Leafs SHOULD Have Their Eye On Turgeon

No matter what die hard Leaf fans may say the Leafs do not have an established 2nd line center.With the bust in overpaid Reichel, the talking Green who can’t do the walking, and Alyn One-playoff-yearCauley, the Leafs have no serious depth at center that would regard them as the top contenders in the league, let alone their division.

Pierre Turgeon as we know was once the main guy in St.Louis and now on the trading block with the Stars as reported by numerous sites, whould be a great fit in Toronto…

He has had terrific success in the East and is an excellent playmaker, an above-average goal-scorer and one of the premier players in the league when it comes to deflecting point shots.

If the Leafs did aquire him he would take pressure off the leafs top line and would smoothen things out through all 4lines.

He would come with a price tag at 6million a season and would probably cost Toronto a checking center, a solid defensemen or maybe a high prospect…

What do you think about Turgeon becoming a Leaf and who do you think the Leafs SHOULD have their eye on…?


26 Responses to Leafs SHOULD Have Their Eye On Turgeon

  1. flatla says:

    torontos not going to make the plafoffs no matter what they do

  2. bluntman says:

    right now it seems that the leafs need more than a number 2 centre. they should maybe try

    1. a better goaltender

    2. a solid penality killing unit

    3. a better officive game.

    and to blame the enrire thing on McCauley? no, that’s not right. would Pat Quinn give the assistant captain to some one that couldn’t do what Alyn does, no way, he has leadership. as it seems right now, Turgeon would not make a difference, the leafs need to unload Belfour.

  3. keon says:

    Belfour is NOT the entire reason for the Leafs losing ways. They are losing because the whole team is playing horrible.

    Between the defensemen losing the puck on giveaways from arrant passes up the middle, to the forwards trying to wheel and deal for the pretty goal instead of dumping it in…the Leafs are not playing as a team. Quinn needs to give these guys a good couple of bag skates and get their heads back in the game.

    Turgeon would be a great asset if the Leafs could trade for him. He is a consistent goal scorer, an amazing playmaker and he’s solid defensively.

    I don’t know what the Leafs could trade to get such a player, however, they do have some attractive prospects on the blue line that might make a deal possible towards the trade deadline. After all, if the Rangers can trade Filip Novak to Florida for Pavel Bure…anything can happen.

  4. Habs4ever says:

    Turgeon would help the Leafs’ power play, and he is a solid defensive player. He would definitely help the Leafs, but the Leafs don’t have any players that are worth anything except Colaiacova, Sundin and Moginly. So, realistically Turgeon can’t get moved to the Leafs, but if he did, it would help them alot.

  5. saiklo says:

    Leaf fans are beginning to sound like Ranger fans.

    Take a cue from Detriot, San Jose, Colorado, Pittsburgh, etc, and build some talent instead trying to purchase it.

  6. MossRocks says:

    San Jose? Damphousse, Graves, Selanne, Thornton, Nolan? They’ve done their share of buying. Same with Detroit.

  7. Habs4ever says:

    um….Detroit? Joseph, Hull, Robitaille. Talk about buying. Colorado: Roy 8.5 mil, Sakic, 9.8 mil, Forsberg 9.5 mil, Blake, 9.3 mil, Foote, 4.2 mil. Lotsa money being spent there. And only Sakic and Foote were drafted by Quebec/Colorado. Some goes for San Jose.

  8. mikster says:


    Straka, Kovalev, Wayne Primeau, Manderville, Daigle, Hedberg….

    Not original Penguins!

  9. slipnaughtyboy says:

    Idiot. Sundin and Mogilny are really worth nothing based on there age and price tags. Leaf players that are worth something are Colaiacovo, Pilar, Tucker, Kaberle, Mccabe, Antropov (only if continues to stay healthy) and possibly Mccauley.

  10. slipnaughtyboy says:

    Leafs are starting to draft some good youth. Whether that transfers into quality NHL players is still yet to be seen, but they are now begining to be considered to have some good prospects.

    Carlo Colaiacovo, Jay Harrison, Brad Boyes, Alexander Steen, Matt Stajan, Mikael Tellqvist along with some already decent playing prospects in Nik Antropov and Alex Ponikarovsky.

    If u dont believe me, check out Hockeysfuture.com and check the ratings of these prospects. Leafs currently have the MOST prospects in the NHL that are rated an 8. 🙂

  11. Tony says:

    Look at the core of Detroits team, all draft picks. Fedorov, Yzerman, Lidstrom, Holmstrom, Maltby, and McCarty.

  12. Nemix says:

    Well heres a unique comment.. Hmm thats right hull, robataille, cujo , chelios were drafted by the wings so many years ago and offered them millions just cause they were good guys..yeah. Nice try, bad example. U want a team that was built from the ground up..most of thier talent came from the draft.. You have to look at ottawa

  13. big_booty says:

    Turgeon won’t be a Leaf, this is just more wishful thinking.

    They won’t give up what’s necessary to get him, and don’t want to pay another big name big dollars.

    He seems to have lost his game, and in all likelyhood it won’t surface on a shallow team in Toronto.

    The Leafs SHOULD have their eyes on next year’s entry draft, if their poor play keeps up then they’ll likely get a good pick. Wait a moment, I forgot that the Leafs don’t know how to draft and devlop talent.

    I guess you guys are screwed.

  14. Lapointefan says:

    I think the question the leafs should be asking themselves, is if Turgeon can take the pressure the Toronto media and fans, put their players under.

  15. mikster says:

    Hockey’s Future isn’t the best scouting site.

    Tellqvist is taking a llllllllllonnnng time to get a back up position in the NHL. I didn’t hear much of him at all.

    Just recently the Leafs are starting to draft well, and in 3 years or so….those draft picks could make the NHL.

    However, they are not that strong.

  16. Habs4ever says:

    So you’re telling me Hull, Robitaille, Shanahan and Joseph aren’t part of the Wings’ core? interesting.

  17. saiklo says:

    Straka was a Penguins first round draft pick buddy. And the team has in impecable record of making lemonade out of lemons.

    Remember Alexei Kovalev? I did not necessarliy mean that you have to build talent through the draft, I am highlighting that you cannot effectively win championships though free agency acquisitions, or in the case of the Rangers, make the playoffs altogether.

  18. saiklo says:

    I didnt say you have to build through the draft alone, but building through free agent acquisitions is the wrong path. Free agency should be used to fine tune a championship team, not build it.

  19. slipnaughtyboy says:

    Tellqvist had a stellar pre season and from what I hear transfered that to St. Johns. They say he once again is consider a blue chip goaltending prospect.

    Now I know I may be bias and all, but we finally have some great prospects, even better then many other teams. With the players I listed, I’d say we’re about top 10 in terms of organizational prospects.

  20. Tradedude says:

    lets fix that up a bit. leafs should try:

    1. better goaltender

    2. number 2 center

    3. a better defensive game

    thats right, the leafs problem is not their penalty killing, they have improved from last season’s penalty kill unit, they have tons of defensive players, eg. corson, mccauley, fitzgerald, and im not sure about green. its there defense that needs to be upgraded. mccabe got his first 2 pts, and should start from there. other than that, leafs need YUSHKEVICH BACK BADLY!

  21. Tradedude says:

    We are not starting to sound like ranger fans whoever mentioned that. we boo them near the end of the game, not after every shift like ranger fans.

    even if leafs DO get turgeon even though their almost guarenteed not, leafs still need better skilled players and more confidence, cuzz QUINN better do something. cuzz i dont want november to turn out october, thats for sure.

  22. Leaf_Expert says:

    Juss seen da Leafs/habs game, Now I have PUSHED THE PANIS BOTTON!!!

    P.S. Tucker kicked Linsay’s ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Leaf_Expert says:

    Juss seen da Leafs/habs game, Now I have PUSHED THE PANIC** BOTTON!!!

    P.S. Tucker kicked Linsay’s ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Tradedude says:

    lindsay sucks. lol.

    we need roberts & yushkevich back! BADLY!

    i haven’t pushed the panic button, just makes me upset that the leafs aren’t winnin’

  25. TML_4EVER says:

    toronto, for now, should take whatever they can take, untill their good young prospects get to the certain age when they become big like McCabe or thorntons age. He will do the team well, and toronto should use their crap european players in a deal, cuz people still think the renbergs anr reichels and hoglunds are good. but hey im 14, what do i know, and dont reply saying nothing, unless you have a grade 3 mind.

  26. CreeDog says:

    Antropov should be their 2nd center. Reichel, Green, McCauly all suck.

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