Leafs To Claim Kidd Off Waivers?


Veteran Trevor Kidd of the Florida Panthers is expected to be claimed off waivers by Toronto by the end of the week, Sportsnet has learned. He is said to be close to reaching a deal with the Leafs.

The Toronto Maple Leafs may have found a goaltender to back up Ed Belfour.

With Corey Schwab leaving for New Jersey and Tom Barrasso aging, the Maple Leafs are hoping Trevor Kidd will be a solid backup for Eddie the Eagle.

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  1. mikster says:

    Good idea, i think Kidd is a solid back up. He also had that awesome start in Florida but he was injured.

  2. Forsberg21 says:

    Anybody remember a few years ago when Kidd was the starter in Florida and was just shutting everybody down. Everybody was talking Vezina early in the season. Then he went down with a knee injury or something, and has never been able to regain his form. God that’s got to suck. If by some chance Eddie doesn’t regain his form like most people think, and has another horrible season, maybe it will light a fire under Kidd to try and regain his. It always seems like when a number one netminder is struggling, the backup threatens to take his job with p;laying great.

  3. big_booty says:

    I hope Leafs fans won’t expect another run like they had last season. Despite their eternal optimism, reality should soon rear its ugly head in the form of their netminders.

    A tandem of Ed Belfour and Tom Barasso or Trevor Kidd is a huge step in the wrong direction. Curtis Joseph and Corey Schwab were what gave the Leafs the chance to win night in and night out, and they are no longer part of the team.

    Joseph, even though he had the annoying tendency to fold in the post-season, was the Leafs’ best player and the anchor on the ice. Schwab performed beyond expectations while Joseph was hurt. Now, these two toil for other franchises.

    Taking their collective place are two players who are so far past their primes that it’s hard to remember that they were actually good once upon a time, and one who has yet to live up to whatever potential he might have had. Belfour and Barrasso are rapidly approaching retirement, Kidd has yet to win more than 22 games in a season, and Tellqvist/Centomo are nowhere near ready to challenge for a roster spot.

    It’s going to be a long season up Toronto way.

  4. pantherboy says:

    hmmm. Interesting. I thought he was off waivers. The Panthers just restructured his huge contract. It is now resonable. I wonder if this is true, or just a bored writer??? Guess we will have to wait and see.

  5. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    Every year it’s the same. Doom and gloom predictions for the Leafs, no matter what off-season moves. Last year, they trade for a bunch of players, people say they won’t even make the playoffs, and they end up making the final 4.

    It’s always the same. People have a bias against the Leafs, and no matter what moves they make, people predict the worst.

    Excuse me if I don’t get into a huge discussion about why the team is basically the same as last year. Cause it won’t matter. IT’S THE SAME EVERY DAMN YEAR!

  6. Habfan1234 says:

    If this goes down the the Leafs have found an upgrade to Tom Barrasso. Kidd was playing awsome in the first 25 games a few years back. That is when he injured his knee in all places a skills compitition.

  7. titans says:

    I say make him the starter. A few years ago he was great. Belfour on top of being washed up, is a head case and a distraction. With Belfour you know what your getting, With Kidd there’s still quite an upside.

  8. McCabe_24 says:

    In the article on Sportsnet.ca,it says if none of the teams finishing lower in the standings claim Kidd, the Leafs may take but have to arrange a trade with Florida in return.

    Anyone have any ideas of who they would give up?

  9. platinumx15 says:

    the only reason youre writing this is because youre a leaf basher and you want everyone to believe that they wont make the playoffs.

  10. platinumx15 says:

    quinn will probably do florida yet another favour and give them mccabe and kaberle

  11. McCabe_24 says:

    As much as I would hate to see that, it seems less and less impossible every day. I still cant believe he gave up Yushkevich…but the leafs didn’t want to take on the um….3 – 5 million it would have cost for a reliable, young, defencive, role playing defencemen….he was one of the players making that much that wouldn’t have been called “overpaid”

  12. r_milley says:

    Like the favor he did in giving them Yushky for 1 year for Svehla(who had been talking to the Leafs since the trade deadline so obviously he was not 100% on retiring) who will be with the Leafs for 2 or 3 years possibly?

  13. mikster says:

    Wow, you actually disagree with Mantaray. He says that Belfour is an upgrade.

    You can’t make predictions such as those. How can you tell it is a huge step in the wrong direction?

    I think that if Belfour is at the top of his game, he can win games even at age 37. Kidd is still a solid back up, and he can be just as good as Schwab. Kidd has played for the Panthers…..so he definitely should be better in Toronto.

    I think that it will be tough for the Leafs to make the playoffs, but if they do make it, then i’d fear them in the playoffs. They are tough to beat.

  14. mikster says:

    Maybe a 3rd line prospect and a late draft pick. They are dealing for a back up goalie, so the value is quite low.

  15. AA says:

    It makes some sense. Kidd can still be a good goalie if Belfour falters. He needs to work more than he did in Florida, where Luongo was playing most of the games.

    The two teams are probably not negotiating a trade, but some way of splitting Kidd’s big salary (which is something like two and three-quarter million dollars).

    Obviously, Florida would like anyone to take Kidd’s salary off their hands. That’s why he’s being placed on waivers. The problem is that if no one claims him, Kidd probably becomes a free agent (since I bet Florida has run out of options for him, having placed him on waivers before) and they would then be stuck with his full salary to pay. They won’t place him on waivers again unless they know someone will take him.

    This is where the Leafs come in. The Leafs are probably interested in claiming him, but they probably do not want to assume Kidd’s whole contract or give up any players or picks in return. So they negotiate with Kidd to defer some salary, or they make some deal with Florida so that Florida assumes some of the salary (or perhaps both). Either way, Florida saves money and the Leafs don’t pay Kidd the full shot. What is in it for Kidd is that perhaps he gets another year added to his contracted, or he receives a promise to get more playing time in Toronto.

    Then Florida agrees to place him on waivers and the Leafs agree to claim him (without having to give up any compensation in players or picks, other than perhaps a waiver fee). There is a lot less risk for either team this way. The Panthers don’t have to worry that no team will claim Kidd, since they have an agreement with Toronto. The Leafs don’t have to worry about some other team claiming Kidd. If another team does, it is stuck paying Kidd’s full salary (since they have not negotiated anything with Florida or Kidd, presumably).

    So if the Leafs are really interested (and it sounds plausible), this is probably what is happening.

    I stand to be corrected, of course.

  16. AA says:

    I don’t think there will be a “trade”; see my comment below.

  17. pantherboy says:

    Ok here’s the deal on Kidd, since many people on here don’t know what they are talking about:

    He is NOT on waivers. His contract WAS re-nogotiated(its something like 750,000 I believe.) His wife has cancer, so he wants to stay in Florida while she recovers, thats why he choose to accept the back-up role for this upandcoming season and he choose to re-negotiate since he doesn’t want to leave. So this rumor makes no sense whatsoever.

  18. platinumx15 says:

    exactly that kind of favor. svehla was not gonna play for them again anyway so it was a huge upgrade for florida. the leafs gave florida way more for svehla then ny gave for bure. if the leafs were to trade away yushkevich on draft day or something…they wouldve gotten a hell of a lot more then svehla in return i can guarantee that….

  19. McCabe_24 says:

    Sportsnest says he’s on waivers. Unless you work for the Panther’s organization in some way, I’m going to believe a more credible source, like a sports station….

  20. big_booty says:

    No, I wrote this because it’s what I really believe. A novel concept, don’t you think?

  21. big_booty says:

    If, if, if. Same old mikster.

  22. AA says:

    Hey, relax!

    You’re right… he’s not on waivers yet, but Toronto is definitely interested — they have said so. He would not be placed on waivers until there was some agreement with Toronto (or someone). That was my point.

    Kidd’s contract was only renegotiated in the sense that he agreed to defer some money to a later date. Florida is still on the hook for the whole amount.

    Kidd is from Toronto, so he might want to come here. If he comes to Toronto, it’s possible that his wife will come with him. So he’ll be with her and she with him, whether here or there. So I’m not sure that has anything to do with anything.

    I doubt Kidd will be happy playing 15 or 20 games a year in Florida. I’m sure he’d love to come here and back up Belfour for 30 or so games.

    Anyway, neither of us can see into the future, and I wasn’t claiming to be doing so. The rumour still sounds plausible to me, and TSN is reliable (unlike some sources on this board).

  23. big_booty says:

    Lighten up. The team is not “basically the same as last year.” To even think such is audacious.

    Your team completely changed its goaltending situation. Management threw a boatload of money at a netminder who couldn’t even hold down a starting job last season. They couldn’t even hold onto his backup, who did a damn good job when called upon.

    I wouldn’t exactly call that “basically the same.”

  24. McCabe_24 says:

    i’m stubborn and i have to see things to believe them. I’m not trying to be a smart-ass or anyhting but could u tell me the address of the site where it says he’s not on waivers?

  25. AA says:

    No, you aren’t being a smart-ass…

    In trying to make my point, I stated things inaccurately… I know Sportsnet is saying he is on waivers…

    My points were: 1. Toronto is definitely interested in Kidd and Kidd in Toronto;

    2. Once he goes on waivers, it means that the deal is done, since Florida wouldn’t put him on waivers otherwise.

    So if he is indeed on waivers, as SN says, then you can be fairly sure he is coming to Toronto (unless someone else claims him, which will not likely happen).

  26. McCabe_24 says:

    alright thanx….i was just confused a bit….Kidd would make a good fit in Toronto and could be number 1 if Belfour stinks up the joint.

  27. zednik says:

    But for 2.3 MIllion????


  28. chewy says:

    Quinn in an interview yesterday said he was close to an agreement with Tom Barrasso who was willing to accept a back-up role to Eddie the eagle, but wanted incentives added into the contract that if he won or took over the starting job his contract would pay him like a starter.

  29. AA says:

    Click here for a good article on the subject of Trevor Kidd, from the Florida Sun-Sentinel.

  30. The_Baron says:

    The Leafs probably won’t trade anything for Kidd, he’ll be bought out by Florida after he clears waivers, like articles this morning are reporting, and then the Leafs will sign him, clear and free.

  31. Aetherial says:

    I would be willing to bet that the Leafs would like to give Florida a few people.. Robert Reichel and a couple of their terrible defensemen come to mind immediately. Of course Florida won’t want to pick up their salaries either.

  32. Aetherial says:

    I would guess that the Leafs are thinking that way also. Otherwise, if it was just a backup I would they would just sigh Barasso. They could be hedging their bets with Balfour.

  33. Old_Time_Hockey says:

    I am not a leaf fan. I can’t stand them. But and this is a big BUT. You guys ” big booty” better get your heads out of your wives big booty’s because The Leafs were #3 in the league last year…Yeah that’s right…they were ahead of all the superpowers! The Colorado’s The San Jose’s, The Flyers and so on.

    So for you to doubt a team that has repeatedly been to the final four is nuts. You obviously cheer for a team that Toronto always beats.

    As for the Tending situation. Joseph is an overrated tender. Last year he had a sub par season and did not have a thing with Toronto’s placement at the end of the season. Mat Sundin carried the team last year and he will again this year. Ed Belfour was a top 5 goalie this time last year. Due to battles with the coach—-THE COACH THAT WAS FIRED BECAUSE OF BELFOURS AND OTHER PLAYERS HATRED OF HIM—–he had a very sub par year as well. But he will be back. I just wish he proved you wrong playing for my team instead of the Leafs!

    Watch out this leaf team will be top 5 in the league again this year. I can just feel it.

  34. Old_Time_Hockey says:

    Florida will simply buy out Trevor Kidd and then leafs will pick him up. Florida just wants him out. They tried last year but the money was too high for anyone to take a chance.

  35. Old_Time_Hockey says:

    TSN.ca reports the following:

    The newspaper quotes sources who say the Panthers have placed Kidd on waivers. However, no team is expected to claim the 30-year-old, who carries with him a $2.3-million salary. Kidd went unclaimed by other NHL teams when he was placed on waivers back in March.

    Once Kidd clears waivers next Tuesday, the Panthers are expected buy him out, making him free to sign with the Maple Leafs.

    While Kidd did confirm that the Panthers had placed him on waivers, he was not aware of any deal involving the Maple Leafs.

    Panthers general manager Rick Dudley said he expects Kidd to be with another team by next week.

    “In all likelihood, something will happen and it won’t be a trade,” Dudley tells the Sun-Sentinel. “I do think Trevor will be moving on, and it’s at his request.”


    As you can see by reading this he is on waivers and will clear waivers next Tuesday. This is when Florida will supposedly buy out his contract making him free to sign with toronto.

    And to PANTHERBOY, Trevor Kidd has supposedly asked to be moved out of Florida….so maybe this can make sense to you.

  36. AA says:

    That’s true in all respects.

  37. AA says:

    I don’t know about Pantherboy, but it is starting to make a lot of sense to me.

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