Leafs should go after Shanahan

If the Maple Leafs are smart, they might want to get to Brendan Shanahan before the NHL Players’ Association does.Could Shanahan fix all that ails the Leafs? No, not even close, unless he’s got a mask and some pads lying around his garage that he knows how to use.

But even after 21 seasons, with a lot of miles on his chassis, Shanahan surely could add something as an early-season pickup.

Can’t believe a lot of fans wouldn’t like seeing a boy from Mimico take his last meaningful strides with the team of his boyhood daydreams. It’d be a lot better than organizing tributes for ex-Leafs skating for other teams.

But the Leafs, run by Shanahan’s close friend Brian Burke, haven’t contacted him. And Shanahan’s not expecting that they will.

“The timing for me and the Maple Leafs has never been right,” chuckled Shanahan last night in his first interview since leaving the Devils camp two weeks ago. “When the Leafs were making bold moves and taking a run at things, those were times I was locked up and under contract. When I was free, they were always rebuilding.