Leafs Ready To Deal For McLaren


As mentioned by TFP, the Leafs are attempting to Bloster their defense and the Star suggests they can do so with the likes of Kyle McLaren.It has been reported by numorous sites that the Leafs have offered rookie defensemen Carlo Colaiacovo for McLaren but reasent reports have indicated that young star Karl Pilar has now fallen into trade talks with the Bruins.

“You try and find answers (to strengthen your team), but sometimes you’re standing still (by trading players of roughly equal value).” Quinn said.

Due to the Leafs awfull slow start to the season many critics have pointed at the Leafs defense as a weakness.

The quickest solution would be landing a proven player such as McLaren. Obvious problems blocking a deal would be O’Connell’s reluctance to trade within the Northeast Division.

But inter-division trades aren’t taboo (the Leafs and Bruins had a Jonas Hoglund trade voided by a wonky fax machine last year). But Jonas Hoglund could be also in trade talks for McLaren aswell.

No source has reported exactly what a deal would look like or when. If any idication it isn’t going to be too long due to Bostons recent injuries and the Leafs lack of contender type play this so far this season.