Leafs Summer….

A couple suggestions on what i think the leafs should do this summer….

1. Trade kabi and 7th ovr and a top prospect for tampa 2nd ovr and salary, so probably meszaros

2. draft Tavares!!! need a poster boy….
3. Push hard for jay bo.
4. make some small moves during draft and summer to clean up more space for either free agents or salary dumps for picks….guys like blake,finger,stajan,poni…etc.. new look!!
5. Sign Gustavsson
6. get younger and tougher for next year!!!

2 Responses to Leafs Summer….

  1. Kenny878 says:

    Totally agree

  2. Kenny878 says:

    Also give Toskala one more year to shape up. If he does re-sign him and if he doesn't. Let him go

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