Are the Leafs shopping Phaneuf?

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  1. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Dion is a polarizing guy I’m eager to see what his trade value turns out to be more than anything else. Fans seem to be split between he’s cancer and he’s a quality blueliner playing too big a role.

    All it takes is another GM that is of the opinion that he has a role on their team. If there is more than one Nonis should be able to create value.

    Ek says Winnipeg is interested. I expect Dallas would be a good fit.

    • leafmeister says:

      I’d be willing to eat quite a bit of his salary and throw in another smaller piece (not Kadri, Gardiner or #8) piece to pry O’Reilly out of Colorado.

      Getting the #3 out of Edmonton would be ideal as well.

      I have no idea what his value is though, it could be much lower.

  2. nordiques100 says:

    I think Phaneuf’s value will be similar to Dany Heatley.

    Heatley was traded to SJ by Ott for Cheechoo, Michalek and a 2nd round pick.

    I think with the ability now to take back salary in trade, Toronto doesn’t need a Cheechoo like contract to come back. The Leafs can probably keep about 1 million to 1.5 million on the books.

    I think a bottom 3rd 1st rounder, (picks 21-30) could be had, plus a young NHLer like Michalek was when he went to Ottawa.

    who has that kind of assets, plus willingness to deal, plus cap space remains to be seen.

    I think that value is where Dion will fall. Thats more than what Heatley was traded for the second time when he went to Minnesota for Havlat. Thats more than what the Canucks got for Luongo, which was 2 middle of the road young players.

    It won’t be as much as people want, but it won’t be a thrown away asset like others believe.

    The bottom line is the team better have a plan B to replace him because right now, there isn’t anyone else on the roster who can handle the kind of role, plus minutes he’s had to take on.

    • leafmeister says:

      What about Evander Kane? WPG is apparently interested and maybe looking to move Kane. The contracts would work out nicely, and it would allow the Leafs to shop Lupul around for defensive help.

      • nordiques100 says:

        its not out of the realm of possibility, other than Dion has a NTC and probably in all likelihood would never agree to a trade to Winnipeg.

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        That would be ideal, if the Leafs draft Ritchie on top of bring in Kane with JVR, Clarkson and possibly Kulemin staying that serves a near complete culture change up front. Leafs would have a punishing forcheck which would suit the game Carlyle always wanted. Randy doesn’t want a cycle team or a rush team, his bread and butter is preaching a strong forecheck.

        To Nords’ point, the difference is that Heatly demanded a trade and the Leafs could still use Phaneuf. Toronto doesn’t have to trade him. Hell if Dion could manage a season where he played responsible like he did up to the Olympic break and regain his touch on the PP to pad his stats he could create tremendous value either to the Leafs or on the trade market.

        We’re eager to see something but it doesn’t have to happen.

      • toronto77 says:

        I am not interested in E.Kane, we don’t need anymore hot heads that bring any unnecessary attention. This team needs to concentrate.

    • LN91 says:

      He would look good in Anaheim with all those good young players in place…And Toronto-Anaheim seem to be on good terms.

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        10th overall or Etem?

        • LN91 says:

          Would not be opposed to Sbisa and 10th, allows the Leafs to draft a guy like McCann and get a mobile, two-way defencemen

        • I don’t know what their cap situation is like, but forking over the 10th pick is something the ducks can easily afford.

          • Steven_Leafs0 says:

            Doable cap wise but I would expect the Duck would require is to eat salary or take on dead space.

            Personally I wouldn’t make that trade unless we planned to flip the picks for a top 3 selection. Two rookies 2-4 years in development and the downgrade to Sbisa just keeps out of the playoffs for another 2-4 years.

            • LN91 says:

              But, it’s not likely you’re making the playoffs with Phaneuf? So, who cares?

              I would rather finish dead last next season, get McDavid or Eichel…Then having to watch this sad franchise trying to boost a mediocre squad.

              Not saying that will happen, but what I would prefer.

        • nordiques100 says:

          Prob be their own pick which would be in the 20s, plus a mid prospect, and maybe our 2nd back which we traded for Holland.

          I doubt they trade the top 10 selection. If I were Ana, i wouldn’t for Dion. not a chance.

  3. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Dregs saying that Carlyle told Shanny & Nonuts that he’d only stay with an extension and wouldn’t play ball on the lame duck year and fought for his assistants. Randy also said that Gardiner is untouchable. Should make for an interesting year. Respect Carlyle for sticking up to MLSE.

  4. toronto77 says:

    How about Phaneuf and the 8th pick to Edm for the 3rd pick?

  5. toronto77 says:

    Let me add more!

    To Edm: Phaneuf, 8th pick
    To Tor: 3rd pick(Dal Colle)

    Leafs now have 4 centremen for the top 3 centre positions if they don’t re-sign Bolland which are Dal Colle, Kadri, Holland and Bozak.

    Trade Reimer and one of Kadri or Holland for defensive help. Possible d-men, Josi, Del Zotto, Bieksa, Carlson, Alzner, Bogosian.

    Line up next season:

    JVR-Dal Colle-Kessel


    I left out Gunnar and Franson because maybe we can package them for a top 6 forward to replace maybe Lupul

    Isn’t much of a culture change but I think the 3rd pick and d-man trades need to be made then we can move from there.

  6. leafmeister says:

    THN is speculating that the Penguins may look to break up the Crosby/Malkin duo. I assume that means moving Malkin. What kind of return would they be looking for I wonder?

  7. kessel_leafs81 says:

    i would really like to see a trade involving big buff and kane out of winnipeg, both have been rumored on their way out before. However, I see buff getting ripped apart by our fan base if coming here to play defense because hes not the best defensively and we have gardiner and reilly. But i see him and kane being a fan favourite on the front end and adding some good grit and size down low. I think Phaneuf, lupul for kane and buff is a good start but I do think we’ll have to add up for sure. Maybe a prospect like leivo, or biggs, But its worth giving up these assets for.

    JVR – bozak – kessel
    buff – kadri – kane
    raymond – holland – clarkson
    komarov – mcclement – smith

    Sign orpik to fill the void.

    orpik – gardiner
    reilly – gleason
    gunnarson – franson


    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Pretty sick, if you added Ritchie split time with him and Raymond’s, role three lines of bruising wingers.

      Komarov plays an agitator role like Marchand.

      Take the leash off Kadri give him license to play with attitude.

      Could bid on Spezza next off season, have to imagine a center would like to play between Toronto’s wingers.

  8. kessel_leafs81 says:

    I think we have to keep our pick tho, I want to go strong after ehlers because this kid could be a star in a couple years, and if we swing a deal like this, it wouldnt hurt to have a star coming up through the rankings as well.. adding a ritchie type big guy wouldnt hurt as well.. but my favourite in this draft around where we are picking is definately ehlers.

    • nordiques100 says:

      Ah, that kind of stuff, that should be left on the ice.

      He was a sore loser, but really, is it that big of a deal? I could care less about a fringe NHLer who had his feelings hurt in the handshake.

      Its not all that big of a deal. Whining about it doesn’t help the Habs cause.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      I always though of Lucic as a class act, I’ll never forget after our collapse in game 7 Lucic the first interviewed and the first thing he did was say how great the Leafs were in the series and how they were fortunate to win, then he did the same thing when they beat Detroit. That’s before about talking about his own team’s win.

      • toronto77 says:

        That’s because the leafs and wings played a tough game. The habs are the most cockiest whinniest bunch of wimps in the enitre NHL. I can not stand the cockiness of this team. Subban with a stupid comment with no respect! Boston was the best team in the league and the best team in the east by a country mile, of course the habs would be an underdog so what is Subban’s problem? I would never trade for Subban, I think he is the most whinniest cockiest player in the NHL and brings sooooo much unnecessary attention. Look at LA, Ana and Chi very dominant teams that are quiet off the ice with the media, just focus on playing hockey and leave everything on the ice. That’s probably why the west is so much better then the east because they get such little media attention and just focus on playing hockey and with the league getting younger and younger every year less media attention the better.

        Montreal go a little lucky with Chara playing through an injury.

    • leafy says:

      Yeah, because we all know that no other player in NHL history has ever taken a cheap shot and frustrated after getting eliminated.

  9. LN91 says:

    Bylsma and Shero are gone…Got to admit, they were productive and did tried everything.

    Defense was the blame for the last few seasons, but was it?It’s a pretty good defence and Maata looks like a young star. Not to mention some decent prospects as well.

    Fleury has been terrible in the postseason, that should be worrisome…And Crosby never shows up for big moments, besides once in 2010 (Which is an iconic moment for this country.

    • nordiques100 says:

      There are zero forward prospects in the organization.

      they will somehow need to renew the team’s depth.

      And likely they won’t be able to keep/want to keep Niskanen and Orpik on D so those young D better be ready.

      And what to make of Fleury. Confidence lost I think.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Remember when I said the Pittsburgh model wasn’t working?

      • LN91 says:

        Pittsburgh would have probably done better if they actually kept building, and replenishing…Like Chicago did, instead of buying.

        • nordiques100 says:

          Pitt too lost Hossa for nothing after giving up assets for him.

          Same with Iginla.

          And Morrow.

          Chicago got assets for Versteeg, Byfuglien, Ladd and so forth. Only really lost Niemi.

          • LN91 says:

            Stempniak bought, Gonchar, etc.

            What has really made Chicago successful is selling players like Vertseeg, Byufglien, Ladd, Bolland, Frolik, etc.

            They kept the main guys together…And drafted young and talented replacements. It has worked.

  10. nordiques100 says:

    Hinesight is 20/20 indeed but what if the Pens had selected Filip Forsberg instead of Derick Pouliot?

    or Instead of Simon Depres, they chose Ryan O’Reilly who was picked 3 selections later.

  11. leafy says:

    There are actually a lot of people (especially young people) who truly believe that Crosby is comparable to Mario Lemieux. HA!

    Crosby is a great player, but he’s definitely no Lemieux.

  12. TmLeafan says:

    I have a really bad feeling that Nonis is going to give Brooks Orpik a big contract. We should have learned our lesson by now that is not how you build a blueline.

    I recently read a draft ranking that had William Nylander in the top 5. Apparently has a ton of offense. I wonder if the Leafs would pick him if he drops or an Ehlers guys that are possibly higher risk picks but could pay off huge. Could be the change Shanny was talking about we have been drafting way too safe in general for years and have just been average.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Read that Shanny likes Bollands work effort.

      Phaneuf, Gleason, Bolland, Bozak, Clarkson, Orpik on big contracts. JFJ’s legacy continued.

      Stop getting turning to UFAs.

      • TmLeafan says:

        Ya for sure we need a legitimate defenceman. So we trade Phaneuf then our next best dmen are 23 and 19. Deal Phaneuf if the return is right. Trade Gleason for anything he is easily replaceable and eats too much cap space.

        Need to let Mcclement walk. He was not good this season we cannot reward a guy who scores 4 goals in a full season a new contract. Led a god awful pk.

        Wouldn’t mind trading Lupul get a spot in the 1st round hopefully snag Fabbri or Fiala. Thats a rebuild on the fly.

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