Leafs receive two offers for Kaberle

Speaking on HockeyCentral at noon today Leafs GM, Brian Burke stated that the Leafs have received two very serious offers for Kaberle . It is reported that the two offers are more than simple nibbles and are more in the category of “would you consider” an offer like this. It is well known that the Leafs are looking to trade Kaberle and that Brian Burke likes to make big moves at the NHL entry draft. Hockey Trade Rumors expects that Burke will make a deal to land a top 10 pick.


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  1. Leafland says:

    I'm probably in the minority of Leafs fans out there, but I really don't want to see Kaberle traded unless it's a complete "knock your socks off" offer and I just don't think that type of offer is going to be made at any point.  The last thing Burke should do (and I have every confidence that he won't do this) is trade Kaberle for the sake of getting into the top 10.  Keeping him and re-signing him to an extension if no major offers are made wouldn't be the worst move.

  2. KingCanada says:

    I wonder who are the teams?  Here are some potential targets IMO..

    Anaheim: Kaberle
    Toronto: Kyle Palmieri, 29th overall, 3rd rounder

    Washington: Kaberle
    Toronto: 1st round pick, 2nd rounder

    Buffalo: Kaberle, 3rd rounder
    Toronto: Zack Kassian, Luke Adam

  3. intelligentscorpio says:

    I find your comment absent of any logic. As burke said he wants tough, hard to play against, in your face, truculent defense. Kaberle presents none of those "attributes". Also, with a year left on his from becoming a UFA, where is the logic to keep him only to lose him next year.

    Another thing. No one is going to offer you a package that will 'knock your socks off', for a player who has not been able to bring his team into the playoffs and has no experience to playoff hockey to talk aabout.He is not in the same league as Lidstrom, Gonchar, Volchenkov, Keith or even Matt Duschene.

  4. leafmeister says:

    He is not in the same league as Volchenkov because they are totally different players, Kaberle is an offensive puck mover, and Volchenkov is a shut down shot blocker.

    Put Gonchar on the teams Kaberle was on and they would have done equally poorly. Kaberle has outscored Gonchar since the lock out.

    He is no Lidstrom, but Lidstrom is in a league of his own.

    As of now, Keith is way better, but they would be comparable if the teams were comparable.

    I dont know about that one. I get the first 4 comparisons. I really do. The last one is kinda out there though. Kaberle is a defensemen and Duchene is a center. I assume that was a mistake on your part, because the only time defensmen can be compared with forwards is the Gretzky vs Orr Debate.

  5. Leafland says:

    Matt Duchene is a forward.

    I'll give you the edge for Lidstrom and Keith but Kaberle is just as good as Gonchar and Volchenkov isn`t even the same type of player so there`s no point throwing his name in there.  Since the lockout, no defenceman has more points than Kaberle. 

    Fact of the matter is, he`s one of the best in the game within the confines of what he`s asked to do, which is provide the first pass, be an offensive threat, quarterback the powerplay and jumpstart an offense from the defensive zone. 

  6. Tachmo says:

    for Ryder

  7. leafmeister says:

    Shit man you havent gotten the news? JFJ got fired!

  8. oilersfan1984 says:

    i could possibly seeing washington making that trade if they had the cap space allthough the other 2 wouldnt make sence for the other 2 respective clubs imo

  9. leafstime says:

    The Leafs got to make the right trade. This is the thing Burke needs to do.

    Kaberle, Kadri, Hanson and a fourth pick to Philly for Richards, Hartnell and a sixth pick.

    The Flyers don't really need Richards any more because soon their up against the cap. They always liked Kaberle. Now there's a chance to get them married.

    Do the right thing Burke.

  10. Tachmo says:

    Are you a complete moron? The Flyers do not need Richards? What kind of talk is that? If I had to pick one player to start a team right now I would seriously be debating taking Richards 1st out of any other player in the NHL. He is the new Steve Yzerman but also devastating hitter. A true leader and the guy you want as your captain,everyone follows.

    I am not even a Flyers fan, but I want you to give me one valid explanation as to the Flyers not needing Richards? You are in a dream world if you think the Flyers will trade Richards, especially to Toronto.

  11. leafshockey says:

    I'd prefer to trade Kabs for a player as opposed to picks. I think the leafs need to get a player who can go into the roster right away. Fourth overall would be sweet (Columbus rumours) but I shudder to think what will happen if we have to wait upwards of 5 years for Fowler/Gudbranson to develop.

  12. reinjosh says:

    his lack of hockey knowledge was shown by his comment including Duchenne. I see your points. Kaberle is very valuable and shouldn't be traded for the sake of trading him. But if we get a good offer, I am all for it.

  13. reinjosh says:

    It makes sense for Buffalo. THey need a puck moving guy as much as Washington does. Maybe not Anaheim but thats debatable.

  14. reinjosh says:

    This guy is worse than dando. His trade offers are at the point of hilarity.

  15. leafstime says:

    All of you make fun all you want. After Richards is traded to the Leafs, then you'll see who the smart one is.

  16. 93killer93 says:











    12th-Nick Bjugstad      C 6'4'' 190lbs
    14th-Austin Watson   LW 6'3'' 185lbs
    27th-John McFarland  LW 6'0'' 190lbs

    74th-Kenneth Agostino  LW 5'11'' 190lbs
    80th-Jared Knight(Kadri's Linemate) C 5'11'' 190lbs

    112th-Brian Ward LW 6'1''
    122nd-Luke Curadi D 6'5''
    144th-Brett Stern  6'1''
    182nd-Mike Schwindt D 6'4''
    202nd-Samuel Carrier D 6'1''

  17. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Ok… reading a lot of terrible offers for Kaberle. Burke has made it clear that he isn't in the business of giving Kaberle away for nothing. Given that, we can collectively retire this obsession for a mid to late first round pick.  This is a weak draft pool, anything outside a top ten pick is pretty much a crap shoot for a future grinder let alone a potential star player.  So odds are that this has to be a player's trade.  However let's consider the long shot of landing a top ten pick shall we…

    Possible destinations, Columbus, Carolina and TB are targets in that their teams that could all use a puck moving defenseman and are legitamite playoff threat.

    Columbus – Makes sense, they need to make a splash and Columbus is a graveyard of top ten picks Brule(6), Brassard(6), Picard(9), Zherdev (5), Leclaire (8), Klesla (4).  Building through the draft huh?

    Carolina – Rutherford is a bit of maverick GM, who knows, I don't the bust that'll be available at 9 anyway

    TB – I suspect Yzerman to be remarkably conservative however if he feels he can resign Kaberle I could see him dumping a washed up Ohlund (who could step in as a poor man's Kaberle for the Leafs and the Leafs could afford to eat the contract) along with the pick.

    Burke is more likely to look for 'a deal that makes sense for us' and given this year's playoff disappointments a few teams should be looking for a shake up.

    Vancouver – Deperate for a star offensive defenseman, all the pieces are in place to contend, fickle market that won't forgive a misstep puts pressure for a Kaberle like player while fans will whine no matter what is given up. A tricky and necessary deal, with Kesler and Sedin locked up long term Hodgson is expendable.

    Pittsburg – All depends on Gonchar, Kaberle would fit nicely under they're limited cap space, Staal would have to come back

    Washington – Kaberle and Beachemin would give the caps the necessary depth on the blueline to give up on the problem of Alexander Semin (who made it his mission to kill me in my pool).

    Buffalo – Needs Kaberle more than any team in the league I don't see anything all that appealing on their roster. I'd want two first for Kaberle for them which isn't going to happen.

    SJS – Putting them in because their often mentioned however with Boyle's presence disqualifies Kaberle.  As for Pavalski, he'll stay before Marleau so we should give up on the thought of landing him in another deal.

    NJ – Kaberle had NYR on his list, he may be enticed to settle for the suburbs, RFA pressures could make NJ make a desperate deal. They're lunchbox blueline is routinely exposed in the playoffs, Lou is smart enough to adjust.

    Given Kaberle's inability to spark with Phaneuf this year leaves me to think that Burke has to flip him.  Whatever the trade turns out to be it would free up Burke to continue tradition of overpaying a defenseman on July 1st. Hamhuis would complete a Burke flavored defensecore and with Komi coming back give the Leafs the roughest D in the LNH.


    First of all, theres no way LA trades two good young guys for Kaberle when they already have doughty, johnson, with hickey and teubert ready for the NHL next year…. and why would LA want Grabovski… how about this trade:
    rights to Frolov, 2010 1st round pick, Oscar Moller for Kaberle, conditional pick if he doesn't sign a contract extension…
    Also Montreal will not give up three draft picks just to move up 7 spots in the draft. And theres no way Kulemin is worth a first round pick…..

  19. Redwings3019 says:

    I still think Dallas is a top choice and as far as I know they are still interested in Kaberle. (could be wrong, havent been following Kaberle rumors that intensely)

    I could see a trade involving the rights to Neal and Dallas' 1st round (11th OA) Toronto would include Kaberle and Reimer.

    It wouldnt happen unless Burke could talk to Neal and see if he'll sign with the Leafs. As far as I know Dallas doesnt have many/any young goalies so thats why I have Reimer listed. There could be more players involved…or not…

    Its the 11th overall pick but with Burke that could probably be moved up to say around the 6th spot (although I dont know what Yzerman is doing in Tampa but if he is going with a young core than theyll probably keep it because of the depth in this years draft…)

    Kaberle for Neal is probably the best value theyll get for Kaberle and if contract talks dont go the right way in Dallas than I could see these players in a trade.

  20. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I think the Rangers should bury Rosizval and Redden in the minors and just play the young guys…As they may have the best prospects that are defencemen in the league, I think its even better then LA

    New York Rangers:

    Marc Staal
    Michael Del Zotto
    Matt Gilroy
    Ryan McDonagh
    Michael Sauer
    Bobby Sanguinetti
    Ilka Hellinen

    There might be a few potential top-two guys on that team, also very gifted in their own end and on the offensive side. Staal and Sauer is more defensive, but Sanguinetti and Del Zotto are both great offensive talents. Gilroy, McDonagh, Helkinen, I believe can play both ways…So its a good mix

  21. mitchamac says:

    to florida – kaberle

    to toronto – horton

  22. reinjosh says:

    My hope would be be Neal and a 1sr but I would expect less Maybe a 2nd instead or evn just Neal. Still it would be a fine deal.

  23. cam7777 says:

    If only their pick was around 20th or something, it would make a lot more sense for everyone.  Oh well, I could still see Neuwyndyk overpaying to get his man.  He was foolish last year to take Glennie where he did instead of trading down, so if the guy he wants isn't available at 11, I could see him pulling the trigger.  Or, perhaps Burke does a salary deal with Chicago to get a pick, and throws that pick into the deal with Dallas.

    Neal would be fantastic value for Kaberle either way,

  24. leafmeister says:

    Kaberle, Grabovski for the #4, #34, Samuel Pahlsson – Colmbus is taking back some salary, so they would want to get rid of Pahlsson, who has not been too great on their roster. He is a favorite of Burke, and would help the PK.

    Trade #4 to Dallas for #11, #41, Scott Glennie – The Leafs stock pile picks, grab another forward prospect and Dallas makes a big splash at the draft, getting one of the big defensemen. They would love to get their hands on Fowler.

    The Leafs then take these players

    #11 – Jeff Skinner – Good center, most see him going around the 10 spot.
    #34 – John Mcfarland – Another good center whose stock has rapidly dropped, but still could be a nice two way player
    #41 Krill Kabanov – Certainly worth a short.
    #61 – Jared Knight – has worked magic with Kadri before, might as well try again.

    Resign Kulemin 4 years, 2.9 per.
    John Mitchell, 1 year, 800,000

    Sign Dan Hamhuis 4 years, 4.2 per.
    Matthew Lombardi 2 years, 2.8 per
    Sign Colby Armstrong, 2 years, 2.8 per.

    Next year.




    The Leafs would not see the benefits of their trade yet, but in the future, they could have a forward core looking like this


    If all of those guys develop as planned, then that would be a deadly group of forwards.

    Then have a D looking like this:


    That of course is a few years down the line.

  25. palindrom says:

    Im just wondering….Can you find a single Dallas fan who would agree to this trade?

    Negotiating a trade is harder when we dont do it alone 🙂

  26. palindrom says:

    Salary deal with chicago…

    Would you take the Huet or Cambell contract ?

    The other player have a fair trade value.

  27. JoelJoel says:

    Not to mention his comment about his lack of playoff experience. 94 games played and over 30 points recorded. Not the most weathered player in the spring, but saying he lacks the minutes logged in the playoffs is simply ignorant.

    The Duchenne thing made me chuckle..

    Furthermore, I agree, I like Kaberle. A huge caveman style D core is great and all, but I would be hard pressed to think of many players in the league I'd rather have quarterbacking my powerplay. And ever notice how surprised everyone is when Kabby makes a mistake in his own end? That is no mistake. I love the guy.

    … plus he reminds us of better times in leaf land.

  28. JoelJoel says:

    Kaberle passes to Green (on the PP); Mike takes a huge shot. Rebound bounces out and Ovechkin and Semin jump on it. Puck end up int he back of the net. Repeat 40 or so times a season.

    That is a scary though…

    How can you make the best powerplay in the league better? Send a 1st and 2nd (or whatever) to Toronto.

    I agree.

  29. JoelJoel says:

    lol… why not send a few prospects over as well…

  30. JoelJoel says:

    I'll keep my eyes open for that one. I'll buy you a beer if it happens.

    And to the two above: disagreeing is one thing, but making fun isn't necessary. This is a friendly forum.

  31. JoelJoel says:

    I can't figure out if you went dyslexic or french at the end there…

    Good thoughts though. Nice to see some level headed idea's. Kaberle is definitely under payed and under rated, but he is not the player that can attract top picks and prospects from anywhere.

    I think Columbus is the best fit for a trade.

  32. JoelJoel says:

    Conventionally, I'd say 'in a perfect world'; however, Florida has been known to make silly trades involving stars. I don't think I need to mention the obvious ones… So yeah, who knows… maybe package a few pick both ways. Florida might want to add depth to their goalie prospect core, and that is an area where the leafs have room to play with.

  33. JoelJoel says:

    Conventionally, I'd say 'in a perfect world'; however, Florida has been known to make silly trades involving stars. I don't think I need to mention the obvious ones… So yeah, who knows… maybe package a few pick both ways. Florida might want to add depth to their goalie prospect core, and that is an area where the leafs have room to play with.

  34. Leafs_Forever says:

    I would love to see Jordan Staal in a Leafs uniform.  I also think he would bloom if given more playing time.  If they don't want to bring Gonchar back, I would offer a package like this:

    To Pit:

    Tomas Kaberle, Victor Stalberg, a pick or prospect

    To Tor:

    Jordan Staal

    This allow Pit to get a d-man (there defence was horrible in the playoffs) as well as another young skilled winger (which they need- Poni just aint doing it!!)

    If this could be worked out I would then try to sign Gonchar and try and trade away Komi…


  35. JoelJoel says:

    Very interesting notion. Stall is totally wasted on that team. Given the time he could double his production. And how perfectly would Kabby fit into the Penguins system?

    Thomas always gets flack for not shooting enough. How many shooters does Pittsburgh have? With that many options he will surely thrive. We all know how well number 15 in blue and white has done since the lock-out offensively. What few mention is how poor his pass options have been since the likes of Sundin, McCabe, Poni, Roberts, Moginly, et al have departed. Just think what he can do when nearly everyone around his is an elite shooter!

    I'd like to see a 3rd (or later) rounder come back with it, but that seems like a decent trade. Maybe the leafs throw a conditional pick back their way (dependent on Kaberle resigning).

    Counter thoughts?

  36. JoelJoel says:

    correction.. 77 games played; not 94. My bad… poor math.

  37. number15 says:

    yes Chicago dosen't have too many players with low value rite now, and I gfet ur point about Huet/Campbel but fact is after this season they will be hard pressed to resign all their impact players without going over the salary cap.

    Campbel and Huet may be their horrible contracts…… though Hossa, Kane and Toews are also paid big time money (not that they r overpaid), yet that impacts the whole roster

    plus its the year that they may win the cup, as a coinsidence…. which only pushes the prices higher for them, they will be volnerable

  38. palindrom says:

    I dont think they will be vulnerable as long as there could be lots of teams bidding to ''help them'' unload a players like Patrick Sharp

  39. Leafs_Forever says:

    I agree with you.  I don't understand all the people bashing Kaberle.  He is a premier puck moving defensman who has played on a sub-par team the past 5 or 6 years.  Other that Moginly and Sundin, the Leafs have had no all-star type weapons on the PP for Kaberle to set up… 

    Put in the right situation I believe that Kaberle could become a game-breaker and 1st team all-star.

    Stick him on Pit with Crosby and Malkin on the PP and he could have a 1 point a game season…

  40. Redwings3019 says:

    If its just the rights to Neal than the value for him drops. Its the same for every player. Other teams would be interested in Neal of course so other offers could be on the table…

    I dont know how far Reimer is in development or how much potential he shows. (From what I know/heard Reimer is the Leafs top prospect goalie) Again, as far as I know Dallas doesnt have that much depth in net, so they could use a prospect goalie (with the 11th pick though they could take Jack Campbell (the top projected goalie in this years draft, projected around 14th OA) But that first round pick could be part of Burke's trade so if Dallas wants a prospect goalie than Reimer is expendable in Toronto.

    Its the basics of the trade and it could involve more players from Toronto to get Neal, its just some players/picks I think that could be involved. I didnt take the time to fully work out a trade between the two teams but instead just listed the main names involved. So more names could be involved but if it comes down the the wire Dallas may not have a better option.

  41. palindrom says:

    Your reasoning is good, but in my opinion you overestimate kaberle value and underestimate james neal value.

    I think the fair value for kaberle is a first round pick around 14 overall.

    but James neal worth a lot more than a 14th overall, he is like a 14th overall that is already well developed and not a gamble anymore.

    We can say that james neal (22yo ) worth more than umberger who fetched a 19th overall pick at 26yo.

    As for reimer, he have almost no value, there are too many goalie available on the market, many can be signed for cheap. 3 of the 4 demi finalist for the stanley cup had their #01 goalie signed for under 1 000 000.

  42. palindrom says:

    Well, florida have all the problem in the world to keep their player or sign UFA, so their would trade one of their best player signed for the next 3 years at a reasonable price for a player they would lost after one years !

    No way this trade happen!

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