Leafs Resign Kaberle

TSN reports that the Toronto Maple Leafs have resigned Tomas Kaberle to a 2 year, $5.9 million dollar deal.


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  1. sixteenstone says:

    I really do think this was a key sign, as many people though Kaberle did have an of season he did, he didn’t play up to par this season, but he’s a fast skater and can move the puck fast and create good offense, I do think Tomas Kaberle is a top 4 defensemen and we we’ll only see him get better. For all the people saying why the hell did we sign or raised there pay like Antropov, Berg, Kaberle well I think these guys can play and does have it in them. Lets start with Antropov, he not the greatest skater and need to be more discipline, but come on the SKY LINE was a scary line and can produce alot. And now Berg I do think this guy is soft with his hands but if he starts using his body he would be a top 4 defesemen in my eyes, he came off a good season and I think its a one more good year that we can see what BERG can REALLY DO. And Kaberle is just going to get better just watch. Remeber the leafs can’t sign any free agents because they now no space left on their roster so JFJ can pay more for the current leafs. Maybe JFJ is keeping the core together again to see what destruction we can do, the leafs do have chemistry they just need of there injury bug. The leafs did reduce alot of pay roll by letting fitzy, renberg, reichle, francis, kidd all going to walk.

  2. BADBANNER says:

    I don’t think this is very big news because it was unlikely that the leafs wanted to go arbitration with this guy, so something was going to happen before the 13th. Espescially because the trend has been signifcant raises in the majority of the cases. Its not a bad signing either becasue he only got a 200k raise(2.75 to 2.95), when in arbitration it was likely he would have gotten over 3 mill a season.

    My predictions for Kaberle, Antropov and berg are that if these guys dont start picking up thier slack and start playing better(espescially Antropov), they will be traded at the deadline, because they have had more than enough time to develope. But knowing leaf management they will probably still be around even if they play bad.

  3. raine_kalisz says:

    I’m not too sure about this. It’s a double edged sword. Just like Antropov and Berg this guy has all the tools, he just needs to start applying himself a little more. I think they’re all on the verge of breaking out, and since he signed a two year deal it may work out for him. He played well in the early going of the year, but after an injury he came back much more tentative and didn’t use his body at all. Next year could be a very defining year in his career, either for good or bad.

  4. AmazingHockeyPckWackerGuy says:

    Longest article ive ever read…he could have at least wrote what he thinks or maybe his own material

  5. AmazingHockeyPckWackerGuy says:

    Im sorry to burst your bubble but berg is horrible, he panicks when he gets the puck in the defensive zone and he has lots of giveaways as a result of it….he would be lucky to even make the roster considering Pilar is better (healthwise), and Colaiacovo has more experience in the minors….I agree with Antropov to need more didcipline, and i think he could be better if they let him play with Veterans like Mogilny, Roberts, or Sundin. Also Kaberle was second on the team in plus/ minus…he’s steady he just needs to get going again.

  6. AmazingHockeyPckWackerGuy says:

    Your right about Antropov, i would trade him and Wilm for Oneill at the deadline if they dont start puting up the numbers

  7. AmazingHockeyPckWackerGuy says:

    Your probably right..in that case he should be reunited with his brother in Carolina or his brother comes to T.O.,,,,so that it gives them confedence and there would be a connection

  8. movingfire says:

    I am sure U would….No way Carolina would do it though.

  9. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    All I can say is too bad…

  10. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Please I invite you to write a better article. (I hate when people who don’t write critisize everyone elses news.

  11. Furlong19 says:

    Tomas “rosy-cheeks” Kaberle is terrible.

  12. qsilver31 says:

    Don’t really think Kaberle had an “off” year last year. Sure injury was a factor, but the main idea was his 40-50 points was missing. If he put up those points, I doubt we would be saying he had an off year.

    Mainly this is because McCabe and Leetch took over the PP. I never thought Kaberle was a good QB for the PP. He seems to lack the decision making skills to be that stud defensemen. The fact that he NEVER shoots also makes it easier on the defense. around 3 mil a year for Kabby is decent. I still think he’s worth 2-2.5, but that’s just me.

  13. nordiques100 says:

    good to know he wont hold out but…….

    a)leafs have too many guys like him in leetch, pilar, coliacovo, so really he is redundant

    b)wont have as much of an offensive role with leetch and mccabe getting most of the PP time

    c)one of many soft players on the leafs D

    d)gives the leafs 3 guys shaky in their own end with berg, pilar and kabby

    e)doesnt address their need for a big tough blueliner.

    he should be traded for a couple of young forward prospects as the leafs need plenty of that and a guy like zhitnik should be signed to replace him. he can bring as much offense but he is also tough in his own end. yes he is older but this would open the door for coliacovo to make the team as the secondary offensive blueliner and allow him to learn more being on the same team as leetch. also zhitnik would cost no more than kabby so the payroll would not be affected too much (not that it really matters to the leafs).

    i know NONE of this would happen and what really would happen will be this:

    a)see rick ley ruin more Dmen with his fine coaching

    b)see berg and kabby play like crap but get more playing time and take time away from pilar and coliacovo

    c)see the big bad flyers run over the leafs D yet again

    d)see kabby not shoot the puck when he is open in the slot

    e)more lies from the coaching staff who will say there will be jobs on D available for the kids to take only to have them taken away by more useless veteran players like berg and the kids forced to rot in the minors.

    f)have the team and defence look better than they really are thanks to belfour bailing them out time and time again.

    call me a skeptic but it is true. quinn sucks, ley sucks even worse and this D cant quite win a championship for the leafs.

  14. BADBANNER says:

    maybe a kaberle, and Antropov package for O’Neill?

  15. BADBANNER says:

    Plus I’d like to add that theres no rule stating you have to give an opinion when posting news.

  16. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Just leave you jack ass. Get a life.

  17. BADBANNER says:

    I agree with the whole Zhitnik thing because he would only make a million+ more. Now if you ask me, or many leaf fans for the matter they would prefer Zhitnik over Kaberle. As an added bonus, if Leetch decides to leave after this year it wouldn’t be so bad having McCade and Zhitnik as the top 2 blueliners. The leafs need to realize that guys like Kaberle, Antropov, Berg need to be traded soon if they want to get anything in return, because to put it bluntly these guys are sinking fast.

  18. PayUpSucka says:

    So is your mothers blow jo bs, tell her to use less teeth next time.

  19. PayUpSucka says:

    I’m taking bids on who’s up for taking Ley out.

  20. qsilver31 says:

    Kaberle isn’t really unsteady in his own zone. Just because he doesn’t play a physical game doesn’t make him a bad defensemen. And compared to Berg, Kaberle looks like a Norris candidate… but then again, berg makes everybody look like that.

    And how does the score thing work each time you post an article?

  21. Sundin-is-the-BEST says:

    could have used the cash on Zhitnik……. 🙁

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