are other GMs in the league. That's why the habs got a 2nd rounder plus 2 players for Gill and a conditional 5th. Granted that Geoffrion will at best be a solid 3rd liner and Slaney will never make the NHL. They will be looking for something similar for Moen. being that it is a sellers market there will be other teams that can easily beat an offer of D'Amigo a 4th and a 7th.

  25. habs79 says:

    The Habs got a 2nd rounder for Gill. You don't think they could get that for Moen. In a sellers market lots of GMs can and would easily beat that offer for Moen.

  26. lafleur10 says:

    i agree habs79 i think we'll see a return much like we got for gill what do you think we'll get for kostitsyn?

  27. habs79 says:

    Some fans think only there team exists, they forget there are 29 other teams with 29 other GMs. Especially in this case where a few of those GMs will be looking to get a player like Moen. 

  28. habs79 says:

    Honestly not as much as we would like. In my opinion all the teams looking at adding Hemsky should look at Kostitsyn instead. Just look at their numbers this year.

    Kostitsyn: 12 goals, 24PTS, -6, 3 PPG, 13.3 S%
    Hemsky: 4 goals, 25PTS, -15, 1 PPG, 5.3 S%
    If the Kings want to make the playoffs given how atrocious their wingers have been shooting this year. They should get Kostitsyn while everyone seems to be paying attention to Hemsky. They have a deep pool of prospects to draw from.
  29. habs79 says:

    The fact that St Louis has said they have no interest in trading either goalie. Also the fact that neither Halak or Elliot has said they have a problem with the situation in St. Louis clearly played no part in your suggestion. 

    However you are right getting Stewart and Halak in that trade would solve 2 problems. However it wouldn't solve his biggest problem. The fact that St.louis has a GM that would actually have to say yes to it.
  30. MystifoLeafs says:

    Honestly I never believe what a GM says. While Armstong said he has no interest in trading either goalie he has also stated he has a desire to solidify his scoring. We have pieces to help in that means like…

    – MacArthur
    – Grabovski
    – Lombardi (Not as much but he has shown in the past he can produce.)
    My point is Armstrong said he has no interest in trading them but where he has this surplus of strong goalies he may have to trade one of them to upgrade another position.
  31. MystifoLeafs says:

    Funny thing is about a year and a half ago Pittsburgh name would be up there too. 🙂 If Malkin could turn Neal into what he is now what could he do for Nash?

  32. mapleleafsfan says:

    Wrong about the Penner trade, Penner is UFA. Lombardi has a year left. I doubt LA would make that trade, Burke certainly would. 

    Rest of it I pretty much agree with. Although I definitely think Brayden could be traded, but it would have to be for a big upgrade. Coutourier appears to be the only untouchable rookie on that team. Schenn's been average and injured.
  33. mapleleafsfan says:


  34. mapleleafsfan says:

    Oh and there's also a huge difference between Kulemin and Filatov/Zherdev… Not saying they want Kulemin as one of the main pieces, but he's not comparable to those two. 

  35. leafmeister says:

    Really? You think Kulemin has earned a raise? He doesnt exactly have the strongest bargaining position right now, all things considered. 

  36. reinjosh says:

    I have no interest in trading Reimer. None. Trading him away makes us a much worse team for the future. It doesn't help us. Bulin isn't an upgrade on Reimer and doesn't give us a shot at a cup. Plus trading Reimer just opens us up to the same problems we had before. No goalie capable of winning us games. Bulin is too old. He's done. 

    And adding Nash isn't going to make us better if he's playing on the second line. He's going to get something like 16 minutes a game now instead of the 18 or 19 he gets in Columbus?

    I don't think the price makes any sense. I don't want a team that has potential to do damage in the playoffs. We already have that. I want a team that's going to be a cup winner. Trading away Gardiner and Reimer will hurt us more than getting Nash IMO. 
  37. Steven_Leafs says:

    you know what though, I think we need to stop criticizing people for making 'trade rumors' on a trade rumor site. I admit I have done this myself quite a bit but even if someone is clearly not on the market or a GM says they wont move someone that can always change. Burke says he will not move Kessel. If he was offered Ovechkin, Neuvirth, and 10 1st round picks for Kessel + cap dump then he would take it. While I doubt any of those offers listed above is enough to change the STL GM's mind, it was a nice idea in general.

    STL gets a nice piece up front and a quality pick for a downgrade in goal they can easily afford to make. 

  38. Steven_Leafs says:

    ouch, effectively destroyed our depth and our future for veterans for 1 playoff run. We better win that cup 😉 lol.

    That Nash trade though is, as sad as it sounds, probably accurate which is why I would not want to trade for Nash. I do not see the point trading that much to anyone just to have Nash projected on the 2nd line. We could use him, and we probably should pay for him, but I wouldn't give up that much.

  39. Steven_Leafs says:

    Nash, Brassard, 2012 2nd, 2013 1st for Crosby. lol.

    That would get people talking forever. lol.

  40. hockey_lover says:

    lol agreed. And likely not in a good way for Ray Shero 😛

  41. mojo19 says:

    I would give up that much and here's why: Rick Nash's don't come along every day. Kadri, Reimer, Gardiner, Kulemin, all these guys are good assets but all are replaceable through free agency, drafting, and replacing from within. Frattin, Colborne, Holzer, we have lots of NHL ready assets on the Marlies and we'll draft well. Burke has been loading up the system, lets use some of our better commodities as trade bait for a stud.

  42. DannyLeafs says:

    And I completely agree with that argument as well. But it is necessary to give up players with enough potential to win the trade for the team giving up the star player. It won't often happen because the odds of any random prospect who isn't a can't miss prospect turning out to be a star are pretty low, while the star being acquired has already beaten those odds.

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