Leafs running out of time to move Kaberle

The clock is ticking on Tomas Kaberle(notes). The Toronto Maple Leafs have until Sunday to move the veteran defenseman before his no-trade clause kicks back in. What has been talked about for years, what he has never wanted, now seems almost inevitable.

“If it happens, it happens,” Kaberle’s agent, Rick Curran, said Wednesday. “We’re all big boys. He gave it as good a run as he could. At this point, does he anticipate or expect to be traded? Yeah. He does. He’s not na├»ve. He’s been around long enough, been a Toronto Maple Leaf long enough, to know that anything could happen in Leafland.”

Kaberle knows the deal. He agreed to it when he signed this contract, allowing the Leafs a window to trade him between the draft and Aug. 15 if they didn’t make the playoffs. He understands he has only one year left until unrestricted free agency, and so this is the Leafs’ chance to parlay him.

But he wants to stay in Toronto after 11 seasons, and he’s unhappy with the way Leafs general manager Brian Burke has been so open about fielding offers for him.

“The only thing that Tomas gets upset about is this,” Curran said. “For anyone who knows him, he’s a very quiet, laid-back, conservative young man. He has made it very clear what his intentions are. He wants to stay in Toronto. He recognizes that he’s a chattel, that he can be moved. If that’s the case, then move him.


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