Leafs SHOULD Have Their Eye On Turgeon

No matter what die hard Leaf fans may say the Leafs do not have an established 2nd line center.With the bust in overpaid Reichel, the talking Green who can’t do the walking, and Alyn One-playoff-yearCauley, the Leafs have no serious depth at center that would regard them as the top contenders in the league, let alone their division.

Pierre Turgeon as we know was once the main guy in St.Louis and now on the trading block with the Stars as reported by numerous sites, whould be a great fit in Toronto…

He has had terrific success in the East and is an excellent playmaker, an above-average goal-scorer and one of the premier players in the league when it comes to deflecting point shots.

If the Leafs did aquire him he would take pressure off the leafs top line and would smoothen things out through all 4lines.

He would come with a price tag at 6million a season and would probably cost Toronto a checking center, a solid defensemen or maybe a high prospect…

What do you think about Turgeon becoming a Leaf and who do you think the Leafs SHOULD have their eye on…?