Leafs sign Devereaux

TSN is reporting that the Leafs have signed Boyd Devereaux to a 2 year deal worth $550,000 and $600,00….This is not a bad signing, Boyd is not very skilled, but he does put in an effort every time he is on the ice. JFJ has had some questionable moves in his time with the Leafs (McCabe and Belfore re-signing, Kabina, etc), but one thing he has been good at is finding these forgotten players that are in my opinion a pleasnt suprise when they on the ice.

Jeff O,neil did not play one game while in Toronto as hard as Boyd did in his 33 gaimes or so he played.

Boyd, Pohl, Bates, all these guys are playing to keep their job and stay in the NHL, and that desperation is often missing from the $4-5 mill a year players are are too expensive to sit in the press box.

So maybe JFJ should step aside as a GM and focus on scouting… it seems he is good at that. Hopefully he will uses those scouting skills on draft day and find the leafs a late round diamond in the rough (like Kaberle)

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  1. BruMagnus says:

    I do agree that almost every team would take him on their team. He'd be an absolute ideal 2nd line center that would give a team an added boost. He is 1st line material on many teams too, but obviously isn't the calibre of a Thornton, Sakic or Crosby.

    I still think it is in the best interest of the Leafs to trade him while they can still get a good return. If they are in 10th or so come the trade deadline (and he isn't signed to a long-term career ending contract in T.) then I'd sell him at the deadline. In fact, I'd sign him to a one year contract, with the intent that when the teams is outta the playoffs come trade deadline, that they get a good return, only to re-sign him after the season is done. Or, really trade him for good and get a huge return.

  2. BruMagnus says:

    I'm actually quite content with the ass-kicking by Ottawa. I feel it was a very necessary step to make these young players realize what the playoffs are about. The Oilers lost in the first round the first time Wayne made it, swept I believe. He had 3 points in 3 games, just as Sid had 5 points in 5 games.
    Now, I'm not saying we will win the Cup next year like the Oilers did, but I think we will have a more experienced team, plus hopefully have fixed the two glaring holes (one responsible dman and a scoring winger) that can make the team win 1 or 2 rounds, or more.
    I still think 2010 is the year of the Cup for the Pens. But I wouldn't be surprised if we did it sooner.

    Stop living in the past. The Leafs haven't made the playoffs in 3 years. Had they made it this year, they'd have lost to Ottawa, without question. Saying otherwise is delusional.

  3. BruMagnus says:

    All your saying is Toronto has more money than Pittsburgh, which no one with a brain would argue against.

    What is impressive is how the Penguins have a competitive team despite being WELL under the salary cap, and how the Leafs are a pathetic team despite being at the Cap maximum (and spending the highest amount of money on defense).

  4. BruMagnus says:

    actually they weren't. Gonchar has a notoriously bad first half of the season, or at least start (say 10-20 games).
    He was actually 7th I believe in defensive scoring last season… which is quite fuc*ing good. He went on over a point per game tear the last 20 points (the same time Sidney went over two points a game to break 100).
    This season he came 2nd in scoring.

    Even last season I knew his $4.5 million contract was brilliant. He is sooo underpaid considering what he produces. I mean for what he puts up, 2nd most points among all defensemen over the last 7 seasons, he should be getting roughly $7 million per year. The Pens STOLE HIM in my opinion.

  5. BruMagnus says:

    lost of crappy players play with good players on the first pairing.

    Lidstrom was playing with Lilja last season, does that make Lilja a top 2? Hell no.
    Same in Pittsburgh, Rob Scuderi or Joe Melichar were playing with Gonchar, does that makes them top 2? I'd wager you don't even know who Scuderi is, and you'd be forgiven if you didn't. Cause he's a 6th man at best.

    Even with the few names you mentioned (Brewer and Poti are better) there's still over 30 names. So no, he's clearly not 1st material on any but the absolute worst team.

    As for Hatcher, I think he sucks, but FLyers fans have made good arguments in his favor that he is clearly better than Kubina.

  6. BruMagnus says:

    You can score 4 goals a game, but if you get 5 goals let in, then it doesnt matter.

    If you read my posts you'll see I frequently rip into the stupidity of paying over $20 million (the most in the NHL by the way) for a mediocre defense. Good offensively, for sure, but defensively poor and overpaid.

    And Raycroft sucks and is not Team Canada material as some Leafs fans would have you believe.

    Good point about 4th in the East though, that surprised me.

  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i'm sorry, didyour mother ot give you enough attention, you need to go on lef posts just to bu us. The Pens were the worst team in the league for half a decade, if they weren't playing well it would be insulting.

    Your just jealous because the leafs are the richest and biggest franchise in the NHL and the pens can't even afford to stay in pittsburgh

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    The way JFJ talked in post season interviews, it seemed like he was NOT going to resign this guy. I still think he will pass on battaglia, cuz he's an idiot

  9. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    No, Kubina is a 2nd defenseman, but Foote is a 6th defenseman so it balances out.

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    6th best offense in the LEAGUE. Goaltending is the only thing that stopped the leafs from making the playoffs.

  11. Hoondog2 says:

    You and your arguments are delusional, without base, and just plain wrong.

    Yes, I know who Scuderi is.  I don't watch him all a lot, so i'm not going to say he sucks.

    "As for Hatcher, I think he sucks, but FLyers fans have made good arguments in his favor that he is clearly better than Kubina." – Are you saying you actually have conversations with Flyer fans about who is the better player, Kubina or Hatcher?  That is just plain weird for a non-Flyer, non-Leaf fan.

    I've decided to no longer acknowledge your posts unless they are objective, unbiased, and somewhat intelligent.  My guess is we'll never talk again!

  12. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Kubina to Columbus for Foote

    Send to the Columbia Inferno:

    Sundin 2 years 5.5 mil per
    White 3 years 1 mil
    Colaiacovo 3 years 1 mil
    Kronwall 1 year 2 way
    Harrison 1 year 2 way
    Antropov 3 years 1.5 mil per
    Poni 3 years 1.5 mil per
    Battaglia 750K 1 year
    Devereaux 750K 1 year
    Peca 1.5 mil 1 year
    Williams 3 years 2 way

    Let Walk:

    B. Boucher 1 year 2 way deal (competition for Pogge in AHL)
    Garon 1 year 2 mil (competition for Raycroft in NHL)
    Morozov 1 year 3 mil

    Wellwood 5 years, averages to 2.5 mil per season
    Steen 5 years, averages to 2.0 mil per season
    Stajan 5 years, averages to 1.5 mil per season

    Total cap hit: 48 mil









  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    With guys like theodore out there, the possibility of trading Kubina is always there. JFJ does not want to trade the guy, and would not be willing to take the short term loss, for the long term gain.

  14. 92-93 says:

    i have been one of the worst on this site for promoting the 'trade Kubina' movement. … its a problem i'm trying to deal with day-by-day.

    its so easy to understand WHAT is the problem with the leafs in terms of cap space and roster space being taken up. the problem with trading Kubina is his contract. in other words, its just not going to happen.

    i proposed to trades that saw Kubina going to Colorado for Theodore and Minny for Fernandez. although these are near comparable contracts, Theodore's only has one year left on his albatross. Fernandez for Kubina would be insane on Minny's part despite the goaltending glut they have. If I'm Minny, I'm asking for a good prospect too.

    This doesnt mean JFJ shouldnt try to trade Kubina and look at options out there. but it all goes back to July 1st last year when people like myself and others on this site were totally apalled at the Kubina signing. not many people could understand our shock for some reason. now some of you know why.


    Devereaux? good signing. To me, the best thing for the leafs would be to have the #10-#13 forward positions (4th line and extra forward) to be occupied by the likes of Kilger, Devereaux, Pohl, and Battaglia – none of which make more than 900k and none of which are named Wade Belak. Good move JFJ.

    Now its time to say goodbye to Peca, Perreault, O'Neill, Green.

    Now its time to resign Antropov, Battaglia, Poni, Williams, Coliacovo, and White (the last 4 are RFAs).

    Now its time to leave a roster spot open for Jeremy Williams and try to do 3 things this offseason:

    1) trade Kubina (preferably for a goaltender that could tandem with Raycroft)

    2) try to sign that UFA first line forward (preferably Smyth but we'll see)

    3) if Kubina-goalie trade doesn't work, sign your back up (Joseph?). If the Kubina-goalie trade does work, sign your mid-level defenceman (Danny Markov?)

  15. 92-93 says:

    oh, and dont get me wrong, I would love to have Peca back, but not at $2.5 million. Something less than $2 million? sure. by all means sign him. but there are other teams that would be willing to pay him the money he got in Toronto no question about it.

    Finally, Sundin for all that he deserves needs to take a more significant pay cut that what is being reported in the press right now. why not give him 3 years instead of 2 and lower the per season amount from the $5.5-$5.8 amount to less than $5 million (4.5-5 million)? that way he is getting paid good money up until his 39th or 40th birthdays but is not taking up as much cap space this season either.

  16. flamingsenator says:

    nah but last year…..as i recall….if ANYone wants to help me out here…….gonchar was pinned for the problems of the pens…..yea…looking at it now…..hes amazing…but last year…..they wanted to trade him(or the people from this site did haha WHO knows :p)

  17. flamingsenator says:

    so….HOW many season did u guys have to bomb to build up ur super rookies?

    come back in 2 years….lets see how much sid the kid and malkn are gonna get paid…..dont forget fleury and a year fter that…stall….then whitney…..yea….good luck

  18. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I is a Lefe fan, nd i think dat Sundin is good so hell make devrow scoar 50 goles dis yere LOLSERS!

  19. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    wow, leafy what was that

  20. flamingsenator says:

    haha he got to the mushrooms again

  21. BruMagnus says:

    HAHAHA. You're funny. How many times do you, and predominantly jealous angry leafs fans, come onto my boards? Either labelled on Penguins or Sidney Crosby usually. The one's marked Opinion I welcome your funny comments.

    Saying this: "the leafs are the richest and biggest franchise in the NHL," is the kind of thing that makes all rational people lose more (or all) respect for a leafs fan like you.

  22. BruMagnus says:

    ever heard of trades?

  23. BruMagnus says:

    Right cause the piss-poor defense had nothing to do with it.

  24. BruMagnus says:

    How are they "delusional, without base, and just plain wrong"? Please answer me in an objective, unbiased, and somewhat intelligent manner.

  25. BruMagnus says:

    I never wanted him traded.

    There may have been some negativity surrounding him, as many saw it as a possible reason for Craig Patrick's finally 'dismissal'.

    I don't think they ever wanted to trade him. The team was crappy with or without him, but definetely better at the end of the season with him. There were many reasons for the problems.

  26. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    aguably, lack of an effective shut down pair hurt us on the pk. however, defensively, the leafs were definetly average (playoffworthy). no top 6 guy was a minus, i.e. nobody hurt the team defensively likesouray did for the habs. Raycroft let in at least one soft goal a night. In the second half, maurice started leaving the 3rd forwrad VERY high, but it made no difference. peopl could score on im as long as they could shoot the puck. I can name 30 better goaltenders in the league then him.

  27. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    so, if leaf fans bug you, you have to bug them back, geee i got over that after i stopped picking my nose

    "the leafs are the richest and biggest franchise in the NHL," – its a simple fact. its true is it not?

  28. FarFromFreedom says:

    This is a good signing, i figured after he put up 19 points in 33 games he would want around 800-900K per season but this is a great signing by Toronto and Ferguson.

  29. mojo19 says:

    Shut up. Pittsburgh got lucky winning the Sidney Crosby draft which could have easily had him going to another team. And if they didn't do that they'd still be in the basement.

    You cheer for a poor team that barely exists who are an above average team because they won a draft lottery and have good young talent because they are too cheap to hold onto Jagr,Kovalev etc, so they finished at the bottom of the league for years. Pittsburgh has no money and if they don't win the cup in the next few years they never will because the contracts will go up.

    I hope the cap keeps rising to about 60 something million in the next few years so Toronto, New York, Detroit, Colorado, and Dallas can buy and overpay the top guys again and we won't have to talk about poor teams anymore.

  30. BruMagnus says:

    I believe Montreal takes that title.

  31. BruMagnus says:

    Shut up. Yup we got lucky. Thankfully, Sidney didn't easily go to any other team, but easily went to our team. Great stuff! God decided it was time the Pens rose again.

    You think Kubina is a top guy? hahaha.
    Your team could spend $60 million NOW were it allowed and still be poor.

  32. BruMagnus says:

    I guess he couldn't do it.

  33. BruMagnus says:

    you make a good case.

    Wade Belak (a 6th man when Carlo was injured and for most of the year) was -8. But I hear you for the other points.

    And yes, of course, Raycroft is horrendous.

  34. mojo19 says:

    i meant poor as in bankrupt. The leafs are rich sucka.

  35. JuicemaN says:

    TRADES?  Name one trade that made the penguins what they are…besides trading away superstars (because you can't afford them) for draft picks.

  36. 92-93 says:

    Besides Danny Markov, another defencemen I would wish the Leafs to get if they could trade Kubina (or McCabe if he waives his no-trade clause) is Tom Preissing. very impressed with his play with the Senators and he would command only $2.5 to $3 million.

  37. Peca4PM says:

    yah….ur right…..Smyth, Giggy, and Hannan are half the ufa market……and by the way…id like everyone to notice in my post i ASKED if anyone had heard about the Kubina for lupul trade, didnt say i thought it would happen…….A Montreal fan would never notice how bad Sundin is…u have to watch him….FOCUS on soley him for an entire gm…..he cant get it out of his end, and is a poor vocal leader…….and soemthing else a MONTREAL fan might not pick up on, or even care about he isnt physical……at least he doesnt dive around like most habs players tho…lol….jusat thought id straighten someppl out about a couple things

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