Leafs sing two

According to www.mapleleafs.com, the leafs announced on Monday that they have singed forward Simon Gamache and re-singed Jay harrison. Gamache played 44 games in the swiss elite leauge and got the leagues’ best 66 points, (20 goals and 46 assists). He also was tied for scoring in the playoffs with 16 points, (7 goals and 9 assists). He has also played 289 games in the AHL collecting 261 points (107 goals and 154 assists). He also had 217 penalty minutes. The Leafs also re-singed defenceman Jay Harrison to a 1 year contract.

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  1. leaflova says:

    How long have we had Gamache for? He sounds like he is a pretty good player

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    A week, he's a failed prospect from Nashville.

  3. lukeleim says:

    Gamache is a good signing… depth player who'll probably be one of the first players to get called up in case of an injury.

  4. mojo19 says:

    Gamache sounds like a good guy for the Marlies. Maybe with injuries come up and play a few games. Probably means they won't bring back Leeb, or maybe someone else. I think Suglobov is done on that team too, was he still there @ the end of the season?

  5. LEAFS877 says:

    Maybe Gamache can play with Sundin?
    (Just thinking aloud)

    The numbers don't lie, Gamache has talent and speed going for him. And i assume he came pretty cheap as well.

    Although a number of questions arise:

    Do we have room for this guy?
    And if so, what line?

    And finally, these signings make me wonder what JFJ is planning.
    We're very quickly running out of payroll, and i think a cap clearing trade could be imminent depending on what the salary cap is projected at.

    It's gonna be an interesting next few weeks!

  6. FarFromFreedom says:

    Gamache is a underproven player .. sure he has skill in the AHL .. but he is manhandled when it comes to playing with the big boys. He'll be a marlie this season and chances are only a marlie .. as for Harrison .. ah well more d more to trade.

  7. FarFromFreedom says:

    picked him up June 18th.

  8. leaflova says:

    but did he not play his last season with the swiss, is that not a mens league? isnt it like an nhl only its in europe?

  9. jody200411 says:

    Damn Leafs and your damn GM (JFJ)…. How come you guys always make the right deals, and find the right prospects???? JFJ is like a hockey God.

    Gamache is going to be a star and singlehandedly bring the cup to TO this year.

    Gamache/Sundin/Tucker line = records being broken.

  10. jody200411 says:

    yeah the same league where Mark Streit was top defenseman

  11. Cleets says:

    Suglobov was release end of the year and he signed in Russia.

  12. Cleets says:

    I do not detect any sarcasm in your post.

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    he's played the last 2 seasons in a no contact league. He'll have difficulties adjusting to the Marlies

  14. nikola133 says:

    LEAFS MAKE ANOTHER GOOD SINGING. wow if they  continue to sing people at this rate who knows maybe we ll be amazing. beter not sing too many ppl though dont wanna go over cap

  15. Hoondog2 says:

    My guess he is another depth player for the Marlies (Pohl, Westrum).  Whatever they can do to create a winning atmosphere on the farm is definitely a plus.  The Marlies are looking like they could be alright next year, provided we get some of the prospects there (Tlusty, Stralman, Aubin, Woz., Oreskic)

  16. aj_furf says:

    The signings don't affect the cap at all.  The salary cap applies to the 20 man roster you have 'dressed' as of 5pm on the day of a game.  So, assuming both of these players will be with the Marlies, this bears no impact on the space we have.

  17. habsalicious says:

    The same Mark Streit who beat Team Canada with a slap shot from the point at the last Olympics…

  18. MtlHabs09 says:

    Hehehe, they singed the players lol. At least the Leafs are doing some stuff unlike Bob freaking Gainey…

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