Leafs and Rangers have talked trade

The Maple Leafs have expressed previous interest in Del Zotto, but both Jake Gardiner and Cody Franson, the Toronto defensemen who’d been mentioned as potential parties of the other part, had dreadful games and do not excite the Rangeers as return in a potential trade.


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  1. leemon says:

    Pure bs. this long rumored trade is a media fantasy. thought up by some wishful thinker in N.Y. that wants either Franson or Gardiner. while seems to be a side ways move for Toronto. I think it would be an upgrade for N.Y. seeing as how Del Zotto hasn’t even played very much this season. And One dreadful game does not a season make. the scouts and the organization what they are getting. So to say after last night there not interested is pure fantasy. Cause The truth is The leafs aren’t interested in down grading in something that they already have. Sheesh!!!

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