Leafs should re-acquire Owen Nolan

The Toronto Maple Leafs are missing three wingers currently, Darcy Tucker, Alexei Ponikarovsky, and Kyle Wellwood. Center isn’t as much of a worrying point, because Matt Stajan can always move up. Wing has been a problem for the Leafs since back when they had a 60 million dollar team, with their top three wingers, Nolan, Roberts, and Mogilny often hurt. Now the Maple Leafs are facing some injury problems, and there’s a cheap affordable option.
Owen Nolan.

Nolan may not want to return, because of the absolute douchebaggery of John Ferguson junior, but he’d be a valuable addition. He’s having a solid year on a weak Phoenix Coyotes team.

There’s also the Sundin factor. Sundin would raise his numbers incredibly, he’d be a great force when playing more physical teams if the Leafs can sneak into the playoffs. He’s been improving as the season goes along, getting back into shape, and on a line with Sundin would be able to pop in 20-25 goal.

He’d be a rental player, so it would be hard to gauge his value, and at this point, after the 8-0 thumping of the San Jose Sharks, would the Coyotes even want to trade him.

Even you are watching the Capitals-Coyotes game (I’m looking at the score sheet on Sportsnet) you’ll see he’s got two points in a game the Coyotes lead.

Overall, I think if the Leafs can snap up the power forward, they should.