Leafs: The Whole Thing Stinks

As Leafs Nation waits for the outcome of Fletcher’s bid to start turning this team around, I’m starting to wonder if all Leafs fans want to see the Leafs win a cup or just merely win some games. Either way, the whole thing stinks!

I hate being one of the fans still pounding on this issue but I don’t get why so many people are still satisfied with the current Leafs mess. Why are the stands packed (but everyone is silent at the game)? Who are those people in the stands with blue and white on their face (Sen’s fans?)? Why are media personalities getting pounded on when they talk about the Leafs trading Sundin or others? Why does Sundin and the Leafs believe they can still make the playoffs? Why is Richard Peddie still the President of MLSE? I’m trying not to be impatient. I simply would like to get a taste of the future and this won’t happen unless big change is made.

It is obvious that fans and media can help create change in MLSE. I believe that is why JFJ got fired! Peddie found a way to appease us. That is why I continue to give my opinion: to promote through the masses that the Leafs must change to be a contender again, at any costs. But, is this it for the 2007-2008 season?

All the hubbub about no trade clauses and this player can’t be traded for that player and buyout the contract, etc, etc, is old, but is leading me to believe no major changes will be made by February 26.

Many of us saw the spark the Leafs had when they beat Ottawa on Saturday with some young guns in the line up. This spark came from players that are late round draft choices and pick-ups and not all stars (yet anyway). How would the Leafs fair if they actually had any young top guns and not have Sundin, Tucker, etc? Can anyone say the Leafs would do much worse than 21 wins at this point?

We’ve seen the reemergence of teams like Pittsburgh, Philly, and even Chicago, because of their young guns. It’s not because they have a Mats Sundin, Marion Hossa, or Oli Jokinen (awesome players, poor team leaders). It is because they have energetic, talented, and hungry young guns that have something to prove.

Even Montreal, who is led by Koivu and other elders, are a much younger and more effective team this year than last.

Every fan that believes Sundin, Tucker, McCabe, etc, should not be traded, are saying they do not want to see the Leafs win a cup. These are the players who can bring back young top guns in a trade. Why can’t some of you other fans get this!

I was in attendance of the Oshawa Generals vs. Owen Sound Attack on Sunday, February 3. The Gen’s won 7-5 coming back from a 5-2 deficit. Brett MacLean and John Taveras, 2 of the top 3 OHL scoring leaders, performed admirably. The Gen’s went through years of hard times before they got Taveras. Even at the OHL level, hard times are a requirement for any team who wants to win. This game plus the Leafs win over the Senators, was some of the most exciting hockey I have seen this year. All of it happened because of the young guns.

I will be sad to see Sundin or any of the vet’s go but I know I’ll be happier if the Leafs even make an attempt at getting younger and more talented, hence getting better.

Please Mr. Fletcher, make the stink go away! Or maybe yet, Go Gen’s Go!