Leafs tie it up thanks to officiating

The Flyers dropped their second in a row due in small part to some of the worst playoff officiating ever seen! Mcreary was calling phantom penalties all night long starting with a goalie interference against the Flyers in which the Flyers were neither in the crease nor did they touch Belfour. All involved were mystified except for Mcreary who was acting like the entire Flyers team slept with his wife the night before. Mcreary capped off his historic night with another goalie interference call in which Belfour clearly skated out into the Flyers forward then did his patented 360 “I’ve been hit!” routine.

I won’t deny that the Leafs kept coming at the Flyers or that Esche let in a weak goal on Sundin’s second but to me it looked like the Flyers were rattled by all the phantom penalties they were taking, not knowing what they were allowed to do while the Leafs were permitted to play their game.

The result is that the series is tied 2-2 making it a best of 3. To win the series the Flyers need to not give the Leafs breakaways and to pray that the officiating evens out somewhere down the road. It’s anyone’s series now.

Go Flyers!

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