Leafs, Thrashers talking

Toronto among teams sniffing around Atlanta’s No. 4 pick

Tim Wharnsby — Globe and Mail

Perhaps Brian Burke has a trading partner before the NHL entry draft, after all.Atlanta Thrashers general manager Don Waddell admitted Wednesday he is listening to tenders for the fourth overall selection at the draft Friday evening, and he revealed he has swapped trade ideas with his Toronto Maple Leafs counterpart.

“We’re certainly going to look at the trade market, but we’ve had no serious offers,” said Waddell, who was asked if he has been contacted by Burke. “We have talked to everyone. He has a better chance of getting to No.1 if he already has the [No.]4.”

Burke publicly disclosed his quest to land top prospect John Tavares of the London Knights more than two months ago.

But if neither the New York Islanders nor Tampa Bay Lightning – the teams drafting first and second, respectively – are willing to trade their selections to Burke, the Leafs GM has a back-up plan to go after Brandon Wheat Kings rugged forward Brayden Schenn, the younger brother of Leafs defenceman Luke Schenn.

The Los Angeles Kings are expected to take the younger Schenn with the fifth overall pick, so Burke would have to make a deal with the Thrashers if he wants to get his alternative man.

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  1. muckies says:

    Totally, maybe trade for Marty St Louis on wing or Pronger. Could be a very good weekend to be a Sens fan, could also be a weekend to drink a ton and try and forget waht was

  2. mojo19 says:

    maybe. Actually i'm jelous of Ottawa having E-karl, he was sick for Sweden at the WJC's. OEL on the other hand i dont really remember. But i've read good things about him.

    Just to use the 2002 draft, which was a good draft year as an example. There were lots of big prospects but of the top 15 the only real stars were Nash, Bouwmeester, and Semin.

    Lots of good players like Pitkanen, R.Whitney, K.Lehtonen, PM Bouchard, Upshall, Lupul, Eminger. And some busts in there too.

    I think OEL will end up being one of the lesser guys like an Eminger or Upshall calibre player, not an upper echelon guy. But who the hell knows.

  3. albertateams says:

    I don't see colarado trading this pick TO would be better off to target 4 or 5 to move up.

  4. cam7777 says:

    Haha, I'm glad you're accepting both possibilities.  We've certainly heard some varied reports on what has been offered for Heatley and what is acceptable. 

    My line of thinking tends to think that the Rangers "offer" was just so ridiculous, that it can't even be considered true.  Likewise, the Frolov/5th overall/roster player seems almost too good to be true.  My guess is the package Murray lands is going to fall somewhere in between.

    I think a big part of it depends on how certain GM's view Murray's "threat" to take Heatley off the market if they have to pay his 4 million dollar bonus.  I tend to agree with Spector on this one, and he thinks that is an act of desperation.  Even as he said it, he just sounded like he was bluffing.  He clearly just wants to force the trade before that point without sacrificing additional value.

    That said, Bob McKenzie thinks it is a sincere threat, and that anyone interested in Heatley better get their offers in quick-quick. 

    I guess we'll see.  So many questions to be answered in the next 48 hours….

  5. HabseyMtl says:

    omg HAHAHA
    did i say the 7th overall pick with blake and kaberle

  6. reinjosh says:

    im hoping we get a second first rounder later in the round (like between 13 and 21) so we can try and pick Rundblad
    say we get Columbus's 16th overall and we take Cowan
    Our D is soldified for years to come on 3 very good prospects
    Schenn and Cowan
    Rundblad and sign Ohlund to mentor him and we got ourselves a sick d corps in the making

    Schenn – Cowan
    Rundblad – Ohlund
    Kubina – White
    Stralman – Van Ryn

  7. cam7777 says:

    those are some pretty varied assets there.  it's not as though blake, kaberle and kubina all have equal value….

  8. HabseyMtl says:

    agreed but since i dont know too well the L.A prospect,thats why i only said a prospect,if its Kaberle,it could be Hickey but if its Kubina or Blake they can forget Hickey and then i dont know which prospect could be send to Toronto to even that trade.

  9. Elite_Destruction says:

    Lmao!, hahaha Mojo19 your hilarious!

  10. Elite_Destruction says:


    Brian Burke upfront on OTR yesterday

    nothing really new but just thought i would throw it out there 😛

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