Leafs to Make a few splashess?

Found this while surfing twitter..

While some of the trades seem fairly logical to the Leafs, not sure if they would be logical from the other sides. All depending on how Florida decides to move forward (rebuild or restructure and compete), and if we have a package that is the most suitable to Chicago.

Basically, Cox is saying that Toronto would move (main pieces, pretty it up for the deal):
Kaberle to Fla for Horton ,

Package based around Kulemin + pieces to Chi for Sharp+ salary dump
Attempt to sign Hamuis as an UFA or attempt to trade for his rights


The trades make some sense, depending on what we take back as the “salary dump” from Chi. my thoughts are, would Chi want Kulemin ? or would they rather a prospect type guy that wont add any salary to there current team. if they could move $6 million and get back a mid level prospect, that would be huge for the upcoming year.

As for Fla, does it make sense for Fla to take on a 32 year old puck moving D man? or are they more interested in picks? if they want a pick, and Tor is really interested in Horton, then Burke might have to start this all off with a Kaberle for a 1st move, which then would be flipped to Fla.

As usual a lot of ‘ifs’, and this is why we love it!