Leafs sign Devereaux

TSN is reporting that the Leafs have signed Boyd Devereaux to a 2 year deal worth $550,000 and $600,00….This is not a bad signing, Boyd is not very skilled, but he does put in an effort every time he is on the ice. JFJ has had some questionable moves in his time with the Leafs (McCabe and Belfore re-signing, Kabina, etc), but one thing he has been good at is finding these forgotten players that are in my opinion a pleasnt suprise when they on the ice.

Jeff O,neil did not play one game while in Toronto as hard as Boyd did in his 33 gaimes or so he played.

Boyd, Pohl, Bates, all these guys are playing to keep their job and stay in the NHL, and that desperation is often missing from the $4-5 mill a year players are are too expensive to sit in the press box.

So maybe JFJ should step aside as a GM and focus on scouting… it seems he is good at that. Hopefully he will uses those scouting skills on draft day and find the leafs a late round diamond in the rough (like Kaberle)