Leafs Should Pursue Gomez, Daze

This is just a thought NOT a rumor so take it as you wish.

First of all I’d like to say that I am satisfied with was has taken place this offseason in leafland.

However, if JFJ thinks like a lot of leafs nation he should be ltrying to aquire a top teir offensize winger to play with Mats Sundin, and who better than Scott Gomez an extremly talented playmaker that is going through a dispute with the Devils. Gomez and Sundin would be a lethal combo with Sundins scoring ability and Gomez playmaking skill.

Again this is just a thought and it is extremely unlikely but maybe JFJ can try to package a sign and trade deal that looks like this:

To Toronto:

F Scott Gomez

F Niclas Bergfors (Excellent Prospect)

**look him up

To New Jersey:

G Mikeal Tellqvist

D Staffan Kronwall

F Alex Steen or Darcy Tucker

1st Round Pick

I am realistic so I don’t expect anything of the sort to happen however, if nothing can be done to aquire a winger to help Mats via trade…then leafs should consider signing Eric Daze to a one year deal. This is of course if he passes a physical and is willing to play for a base salary less than $1 Million. Daze is a huge risk but he posseses some serious offensive talent and, I am not the only one who thinks he is still capable of making a large contribution to any team in the NHL.