Leafs R Falling Like Leaves

NO! I know the Leafs won 4-2 against the Sabres Thursday night, but thats not what I meen! What I meen is that it seems Wellwood, Tucker, Poni, Antropov, White, Peca, and Wozniewski r injured. WOW! 7 of the Leafs players are out. 4 of them r returning soon, but 3 are not even close to coming back.Since we r bringing up so many Marlies players this effects that AHL team too. With the salary cap room that we had(About half a million) we claimed Travis Green off waivers, but is this re-signing enough. Now, Green is a defensive fourth line grinder, and maybe that helps, but we need more help offensivly then we do defensively. Although, Toronto is 5th in the NHL for GF/G and 25th in the NHL for GA/G, which is an interesting stat it seems there are more forwards out at the moment than defenseman.

Now, maybe I didn’t make it clear, but what I mean is it seems we need to get a forward better than Travis Green b4 the trade deadline if we want to have any hope of a playoff run.

Now, I don’t have a lot of ideas, but couldn’t we just put Peca on long term injury to alleviate the salary cap room. Now, I’m not exactly sure how this works, but wouldn’t that temporarily relieve the 2.5 million that Mike Peca is paid of his contract. Meening we would have about 41.5Mil spent and 2.5 Mil to use for a rental. As said in another article couldn’t we then pull a Doug Weight and trade for prospects and youth, hire free agent, claim someone off waivers or make a decent trade(Not Klee for Suglobov like last year) to hold us upon the return of some forwards?

I hope I made everything clear, and it makes sense I’m new at a lot of this stuff so please don’t be mean! XD LOL!