Leafs should HIRE Muckler as team president

Rumor has it that the Maple Leafs are looking for senior help within the organization. John Muckler would fit perfectly as team president, look where he has taken Ottawa, he knows hockey and has ton of experience. If the Maple Leafs are smart they should sign Muckler as President which would bump Peddie right out of hockey duties and possible JFJ down the road pending what he does this off-season. Bottom line Muckler would be perfect as Leafs president.

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  1. nikola133 says:

    i agree and muckler could use the ontario battle as fuel to make the leafs into a contender again. he did a great job with the sens and i would love to have him here he would make a great president.btw rumorrs are prolly alredy swirling bout gm of t dot nex year

  2. Hoondog2 says:

    I don't like him, his *****y attitude or his moves as G.M..  He inherited an Ottawa team with all the talent in the world, and couldn't turn them into champs.  Similarily, Burke inherited a talented Anaheim team, and won them the cup.  I didn't buy into Muckler's tweaking moves (Comrie, Saprykin, Preissing, Corvo etc.), I still believe that moves like these, if done differently could have been the difference in the finals.

  3. m4gician says:

    Priessing was a bust but he signed the right D-man in Redden vs. Chara. I think he has more BALLS then JFJ or anyone in JFJ's staff.

    I'd rather have Brian Burke as GM but meh,            

  4. leemon says:

     If he would be asked to be president all i would ask him to do is point the sinking ship in a winning direction.Something JFJ,Richard peddie and the mlse board can't as a whole.

  5. Toonces99 says:

    I understand your point, but l would hesitate to compare Burke with Muckler….Burke has a bonafide Number1 goaltender, 2 out of the top 3 defenceman in the world, 3 top 5 draft picks playing like they should, and an ageing wonder in Selanne all to compliment the best checking line in the NHL all Burke did was bring in Pronger (not to put down the trade, great trade) Muckler had an iffy Goalie, a lazy captain and two stars who decided to not show up in the finals and a D-line who seemed to forget that it was the cup finals…l can't stand the Senators, but Muckler did a good job in Ottawa….I would blame the coach more than the GM, Muckler gave Murray all the tools, the only real mistake l think is letting Havlat walk…l would have resigned him and let Alfie hit the road……

  6. Scottman75 says:

    I don't know if I completely agree with you.

    Signing Emery to an offer sheet would tick off Sens fans more than signing Muckler would.

    Secondly, Muckler is old school.  I don't know if his contacts and prowess have and will fit into the new NHL.  I know that he brings a wealth of knowledge, but he also brings a history of Sr. Management ruffling.  Look at what happened in Buffalo and now Ottawa.  T.O. should think twice about bringing him on board.

    BTW: Guess you're changing your name Muckies.   😉

  7. the_word says:

    Is it me or does this story remind anyone else the role Wayne Emery had in Bab*****'s demise.  If the Leafs do land someone like Bowman or Muckler I don't see either one of them simply acting as an advisor to JFJ, what self respecting GM would agree to that situation in the first place?

    That being said, the last thing JFJ needs is someone else restricting his autonomy as GM and the last thing the Leafs need is another member of their management team significantly older than their cup drought.  If the Leafs do bring in some new blood, hopefully it'll be some young blood.

  8. the_word says:

    Yeah, all JFJ did was resign both his top two defenseman that year.

  9. Toonces99 says:

    LOL…well put.

  10. Toonces99 says:

    Ironic,…l was just thinking what young blood, if any, there is in the NHL…l could'nt come up with one name…..

  11. Peca4PM says:

    I agree on one condition…they have exhausted the option of scotty bowman and bobby clarke first….then they can hire muckler

  12. Radio says:

    Muckler is like 73 years old. He needs to retire or you'll see him having a stroke after 5 consecutive McCabe giveaways.

  13. LEAFS877 says:

    I agree that Muckler would be suitable, but so would Scotty Bowman, and Gordie Howe.

    Point is it's not going to happen no matter how much we all want it to.

  14. FarFromFreedom says:

    at 73 hes too old and needs to retire. i like the Bowman idea much better .. i hope the Leafs go through with that one .. he knows how to win thats for sure.

  15. the_word says:

    I'm not going to pretend I have the answer on this one, but I'd like to the Leafs hire someone who isn't on death door.

  16. JuicemaN says:

    Burke made the ducks who they are, he traded away wasted money in federov, he signed niedermayer, he traded for pronger…those are three massive moves and he did that, and that is what won them the cup.

  17. ryan09090 says:

    As much as i hated john muckler when he was the gm of the sens.I think it would be a great idea to hire this guy because he has unearthed talents such as jason spezza and we need someone who will not always want the oldr players

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