Leafs Stronger Than Last Season

As most of us come to look at the Maple Leafs latest off season, we wonder how could a team succeed if they only lose talent over the off season. How could they possibly perform? Many Maple Leafs question the future of their organization as people who oppose the team are waiting for the collapse of the team so they can rejoice. Well, keep those Champaign bottles packed, Leafs are still a contender.The biggest issue which plagued the Leafs over the off season was the loss of Curtis Joseph, every non-leaf fan (which is many) said, “With out Cujo the Leafs are nothing”. Well it was proved without Cujo they are indeed something, Cujo sat out a number of games and with Scwab in net the Leafs did better than average. Schwab was very inexperienced. So why wouldn’t they survive with a Stanley Cup winning, experienced goalie between the pipes? Every one was so sure Belfour is finished and has nothing left in him, well he has much more to offer and many will be shocked of his good performance we will see this up coming season. The simple reason is for this great play that I expect is the fact that he is a Canadian that he dreamed for playing for Toronto when he was young, shows that he is willing to give this all he has. That he wills every ounce of love he has for this game and play. Well, we’ve seen players do this before, Lemiux in the Olympics gave it his all played great with half a hip, and had to sit out a whole season, Yzerman playing on a bad knee, that now may cause him to retire, because they gave it there all and wanted to play. In the end it won them the Gold. Belfour would do the same for Toronto, something he wouldn’t do for Dallas. He is coming in to this season with great confidence in his and this team abilities.

The next thing most “anti-leafs” attack is Toronto’s defense. I must say this year’s core is better than any of the previous recent years. Start of with Kaberle which most of you consider overrated. How could some one who got 39 points in 69 games be overrated, and is only 24? He improves every year, he is a small and skinny player, but yet he tougher than most defense out there. Than there is newly acquired Shelva, that in my opinion is a clone of Yushkevich, but cheaper and more offensive. He played in Florida a non playoff team, now here in Toronto he should be able to increase his points greatly and be able to contribute to the offensive more. So in my prospective is better than Dimity. So we got an improved Kaberle, and better number one defenseman, than an obvious McCabe who will improve. Who else is there? Pilar, he did outstanding in the playoff’s played great defense, showed excellent grit and determination. He is far better than a Cross, Lumme or a Berg. So that’s four defenses I find that are solid. Than we have Berg and Lumme who both did decent jobs last year. So a improved defense as well in my eyes.

Now to the offense, missing a vital part, Gary Roberts. Mogilny played great last year, and the best line most of you could come up with he is too inconsistent, he will tank this year. But I been watching him since his Buffalo days, and every time people don’t expect much out of him, last year he was challenged buy Leaf fans to perform and he did, this year he has a greater to prove he ain’t that inconsistent player every one thinks of him. One thing about Mogilny when there is pressure over his shoulders, he performs. Expect him to be great yet again. Than there is every one’s favorite player, Darcy Tucker. Who had a career season last year, he even shin Ed when line mate Mogilney was injured. With Mogilney next to him expect same numbers out of him. Than we got the three stooges Reichle, Remberg, and Green all had up and down performances last year. But Green and Remberg seemed to be improving as the season went on. They have found their roles on this team and will perform much better next season. Reicle the most hated player in Toronto will have great season, he has a fresh start to prove him self, and will do so.

While every one else seas a horrible team that is a ticking time bomb, ready to blow. I see a strong contender, that will rise up to the challenge of being the underdogs and play strong, and finish at the top of their conference this year.

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  1. Robert says:

    Renberg and Green because they came together at the end of their season and found there roles on the team. Last 2 months they were consitent so it is fair to assume that this season they will preform at that same level. As for Reichel he has a fresh start to prove him self, and “in my opinion” will do so. McCabe will improve his leadership now the YV is gone he is the leader of the defense, so he will grow more mature natually and improve that way. Kaberle’s numbes are still going up every year, still young and still has room for improvent.

    As for Eddie can go eiter, guess i am a Leafsn fan my opinion is a little biased hoping that he will preform well.

  2. Habfan4 says:

    IMO Renberg did alright last year, he put up his highest point totals since 96-97 (basically he’s plateaued). Green is a serviceable 3rd line centre (40 pts tops).

    With Reichel, IMO it’s not that he didn’t perform it’s that Bud boosters bought into the myth that he could be a 40 goal man again (not going to happen). It’s a stretch to think that these guys will improve (they’re not that bad to begin with – overpaid perhaps but not bad).

    McCabe had a career year last year – hopefully for the blue & white faithfull he can do it again. Kaberle – no argument.

    Ed Belfour – Who knows which one shows up the 2001-2002 version or 1997 – 2000 version.

  3. titans says:


  4. titans says:

    Go take a nap “bucky”

  5. buckman says:

    Pus is spelt with one “s”. “Puss” would be used, for example in the phrase “sour-puss”, which you most certainly are. That was the most unclassy comment I’ve seen in my short span here at HTR

    I’m still waiting for you to “straighten me out”…with an actual comment on the leafs that is. C’mon …you must have know or have SOMETHING to say about hockey

  6. Aetherial says:

    ROFL! good comback!

    Given what I know of you, I would have to say that not even you could be serious about the above response… just in case you are, Seek help! Anyone who would write that *seriously* is one sick little puppy.

    Keeping in mind that this post of yours is not serious, I would have to make the sad observation that it still manages to pretty much typify the quality and worth of your posts.

    I don’t have to attack “the man”, you attack your own credibility pretty much everytime you hit the “Ok!” button.

  7. Commissioner says:

    buckman, you have got it all wrong! Our friend titans is suffering from schizophrenia, and he often talks to himself out loud. From my earlier post, I have correctly diagnosed him with his condition. He is merely responding to voices in his head. I am afraid he will no longer be competent in either thought-processing or word-processing. He is however still capable in participating in the more junior topics, such as Logos and Jerseys. Let’s just bring him along slowly. The ‘man’ has suffered enough from his own embarrassment.

    The Commissioner

  8. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    I stopped trying to deal with Titans ages ago. It’s poitness, no matter how good your points are, he’ll end up throwing a hissy-fit like a little kid who didn’t get that new X-box system he wanted. Or the kid who tells his parents that he hates them cause they won’t buy him a new BMW for his 16th birthday.

    He’s always been, and always will be a little boy. I had hope for him during one period when he seemed to restrain himself a bit more, but now I realize that there’s no point in trying to deal with him. Better to ignore his comments and maybe he’ll get bored and leave.

  9. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    The only *big* change was Belfour changing spots with Cujo.

    The last time I checked the Leafs did just fine with Cujo gone for most of the 2nd half of the season. You’d think the Leafs traded their captain, lost their start defenseman, and lost their top scorer.

    They have virtually the same team as last year, with some upgrades on defense and on their forward corps with Fitzgerald (anyone who says Valk is better and brings more to the table knows nothing).

    What’s the big deal?

    Geez. People.

  10. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    Everyone, just give up on the Leafs. According to most hockey “fans” they won’t even make the playoffs. Why do you all care about them so much if they won’t make the playoffs?

    I find it funnier and funnier each and every year when people talk about the Leafs. You always get a thousand people who think the Lefas will crash and burn, more because they WANT them to crash and burn, rather than them actually looking like they will.

    Before all you hear is Cujo is so overrated, now that he’s gone, he’s god.

    Make up your mind people.

    The Leafs have virtually the same team as last year. Now in case you can’t remember, that team finished 3rd in the league in points, 1 point behind Boston for 1st in the East. They made it to the final 4…. And they’ve made it passed the first round of the playoffs for the last 4 years. You’d think we’re talking about the Atlanta Thrashers or something here, with the way you guys see the moves that the team makes. I mean.. come on now! Look at the roaster and tell me it’s not almost identical to last year’s. Use your damn heads people!

  11. titans says:

    Ahh well thats where your wrong North. The more you ignore me, the more determined I become! God I love how easilly you people get your feathers ruffled! You all need to get a life.

  12. titans says:

    Well it’s amazing how you everytime I throw out the bait of a few profanities and insults I always manage to catch more and more “special people”. Never fails.

  13. Robert says:

    couldn’t have said it better my self.

  14. titans says:

    Well I’m looking at their “roaster” right now, and I see a pretty sad lineup. As far as forwards are concerned You have one great player in Sundin. One player who’s good when he feels like it in Mogilney. A player who used to be decent in Renberg and a total Scumbag in Tucker.

    On defence you’ve lost your best player in Yushkevich for a guy who wanted nothing more than to retire a few month ago. (Boggles the mind that one) and Kaberle and McCabe.

    As for goalie well you lost your absolute player in Joseph, for a guy who Was once, a long time ago good and who now just drinks too much, trashes locker rooms, and offers “billion dollar” bribes to cops.

    All and all this team looks like a shadow of it’s former self to me!

  15. buckman says:

    All I think is that they’ve lost some key personnel. Some for good (Cujo) and some for at least half the year (Roberts). And who’s to say that ROberts will come back 100% after surgery. People don’t heal as well at his age.

    BY watching last years playoffs, a great performance by Cujo and a heroic effort by Roberts almost singlehandedly carried the leafs to where they got.

    McCabe and KAberle look good on D—but that’s it.

    Sundin’s always a top player, but Moginly is past his prime and will not peak any more. Who else is there?? One or 2 injuries and they’re done.

    And don’t get me started on Eddie. I hope for the leafs sake that he plays well, but he’s been off his game for some time now….probably never to return.

  16. leafer7 says:

    Anyone hear the story about “The Boy who cried Wolf”?.

  17. leafer7 says:

    I have to agree with your assesment here.I think the Leafs are no better then last years club.In fact I say they are a bit weaker with the questionable Belfour in net.To me it’s a huge question mark.

  18. bennyd says:

    last season the leafs neither lived or died under joseph, he was hot and cold all season, i think the leaf players had it in there heads “hey, josephs back there we dont have to play as hard”. looked what happened when joseph got hurt, schwab came in, and did a great job, but the whole team played better also. so maybe at the start of the season, when they look down the ice and see belfour, they will play with the same intensity they played with when schwab was net.overall, they are not that strong on offence, but they still manage to be the second or third highest scoring team in the east (i could be wrong on that). there defence will be stronger, they have not changed much, but they are older, anyone who has played the game knows, defence is like wine it gets better with age. this is also a team that started last year with 4 new guys up front, this year they should gel a little bit more and work better as a unit.

    just a few thoughts

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