Leafs stalked by trade rumours

In one corner of the Maple Leafs dressing room on Monday afternoon, Mikhail Grabovski was addressing trade rumours.

In another corner, Clarke MacArthur had just stopped doing the same.

Nearly a month has to pass before the NHL’s trade deadline comes on Feb. 27, but with the all-star break finished, speculation will start to thicken in earnest.

The issue is a little more pressing for Grabovski, who is due to be an unrestricted free agent on July 1. He’s not involved in serious contract talks with general manager Brian Burke, but Grabovski shrugged off the idea that he could be moved as part of a package, given Burke’s desire to add another centre.

But Grabovski knows nothing is guaranteed.

“It’s my home right now, you know?” Grabovski said. “If they want me here, I appreciate it. My job is to work hard and give my best on the ice.

“I think more about hockey than about my future. I know if I play well, I can stay with the same team.”

Grabovski was named the NHL’s first star of the week after he had five points in the Leafs’ two wins against the New York Islanders. He is making $3.1 million US this season, with a $2.9-million salary cap hit.

MacArthur is resigned to the scuttlebutt, as he was a year ago when he did not have a contract for this season.

“There is always something every day,” MacArthur said. “Usually if I don’t hear it, I get a text message from someone saying they heard a rumour. It’s tiring, it’s hard on you, but it is a part of the job.

“(Rumours) suck, but what are you going to do? If you look close, I have a few grey hairs.”


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  1. JoelLeafs says:

    That's it! I'm deleting my account and leaving forever!!! We'll see who misses me when I'm gone! 😉

  2. TheLeafNation91 says:

    They did play well, but I was streaming from Pittsburgh since I'm from Tennessee, and he pointed out something that I've been saying…All the Leafs goals were mostly from counter-attacks.

    The moment the Penguins stepped up the grit, they did flat-line…Hard. Which is why I think we struggle against the Bruins so much.

    Also, Nash is a consistent 30 goal power forward. I would pay that price in a minute. The biggest losses would be Schenn and Kadri I guess, but Schenn is still a headcase young defencemen…And we are overvaluing Kadri ALOT because he has not shown anything really yet.

  3. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Please no…Then I'm fending these guys bymyself.

  4. reinjosh says:

    You know what? I agree. Dropping a point when you were up by 2 goals is just bad. Second youngest team or not they still need to improve on that and stop giving games away. 

    It's not an aspect of grit or size though. It's just the teams youngness and not knowing how to not do it. That's Wilson's responsibility and he has to figure out how to show the team how to not lose games like that.
    I would like to know how getting a bigger player leads to a team not dropping games after leading? Legitimately, if you can provide a logically reason as to how it would help, I'll admit it. 
  5. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Still think they need testacles…Because Fleury did not play great either until the last 10 minutes.

    It's simply being outworked….The 4th goal was unlucky. But 2 was Gardiner's miscue…And Schenn/Phaneuf were exposed on the third one.

  6. reinjosh says:

    Haha your comments make me laugh. A lot ahah. 

  7. toronto77 says:

    LMFAO, come on man, don't let them get the best of you! and thanks for the compliment.

  8. reinjosh says:

    Apparently defending a Leaf player means that your anti-Leaf. And having positive thoughts towards them means your an idiot. Who would have thought.

    Nah at least LeafNation actual has some logic behind his points. He's cool.
  9. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Girtty players do not need to be big…They just have to play with an edge, alot of these Leafs do not (even Kessel) and they will not. It's not something you develop…It's literally something that is inside of you.

    Does not need to be big, but gritty. Brad Marchand is what??? 5 foot 9??? But I would take this guy over a bunch of our squad anyday.

    We all know Pittsburgh is a gritty team, the moment they turned that up, the Leafs flat-lined huge. Mistakes increased, and before you know it…It's a tie game.

    Having more grit does not guarantee that you will drop a game, however, the most deflating thing to an opposing team is the other team grinding out that win. Forecheck, disrupting their forwards, etc. This is probably where it would of helped. Yeah, the Leafs can score…But by watching the Pitt stream (since I'm living in Ten)…They even noticed that mostly all their offence is from counter-attacks, and not sustaining a real good forecheck. They even mentioned that if Pittsburgh can turn up the pressure, they have a good chance…Maybe to keep fans watching, but it obviously worked.

    Blame Wilson all you want, seems to be a popular trend…But if you cannot close a game because you're getting run over, that's not his fault. Fight back.

  10. reinjosh says:

    To be fair to the LEafs, we were facing the best player in the League this year (who ultimately iced us) but yes I agree. 

    Grit is good, I've never denied that. I just fail to see how adding it will make such a big change. Adding one gritty player isn't going to change the system, the system needs to change.
    At least the PK is still perfect in 2012. That's a positive from tonight at least .
  11. mapleleafsfan says:

    Agreed. If Clowe rumors are remotely true Burke should jump on it. Don't know SJ's needs but move whoever on D other than Gardiner and any picks they want. I'd rather keep Kadri/Colborne to see who develops better but worst case throw one of them in (doubt they want them given they are going for a cup)… Maybe a package with Schenn + Macarthur +….  We need to change the look of this team a bit. I'd also really start looking at schneider. Goalie problems are bad. Give Van their top 4 Dman and w/e to compensate the difference and pick up schneider. Deal around Franson or Schenn. 

  12. mapleleafsfan says:

    You did this same crying act when Wallace went off on you. At least you had a reason to cry about him. You just call everyone idiots when they disagree with you and then cry when we retaliate. Good riddance.

  13. mapleleafsfan says:

    And by change the look of this team a bit, I don't mean blow it up.. Just don't fall into Wilsons fast and speedy crap. Montreal went about as far as you'll ever go with that strategy. Mix the speedy players with the grinders. At least one hard mother *****er per line. 

  14. toronto77 says:

    Though we only took 17 penalties in all of January, we were the only team to kill off every single penalty in a single month this season. The last leaf team to do that was in the 40-41 season.

    Though we are still 30th in PK, it's hard to improve when you don't take a lot of penalties, which isn't a bad thing. Going 7 for 12 in January was pretty good because February is going to be a b.i.t.c.h.

    I still predict that Burke will make a trade on Sunday night, after we evaluate the second pitts game and the sens game.

  15. mapleleafsfan says:

    No team's done it in the last 20 seasons according to hockeybreak. Gotta show some credit to the coach, even though I still don't like him. 

  16. blaze says:

    I've said this over and over, and no one believes me. Kadri has a downright nastiness in his game. It hasn't shown at the NHL level yet because he doesn't have the size yet he still bounces off too many solid players. He's been taking runs at guys since his rookie year.

    He's a guy that as he fills out and gets stronger will actually occasionally cross the line. He definitely plays with emotion and grit. Tenfold so compare to Colborne. (Ya that's for you LN91)

  17. TheLeafNation91 says:

    It's really sad this site has come down to this.

    Used to be a great place to discuss hockey, but now, diverse opinions is just a preperation for an open attack if notbeing 100% supportive of a squad that has not made the playoffs in 7 years now?

    Sad, but it is true.

  18. blaze says:

    You have a strange grasp on what grit is. You confuse size with grit. Grabovski has grit but no size. Colborne has size but absolutely no grit.

  19. LeafsFTW17 says:

    That game better be a wake up call for the players and coaches.  When you are losing grasp of the game like that someone needs to slap the team in the face and speak up. Could be leaders like Phaneuf or Komisarek, stars like Kessel or Lupul or young vets like Schenn but someone has to get the team going.

    This might sound idiotic but I really think a player like Orr could have saved us the game.  The leafs were winning 4-1, after one or two goals the leafs now have given up momentum, a guy like Orr could steal that momentum right back by doing what he does best, not fight, energize his team (via fight).

    I think a healthy Liles will help a lot but still think a trade needs to happen to give the leafs their late season push.

    I'm also excited to finally see Reimer back in net.  Hopefully he can take full advantage of it and carry the team on his shoulders through to the playoffs.

    Oh and I'd like to give my input on all of this bs going on…

    Everyone on here knows hockey, everyone is pretty intelligent and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Crazy, I know.  Some people like to look at things in a negative way, some at a positive way.  All that is good, a site like this needs that sort of diversity to give different perspectives for the readers.  I just sort of want to stress on the fact that if someone doesn't agree with what you are saying, it doesn't make them a complete idiot.  Like LN91 just said, this site should be about discussing hockey not *****ing and arguing about who is right and who is wrong.   

  20. Steven_Leafs says:

    what are you guys freaking out about? senators_choke isn't going anywhere. He loves acting like a douche. He will leave for 5 days and come back pretending he did it for you. Or you know he will respond to my message in a matter of hours.

    "Screw you guys, I'm going home!"


    $20 says senators_choke is like the one at 28 seconds. lol

  21. reinjosh says:

    This. Although to be fair to him, he did say MArchand had grit, so he left open the possibility that smaller players can have it. 

  22. reinjosh says:

    Oh bugger off. You know full well that none of us fully support losing. Stop being an idiot. 

    And yeah it gets out of hands sometimes. I do apologize since I've been complicit in that lately (well not open attack, just subtle comments). It happens.
  23. Steven_Leafs says:

    It is time to overpay for Getzlaf. We need size, leadership, and someone to shutdown the other team's stars. I didn't see one body check thrown in the last 10 minutes either.

    To Anaheim:

    Grabovski (2.9)
    MacArthur (3.25)
    Kulemin (2.35)
    Gunnarsson (1.325)
    Rynnas (minors)
    Blacker (minors)
    D'Amigo (minors)
    2012 2nd round pick

    To Toronto:

    Getzlaf (5.325)
    Blake (4.0)
    4-5 contracts to even out the 50 contract limit issue

    Lupul – Getzlaf – Kessel
    Lombardi – Connolly – Kadri
    Blake – Bozak – Armstrong
    Crabb – Steckel – Brown

    extras: Boyce, Rosehill

    Phaneuf – Schenn
    Liles – Gardiner
    Franson – Komisarek

    and somehow with this trade we still have depth in all positions (bolded names being the players we can call up do to injury):

    Frattin, Colborne, Biggs, Ross, McKegg
    Holzer, Percy, Gysbers, Mikus

    So what do you guys think of my over-reaction deal?

  24. hockey_lover says:

    Im a Pens fan all the way and I agree. That was totally bullshit man.

  25. hockey_lover says:

    Uhhh … are you nuts?   Fleury played out of his mind the whole game.  If not for him, the Leafs would have been up by 5 .. by the end of the second.

    He gave up 4 goals, yes. But he made some outstanding saves and put on a fantastic game.

    Im not so sure the loss had anything to do with them being outworked. The Leafs played pretty flawless for 50 minutes. They didnt stop working in the last 10 … they just became a bit disorganized. Once a team goes up by 3, they sit back a bit. Thats normal. Happens all the time. But they need to have the ability to go from "game time" to "sit back and coast" and BACK TO "game time" if they need to. This is what the Leafs are missing. The play an awesome game, get up by a few goals, coast .. but cant seem to flip the switch back to playing again. Thats what lost the game for them.

  26. dumbassdoorman says:

    Problem is the difference in opinions sometimes turns to arguing, it happens it's life. Unless the poster is going to see someone elses opinion and consider it, there will be arguing, errrrr debating.

  27. JoelLeafs says:

    How about this instead?

    To Ana:
    The Zamboni
    Gardiner (I mean the gardener at for the ACC… nice lawns in the summer)
    The Marlies
    To Tor:
  28. JoelLeafs says:

    He's like an alcoholic that that whines about the taste of booze…

  29. reinjosh says:

    To be honest, I'm not a fan. We're just setting ourselves up for a similar issue that Anaheim has with secondary scoring. 

    And I sort of think that Murray just said they were available to kick them in asses and get them started, and that the only one actually ever available was Bobby Ryan.
    I think the only way we can fix the grit issue is by going after a guy like Morrrow, Doan, Ruutu or maybe Bobby Ryan if he's not to expensive. A guy like Stoll as a more temporary solution. Maybe Dustin Brown might be available.
    I just don't think Getzlaf is available or it makes sense to get him at the price he would cost. 
  30. JoelLeafs says:

    Thi game could easily have been 4-0 by the end of the first. Fleury was insanely good. Leafs had tons of opportunities and stuck with it, just got lazy and fell apart in the last 10. Even the, they had two good scoring chances (a shot off the post and those two insane saves Fleury made short-handed). Plus, Kessel should have buried the winner in OT, he just *****ed it up. 

    And the answer to your first question is "yes".. lol, I kid..
  31. reinjosh says:

    HE gave up 5 goals…stupid refs…but that's hockey I guess.

    And I agree on what lost it for them. We need to fix it somehow. 
  32. reinjosh says:

    We shouldn't be so antagonistic lol. LeafNation may have some far out ideas sometimes, and we don't really agree often but this site would be mighty boring if everyone agreed. He brings an interesting perspective and he usually defends his point. So I'm cool with the guy, even if we sometimes go at each others throats. 

  33. Steven_Leafs says:

    yeah I'm just venting but we would still have a shit load of depth with this trade. lol.

    Morrow, Doan, Ruutu would be awesome but unless we are giving up a maximum of a mid-level prospect and a 2nd I wouldn't be that interested, really depends on the cost. Do no give up a first and a high level prospect for any of these guys IMO.

    Ryan would be sweet, I get the feeling that the cost would be Schenn + Kadri which is fine if we are getting a no.1 big center but maybe not for Ryan.

    Stoll could be cheap, but we can only take on a contract of less than 2M (cap number not remaining cap) so we would have to send something the other way.

    Brown is so not moving, I read a couple rumors that he is available but that is completely ridiculous. He makes less than 4M a season for the next 3 years, is a top line player, and is their captain. He isn't moving.

  34. hockey_lover says:

    Indeed. Im SURE there has been a game this season where a ref waived off a goal against the Leafs that should have counted. Ive always maintained that these things even out at the end of the year. But its hard to swallow in a game AND a call thats THAT bad.

    Im not sure how that can be fixed. Is it coaching? Is it the players?

    I guess the way to fix it is never go up by more than one goal? 😛

  35. reinjosh says:

    I think its a mix of being a young team, maybe adding a player or two, and coaching. Somehow it needs to work its way out.

    And yeah it happens. That's usually the way I look at it. We get some calls that go our way, sometimes the other team does. Its just in the heat of one game, its easy to ***** about 😛
  36. hockey_lover says:

    Exactly. He played so lights out. The only reason he gave up 4 (or 5 :P) goals was because the defensive coverage was SO bad … well ok, mostly.

    The second goal .. he should have had that one BUT Grab's shot was pretty damn near perfect. He could not have picked that corner any more if he tried. So to me, thats a gimme. Should have had it vs perfect shot?

    The rest of them?  He couldnt have done much more on them.

    hahah .. ok fair enough 😛

  37. hockey_lover says:

    Hmm young team has a lot of merit I think. Fatigue maybe .. be it physical or mental?  Just brainstorming here.  I know its got to be frustrating. Its hard as a Pens fan to look at the Pens .. loaded with freaking talent .. struggle so often and have to deal with all the injuries.  Even without Sid and Staal … to play as BAD as they did last night? Ugh. They still have Geno, Neal, Letang to build around and you play THAT badly?  Brutal.   

    Much like the Leafs' inability to flip the switch back into "game mode," the Pens have the awesome inability to be able to play a full 60 minute game .. like .. ever. Its sooo frustrating to see them get their asses handed to them for 50 minutes only to pull a rabbit out of their collective asses and win a game in the SO.

  38. hockey_lover says:

    Im right. You're wrong.

    Wait .. what are we talking about again? 😛

  39. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Secondary scoring is a lot easier to find then top-line talent.

    I don't think he's availabe because it would be stupid to trade Getzlaf, Ryan, or Perry because all three are elite talents.

    Yeah, the scoring has been bad this year…But that can be easily fixed through a re-structure in the off-season or the decent amoun of prospect in the Ducks system.

    I would sell the lower talent, free cap-space…And then on free agency find better pieces. Adding UFA's like a struggling Boyes, or players like Stempniak, and Langkow can do that.

  40. reinjosh says:

    Fair point. I just think sometimes a deep core is more important than high end talent. Boston and Chicago both won without 90 point players…

    I'd consider moving Ryan if I were them, but only for the right price. Granted that's because I think he's a 60 – 70 point player max and they could get more than he's worth. 
    But I wouldn't have any issue on them keeping all three. 
  41. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Yeah, but at the end of the day…Chicago has Toews and Bolland…And Boston has Bergeron.

    Their is no center, now or in the future (with what we have now)…Kadri included in that list for you, that can be as effective on the defensive end up the middle as these guys.

    Hypothetically, if Torono had Bergeron over Grabovski (second-line center)…They will be higher in the standings.

  42. dumbassdoorman says:

    Does it matter? lol

  43. dumbassdoorman says:

    I know this is supposed to be the kinder gentler HTR, lol, however I am not so sure trading those two puts us that much higher. I am not saying he isn't a more complete player, but Boston and this is not a knock strikes me as a team that is a product of, being greater as a whole. Bergeron could just as well play poorly as opposed to better outside of Boston.

  44. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Theirs no issue in saying your opinion…Just don't be a dick about it, which you weren't.

    Bergeron is a defensive center…He's sold offensively, but his specialty has always been his ability in the defensive end. He obviously did not make Team Canada for his offensive ability…But he was great there.

    I was just saying is, Chicago and Boston are a hard comparison because yeah…Bergeron and Toews are not the greatest offensively, but those two can shut down an opposing teams game like no tommorow, while still putting up points. So a more balanced team is really benefial if you have a player like that.

  45. dumbassdoorman says:

    I don't know for a non-offensive guy Toews is ripping it up pretty good lol. I think outside of Datsyuk, he is probably the most complete forward in the game.

  46. JoelLeafs says:

    Fair enough. I guess we do have a tendency to go after people that both disagree and rehash the same points. I'm sure he understands it's all in good fun. I highly doubt we'd all be this antagonistic if these conversations were happening in person.

  47. thisgamewelose says:

    If the trade is Kadri + Schenn for Bobby Ryan, I say you make that trade, run away and never look back.

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