Leafs sign D Jonas Frogren; Other Leaf rumors

Morrison, Jagr probably not on Leafs radar

Derek Harmsworth of The Bleacher Report says the Maple Leafs have apparently agreed to terms with Swedish defenseman Jonas Frogren.

Additionally Frogren’s Swedish team Farjestad BK have posted an article on their website saying that Frogren has signed with the Leafs, and is following in the footsteps of Hall of Famer Borje Salming.Frogren, a 28-year-old, 6’1″ defenseman, is not an offensive threat, but is said to make that important first pass out of the zone, an absolute must if your team wants a good transition game.

Meanwhile it appears that Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher is not interested in Vancouver Canucks UFA Brendan Morrison, who would look pretty good on the Leafs second line.

Morrison has been injury-plagued recently, but he is still a solid performer, with his good skating and playmaking abilities.

Lastly, it appears the Jaromir-Jagr-to-Toronto rumor has dissipated somewhat. Last week it was reported the Leafs might be interested in signing Jagr if they can’t bring back Sundin (see final link below).

The future Hall of Famer had a poor season last year by his standards, but may still have something left in the tank.

Should the Leafs sign Jagr?

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44 Responses to Leafs sign D Jonas Frogren; Other Leaf rumors

  1. Kyleton says:

    Jagr is signed in Russia for crazy money so the leafs will not sign him. Even so I don't think either side would really want to have the other with their current situations.

    I think the leafs are good for vets now,so Morrison should not be an option either.

    I am curious to see how good Frogren is.  It's wierd how many european stars are just coming over now.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Man it sucks to see all these mid aged europeans come over thinking they'll play in the NHL, when they'll likely be playing in the AHL.

  3. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    I'm not quite sure why people are excited with this Frogren signing. I think he was drafted 10 yrs ago and still hasn't played a single game in the NHL. I guess this is to help the leafs get a couple more lottery balls next year.

  4. goose says:

    SIGN Vyborny
    or Morrison
    or demitra!!!!
    a good forward we need one!

  5. LeafsLegacy says:

    Expect at least two d-man to be moved before regular season! McCabe, Kubina and White are the most likely canadettes. Expect draft picks in exchange!

  6. leafy says:

    Since I sent in this article, Jagr got signed.

    I think the posted comments on Frogren are very fair.  He may very well be just another minor leaguer.  Time will tell, we need to watch him during training camp.

  7. mojo19 says:

    If he flops, he flops, no big loss. But if he can contribute and be effective, nice signing. Ever heard of Johan Franzen? Great steal by the wings, this could be one for the Leafs, and like I said, if he doesn't turn into anything we didn't give up anything to get him so…..

    Wayne Gretzky once said you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. So we took a shot at this Frogren guy, heres hoping he becomes valuable.

  8. leafy says:

    Very well put.

  9. mojo19 says:

    He was drafted by Al Coates in Calgary, which might have something to do with this signing.

  10. mojo19 says:

    Can someone tell me who this Greg Scott guy is? We signed him to a 3 year entry level contract from the Seattle Thunderbirds. Does this mean he'll be up with the big club next year?

  11. mojo19 says:

    If the answer is yes, is this what our team will look like next year? (23 man roster)

    Blake – Antropov – Hagman
    Kulemin – Stajan – Steen
    Poni – Bell – Mayers
    Mitchell – Tlusty – Scott
    *Devereux, Newburry

    Kaberle – Kubina
    Finger – Stralman
    Colaiacovo – Frogren


    McCabe not listed. the last 2 roster spots on the blueline could be interchangeable between Frogren, Kronvall, and White. But with McCabe in the mix clearly something still needs to happen here.

  12. mojo19 says:

    Oops forgot Grabovski

  13. habsrock99 says:

    Don't put your hopes up about this Frogren guy as the trend of Star European players coming to the NHL has not been good in the past decade. Jorgen Jonsson, Jiri Dopita, Magnus Johansson, Jaroslav Hlinka to name a few.

    Jorgen Jonsson-C– Came over at the age of 27. In 7 Swedish Seasons racked up 100G 116A 216Pts in 283GP. Played 1 NHL season with the Islanders and Ducks(81GP 12G 19A 31Pts)

    Jiri Dopita-F– Came over at the age of 33 with a lot of hype. In 10 seasons over in Europe he racked up 212G 294A 506Pts in 462GP. Played 2 NHL seasons with the Flyers and Oilers(73GP 12G 21A 33Pts)

    Magnus Johansson-D– Came over at the age of 34 last season. In 10 seasons in Europe he racked up 90G 188A 278Pts in 488GP. Played his 1st NHL season last year with the Blackhawks and Panthers(45GP 0G 14A 14Pts)

    Jaroslav Hlinka-LW– Came over last year at the age of 31. In 13 seasons in Eurpe he racked up 161G 303A 464Pts in 525GP. Played his first NHL season last year with the Avalanche(63GP 8G 20A 28Pts)

    Christoph Brandner-LW– Came over at the age of 28. In 9 European seasons, racked up 202G 136A 338Pts in 409GP. Played 1 season in the NHL with the Wild(35GP 4G 5A 9Pts)

    Pierre Hedin-D– Came over at the age of 25. In 7 Swedish seasons, he racked up 38G 44A 82Pts in 268GP. Played just 3 NHL games with the Leafs(3GP 0G 1A 1Pt)

    David Moravec-RW– Came over at the age of 26. In 5 Czech seasons, he scored 88G 95A 183Pts in 234GP. Played a single NHL game with the Sabres before bailing back to Europe(1GP 0G 0A 0Pts)


  14. nordiques100 says:

    no one to get too excited about. think brent aubin. the guy scored in junior pretty well but not sure if he can excel at the pro level. just another body to add to the ranks.

    The Leafs:

    C: Antropov, Grabovski, Stajan, Moore, Newbury
    RW: Ponikarovsky, Tlusty, Mayers, Devereaux
    LW: Blake, Steen, Hagman, Bell
    D: Kaberle, Kubina, Coliacovo, Finger, Stralman, White, Frogren
    G: Toskala, Joseph

    The Marlies
    C: Mitchell, Stapleton, Foster, Aubin
    RW: Williams, Khumelin, Scott, Rogers
    LW: Boyce, Earl, Murphy, Battaglia
    D: Kronvall, Harrington, Sifers, Walser, Oreskovich
    G: Pogge, Reimer

    Others: Schenn, Hayes, Stefanovich, Champagne, Didomenico, Vorobiev, Holzer

    and of course there is also Mccabe.

    not too happy about the fact the leafs could have 11 euro's and 2 americans leaving only 9-10 canadians.

  15. cam7777 says:

    hey leafy, not sure if you remember, but a while back you posted saying you thought Bell's sentence was over in September.  Did you ever find out if that was accurate?

  16. NHLSlayer says:

    The only difference is that for each name you say who tanked, there is a great list of names who came over late, and had quite successful careers.  Add to that that numbers are quite different for each league, and especially so for a shutdown defenceman, obviously, his numbers won't be as high.  At best, this guy comes in as your number 5 D man, goes out with the intention of making sure that you don't get scored on, and do their job well.  This kid apparently has all those tools already, and it's been quoted that he's as tough to play against as any hardnosed defenceman in the NHL today.  Let's just wait and see if the kid can play?

  17. markjohnston says:

    I hope frogren is awesome, because his name is super sweet.

  18. NHLSlayer says:

    Totally unrelated and unconfirmed:

    I just got a phone call from a friend, and was told that a radio station in PEI has started claiming that their hometown kid, Steve Ott, may have been traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Not sure if this is a farce or not, but the word is that Toronto sends Dallas a 3rd round pick in 2010 for him.  Not sure where a guy like Ott fits in with this Maple Leafs team, other than to fill the void left by Tucker's buyout, with a younger, cheaper model.  Ott has two years left in his deal that will pay him $1.35 million this year and $1.5 million next.  Something tells me that if Toronto lands Ott, this may be a useful player for them for the next little while, and add some toughness and grit to the lineup.

  19. nordiques100 says:

    quite true, but at the same time you must point out some who worked out.

    and frogren is a Dman so i dont expect major point totals.

    tobias enstrom – 38 points as a rookie last year. all rookie team member

    jaroslav spacek – played almost 300 games in europe before being drafted at age 24. has played over 600 nhl games.

    niklas wallin – drafted at age 25, played 200 games in SEL. has played over 400 games in NHL.

    frank kaberle – played almost 400 games in europe. drafted at age 25. has played 493 games and posted 185 points.

    karlis skrastins – drafted at age 24. played 300 games in europe. has played 9 years and 599 games in the NHL.

    jan hedja – drafted at age 25 in 2003, last year in his first full NHL season he was a plus 20 with the jackets.

    andreas lilja – almost 400 games in the NHL after not being drafted til age 25 and spending a few years in the SEL

    brian rafalski – an american yes, but didnt come to the nhl til age 26 after playing 160 plus games in sweden and finland. 600 plus productive games in the NHL over 8 seasons.

    mark streit – wasnt drafted til age 27. had great season last year for habs. got 20 million from the isles.

    ville koistinen – signed in 06 at age 24, had solid rookie year last year with preds. plus 13 in 48 games.

    kimmo timonen – he was picked as an 18 yr old. he didnt come over til age 24 and since then has played over 600 games and become an all star in the NHL.

    marek zidlicky – almost 500 games in europe. not drafted til age 24, over 300 games in the NHL.

    sami salo – age 22 when drafted, age 24 when he came to NHL. over 200 points and over 500 games played.

  20. leafy says:

    Right, thanks for the reminder.  I just checked this, apparently Bell will work 8 hours a day from inside a prison until August 15.  Then after that, a judge will evaluate whether the work program should be extended.  I got this info from the link below.


  21. leafy says:

    Since we're talking about defensemen, another guy that comes to mind is Brian Rafalski.  He couldn't make the NHL early on, so he played in Sweden and Finland for several years.  Then he was signed as a free agent by New Jersey and the rest is history.  So you never know.

  22. mojo19 says:

    Wes Walz came back from Europe after several years and became a very valuable member of the Wild.

  23. mojo19 says:

    Well the Red wings just won the cup with all Euros making up their top 6 forwards, and ZERO Canadian Defensman.

  24. mojo19 says:

    Avery takes Ott's role in Dallas so that rumour could have started that way, but if we do get Ott for a 3rd rounder that's a steal. Let's all look all over the internet for it.

  25. habsrock99 says:

    What I was pointing were the guys who were in Europe and hyped as being the best players outside of the NHL that could make the NHL transition with ease. And I tried keeping it in the same age group as Frogren(with the exception of Hedin). Obviously you can make a list of late bloomers such as Salo, Zidlicky, Timonen, Rafalski, Skrastins, F. Kaberle and Spacek but the difference between them(except Rafalski) is the list you have made their debut before they were 25. The jury's are also still out on guys like Hejda, Koistinen and Enstrom as they could suck next year and bail(I don't see that happening with Enstrom though). But the list of players who succeeded in Europe for a while and made their NHL debut after the age of 25 or 26 and were successful is definitely shorter then the list of players who did the same but failed at the NHL level. Most head back after a year or two.

  26. mojo19 says:

    There was no hype about Frogren. Not like Brunnstrom or something. Frogren will either be a solid stay home defensman, or he won't. Someone said he has potential to be like a Lilja. Which would be alright.

  27. nordiques100 says:

    actually you're incorrect. only spacek who was 24, timonen who was 24, and salo were under age 25 when they debuted in the NHL. the rest were not that much younger than frogren when they started.

    these guys turned out ok:
    mikhail shtelenkov – 7 years as an nhl backup
    niklas havelid – 8 seasons in the nhl
    martin gerber – 5 seasons
    jonas hoglund – over 500 games, 7 seasons in the NHL.
    robert svehla – 655 games, 335 points. started when he was 26.
    german titov – 377 points, 624 games, began at age 28.
    igor kravchuk – 699 games, 11 plus seasons in NHL
    johan franzen – 27 goal season and 13 in playoffs last year
    lubomir vishnovsky – 499 games, 279 points
    cris huet – 183 games in goal.
    dick tarnstrom – 140 points in 306 games
    radek martinek – 322 games and counting
    sergei nemchinov – 761 games, 345 points
    andy dackell – 613 games , 8 seasons in the NHL
    johan hedberg – 213 games over 7 seasons
    magnus arvedsson – 225 points in 434 games
    alex gusarov – 607 games
    valeri kamensky – 501 points in 637 games
    fredrik norrena – 92 games
    igor larionov – 921 games, 644 points
    sergei makarov – rookie of the year,
    dmitri mironov – 556 games
    sergei berezin – 286 points in 502 games

    most of them were around 24 or older when they began. spent several years overseas.

    i'm not saying you're wrong. all i'm saying is there is a chance he could be a serviceable NHLer. sure some didnt turn out that great, but the discrepancy is not as large as you make it.

    frogren is what he is. he'll get a shot, he probably came at a reasonable price and if he fare's ok, kudos to the leafs for finding a hidden gem. if not, so be it. its not like they've signed the guy to 14 mil over 4 years.

    a list of other semi failures and utter failures:

    pasi nurminen – career cut short due to injury. only 125 games
    dmitri kvartalnov – 91 points in a short 112 game career
    peter nordstrom – played only 2 games. drafted age 24
    mikko eloranta – only 4 season in NHL, age 27 when he came over
    jarno kultanen – 102 NHL games before bailing back to europe
    yuri khmylev – 263 games, 152 points
    radoslav hecl – 14 career nhl games
    magnus svensson – 46 games, debuted at age 31
    sergei pryiakin – 46 games. first ever russian to play in NHL
    mathias johansson – 58 games after coming over at age 28
    andreas karlsson – 51 points in 264 games
    jukka hentunen – only 38 games
    reto von arx – 19 games
    petteri nummelin – 139 games
    lase pirjeta – 50 points in 146 games
    dmtri bykov – 1 season in nhl
    espen knutsen – 207 games and 111 points.
    vladimir tsyplakov – 170 points in 331 games
    kai nurminen – 69 games
    esa pirnes – 57 games
    lubomir sekeras – 212 games, 71 points
    peter bartos – 13 games
    max suchinski – 30 games
    tommi pettinen – 24 games
    jan mertzig – 23 games
    tomas jelinek – 49 games
    antii tormanen – 50 games
    hans jonsson – 242 games
    roman simicek – 63 games
    sergei mylnikov – 10 games
    crister olson – 56 games
    alex khavanov – 348 games
    petr cajanek – 269 games
    vladimir krutov – 64 games
    nik borschevsky – 123 points in 162 games

    quite a few here actually lasted more than 1 or 2 seasons as you mentioned. they didnt turn out great, but filled a void in their time in the NHL.

    its obvious that expansion has helped big time. talent is spread out big time. therefore thats why there is some need for a find like frogren to be brought over and given a chance.

    unlike some of the other leaf signings, this one would be relatively low risk.

  28. habsrock99 says:

    I wasn't saying he won't be a good player, I hope he does do alright. I'm just saying don't hold your breath as recently the Europe to NHL transition hasn't been too kind. I know there's several good solid NHLer's who started late but their are more who start late and fail.

  29. mojo19 says:

    Lidstrom – Rafalski
    Kronvall – Stuart
    Lebda – Lilja

    1 Canadian, 3 Swedes, 3 Americans

    Zetterberg – Datsyuk – Holmstrom
    Cleary – Filppula – Franzen
    Hudler – Draper – Samuelsson
    Maltby – Helm – Drake

    And McCarty played while Franzen was hurt and was in for Helm for a couple games. Total 4 Canadians, 5 with McCarty, 4 Swedes, A Russian, a Czeck, and a Fin.

    Not a very Canadian team really

  30. Pony says:

    lol I was just being a d ick

  31. mojo19 says:

    No you weren't, I just forgot about Brad cuz I had looked at their D before he was re-signed and remembered thinking, wow no Canadians. its cool

  32. NHLSlayer says:

    Nearly a day later, and I haven't heard anything else on this deal…

    Sounds like a dead end to me!  Sorry guys!

  33. Rico420 says:

    yes but I  don't think anyone is going  to confuse the  08-09 Leafs with  the  07-08  Red Wings.

  34. mojo19 says:

    That’s okay, too bad, I really like steve Ott.

  35. mojo19 says:


    Leafs Cup 2009:

    Blake – Antropov "A" – Hagman (will combine for 100 goals)
    Grabovsky – Stajan "C" – Steen (Stajan, the new Gilmour?)
    Ponikarovski – Bell – Mayers  (Jamal + Bell = Doom)
    Tlusty – Moore – Kulemin (Holy talented 4th line, look out and insert Boyd in there as necessary)

    Kaberle – Kubina (Czeck mate *****)
    Finger – Stralman (You just got Fingered)
    Froggy – Coco (Carlo and the Frog? Ding-Dong! Who is it? Its the Leafs winning the Cup!)


  36. Peenz says:

    Im sorry thought i just read mojo say the leafs were winning the cup in 09

    its not april fools so your a lil early on that one.. but in all seriousness, the best thing for the leafs would be to get the top draft pick in 09-10, and for christ's sake BRING UP POGGIE SO THE KID CAN GRAB SOME EXPERIENCE, you guys had great potential in poggie and letting him sit in the AHL isn't helping, thats my 2 cents anyways.

  37. mojo19 says:

    Fletcher said the best thing for Pogge's development is to have a big workload this season and be the #1 guy in the A as opposed to playing back up in the NHL, he'll get there, there's no sense in rushing goalies. Most don't reach their prime or even make it into the league until their late 20's – early thirties.

  38. leafy says:

    Regardless I couldn't understand why Gilbert was playing Clemmenson instead of Pogge for much of the playoffs.  I don't watch a lot of AHL, but as much as I saw, Clemmenson looked pretty mediocre.

    A guy like Pogge takes up more of the net, plus he looks much more mobile than Clem.  I don't know, I couldn't figure that one out.

  39. leafy says:

    Haha!  Yeah, let's plan the parade, with Stajan accepting the Cup at Centre ice from Gary Bettman, and handing it off to his assistant C Antropov.

    But seriously, the Leafs roster has changed considerably, it's really hard to predict how they're going to fare.

    After predicting the Leafs were going to have a good season last year, I'm going to be a little more careful this time.

    All I can say is that the infusion of youth and more speed, could make the Leafs better……or it could make the Leafs bottom out for another season before starting to recover in 2009-10.

    Personally I don't see the latter as a negative.  We want to build something that lasts, not just one little playoff run.

  40. sundin_500 says:

    guys, the frogren signing has already happened it just hasnt been announced. http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app it says that the leafs have his rights.

  41. mojo19 says:

    Another pick in the top 5 couldn’t hurt

  42. gregpb says:

    Great lineup this year.

    Blake       Antropov      Kulemin
    Tlusty      Grabovski     Steen
    Hagman   Stajan          Mayers
    Pony        Moore          Williams

    Kaberle       Finger
    Coliacovo    Stralman
    Frogren       White

    Kronvall, Bell, Newbury extras


  43. lukeleim says:

    Ian White, Alexei Ponikarovsky and Boyd Devereaux to the Los Angeles Kings for Patrick O'Sullivan.

    2008/2009 Lineup:

    Alexander Steen – Patrick O'Sullivan – Nik Antropov
    Nikolai Kulemin – Matt Stajan – Jason Blake
    Niklas Hagman – Mikhail Grabovski – Jiri Tlusty
    Mark Bell – Dominic Moore – Jamal Mayers
    Kris Newbury

    Tomas Kaberle – Pavel Kubina
    Bryan McCabe – Anton Stralman
    Carlo Colaiacovo – Jeff Finger
    Jonas Frogren

    Vesa Toskala
    Curtis Joseph

    Prospect Depth:

    Robbie Earl – Darryl Boyce –  Jeremy Williams
    Dale Mitchell – Chris DiDomenico – Jimmy Hayes
    Alex Foster – John Mitchell – Tyler Ruegsegger

    Luke Schenn – Dimitri Vorobiev
    Phil Oreskovic – Korbinian Holzer

    Justin Pogge
    James Reimer

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