Leafs to Make a few splashess?

Found this while surfing twitter..

While some of the trades seem fairly logical to the Leafs, not sure if they would be logical from the other sides. All depending on how Florida decides to move forward (rebuild or restructure and compete), and if we have a package that is the most suitable to Chicago.

Basically, Cox is saying that Toronto would move (main pieces, pretty it up for the deal):
Kaberle to Fla for Horton ,

Package based around Kulemin + pieces to Chi for Sharp+ salary dump
Attempt to sign Hamuis as an UFA or attempt to trade for his rights


The trades make some sense, depending on what we take back as the “salary dump” from Chi. my thoughts are, would Chi want Kulemin ? or would they rather a prospect type guy that wont add any salary to there current team. if they could move $6 million and get back a mid level prospect, that would be huge for the upcoming year.

As for Fla, does it make sense for Fla to take on a 32 year old puck moving D man? or are they more interested in picks? if they want a pick, and Tor is really interested in Horton, then Burke might have to start this all off with a Kaberle for a 1st move, which then would be flipped to Fla.

As usual a lot of ‘ifs’, and this is why we love it!


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  1. number15 says:

       i dont see Chicago going for this….. Apparently Kulemin wants 3 million per, for 4-5 years. They need to save money not add a player wanting that much, while he hasent even proven he earns that much. Kinda why Leafs would wanna trade him in the first place, eh

       Also obviously the salary dump wouldnt be Campbel, Huet or Hossa….. so that leaves Sopel. I dont think Leafs need him at his salary. im just not too high on him

    **** love getting Sharp though, dont get me wrong

  2. Kyleton says:

    No dice on the Chicago deal. They won't take Kulemin they are trying to save alot of money.

    Florida might do it. It depends on which way the new GM wants to go with the team, future or impact now.

  3. cam7777 says:

    This article makes no sense, and Cox has never been right about anything. 

    First of all, Sharp will be the last piece that Chicago moves.  Byfuglien had a great playoff too, but I think if push comes to shove, they'll move him or Versteeg before Sharp.  Ownership will push management to pay someone to take on Campbell and Huet, and keep the whole crew together (or most of it).  If they are keeping their whole crew together, they have a ton of prospects they can throw out the window to get trades done (Beach, Aliu, Skille).  Moreover, Kulemin could cost as much as 3 million (but probably more like 2.2), which isn't a big enough cap savings to even matter to CHI.

    Secondly, I'm all for speculating about defensemen acquisitions, as long as we all understand that means that Burke probably has a trade in place for Kaberle, and a trade in place for Beauchemin as well.  However, if he is moving out two of his NHL defensemen (and no, it won't be Schenn), then expect Paul Martin to be the first free agent that Burke calls.  Martin and Komisarek were supposed to be the USA Olympics top pairing – Burke won't miss the oppurtunity to unite them on the Leafs as a secondary pairing.

    Finally, the article does sum it up properly, suggesting that acquiring Horton with Kaberle would require two trades, but I just want to direct you all to this article:


    Wilson talks about how he has no bad habits on this roster now, and how that's something he wants to build on, and really keep developing from.  Horton is a laundry list of bad habits, and for all his talent, I really just don't see him being the guy that Burke is targetting.

  4. LeafsneedSteen says:

    FLA could have interest in reuniting the Kabby/McCabe PP pairing where they both had productive years. I'm pretty neutral on Horton, I suppose it would be good return, for some reason he's upside does impress me. I might be biased against the Panthers as I find them to be the embodiment of dull mediocrity.

    As Hamhuis, I'm not completely sold, he'd have to sign for at least 3-4 years and that would bury Schenn to the fifth spot on the blueline behind Phaneuf, Hamhuis, Beachemin and Komisarek.  I think it's time we get those lunchbox type 5/6th defenseman and not pay three million for a player that will see limited ice time.  Then again if trade a defenseman in addition to Kaberle, by all means sign Hamhuis.

    I can't see Chicago making that deal, they would get at least a 1st for Sharp.  Sharp reminds me of R.J. Umberger in terms of trade value, he should land at least a mid 1st round pick.

  5. reinjosh says:

    Yeah, Cox is more like us then he like an analyst or insider. In fact he seems to have less knowledge than we do (no narcissism intended)

  6. duchene_9_avs says:

    OMG every where I look (hockeybuzz.com, hockeytraderumors.com), all I see is how "Leafs to Make a few splashess" or "Maple Leafs have big moves in mind" and all I can say is …. really Maple Leafs REALLY!!!!

    Ok tell me this leafs fans…. HOW!!!  ….. what players on your roster do you have, that a team like a Chicago or Florida would even be intrested in.. ohhhhh right Kaberle and his 4.5 million dollar contract … say you do trade him, you'll have to take on a player with a simillure contract back…. maybe a player like Sharp but I don't see it happening ….. Chicago isn't gonna take on contracts… they would rather take on GOOD prospects and HIGH draft picks… and well Leafs that pretty much rules you out LMAO!! They want to dump salary but in the same time get something in return, plus they don't need a defense man… they have a top defense core already.

    Now to Nathan Horton….. and I wonder why…. look at the past three stanley cup winners and what do they all have in common….. they are all solid down the middle, three center man deep … when ever we hear about trade rumors with the leafs, it's always for wingers… sure sharp plays a little center but his true position is wing …… you have to get good and deep at the center position or it's gonna be a while before you ever when the cup.

    But I get it though ….. Burkie (overrated) hasn't put you guys in a good position ever since he got there….  he has always said "rebuilding a team you  must start from the back end and work out"… really burkie really … cuz i look around the league and Chicago,Detroit,Colorado,Philadelphia,Washington haven't done that…. I don't understand how he thinks he can rebuild a contending team though trades and free agents…. were the logical answer is through the draft… A year were you could have had a potential superstar instead trade for a player that will never reach his full potential without a true center  ( back to my center position theory)…. Then I hear how Burkie did such a great job with the Vancouver , yeah have they won lately or even made it to the conference finals….. what about the ducks ….. common without neidemyer and pronger, they wouldn't have won, plus they've haven't been on top since pronger left …..

    Well I guess i just don't get these rumors …. cuz honestly I don't see the leafs doing much of anything this off season … oh yeah they might do a kaberle trade … i see that happening …. but trades for Sharp or any other black hawk … naw ….  sorry but i don't see it … i don't wanna bash on the Leafs but i'm tired of how every off season has become "The Summer of the Leafs"

  7. LeafsneedSteen says:

    You know what you're right, trading Stajan, White and Nik Hagman for Dion Phaneuf is really going to haunt us.

    Pfffttt…. quite whining.

  8. blaze says:

    Funny how a team can be shitty for years and still be the most relevant team in hockey. I can’t wait for the bandwagon to fill up when the Leafs start winning.

  9. toronto-cruz says:

    if it pisses you off, why are you clicking on the article to read it in the first place? ? ?   just curious

    and I was sketched by the Chi trade too, cant see Chi wanting to take on a guy who wants 2.5-3-3.5 mil.  but then i guess that's where the salary dump might be important.  I could see some wierd 3 team trade where Kules goes some where else and Chi gets picks happening.  It's hard to predict Burkes moves, he's a sly old fox, ahha.

    I don't have much respect for Cox, but I figured it was something, get some (more) excitement building. 

    We don't have amazing assets, but there are teams (chi/Philly) in cap trouble, and moving out some contracts to retrain the highest # of current players is probably their best option. 

  10. lafleur10 says:

    the most revelant team in hocky! HAHAHAHA…….YEAH O.K.! the most revelant team in hockey is none other than the  MONTREAL CANADIENS!

  11. Mapleleaves says:

    Really i thought the leafs made the most money out of any team in the legue, and had the most news.

  12. Mapleleaves says:

    sorry, i hate putting too replies but also the biggest fan base.

  13. gregmash_Leafs says:

    (Claps hands) couldnt have said it better myself.

  14. inurface says:

    im sorry but NO MORE STINKIN mONEY SHOULD BE SPENT ON defence

    as well leafs will do moves and since hamhuis is gone to philly pretty much and arnott to devils the only thing i see is if devils are really interested in kaberle im srry … i wish not to make a deal with lou as the leafs will get burnt,,,

    and  yes the leafs have enough assets to make significant moves look at gigurre phaneuf kessel ( i still agree with the trade based on when he made it )

    lastly our farm system is far better this upcommin yr

  15. mitchamac says:

    i read that kaberle for carter is a live again

  16. popkumdan says:

    So at what point is the website going to change it's name to MapleLeafRumors.com?

    Every time I come here 90% of the articles and stories and rumours are about the Leafs. Even rumours and articles that have nothing to do with the Leafs have someone come along and add remarks about the Leafs or twist the topic until it is about the Leafs. 

    I mean come on.. there is a whole big world outside of Toronto and an astonishing 29 other NHL teams that could be talked about. 

  17. duchene_9_avs says:

    That's what I'm saying ….. thats all it is …… It doesn't matter what trade there is , the leaf are some how always involved ….

     I'm an AVS fan hoping to see if we can pick up one of Chicago's players like a Versteeg/ Sharp, and some how the Leafs are after them …. im sorry but the Avs prospects are better then Leafs period!!!

  18. inurface says:

    well i agree toronto gets alot of attention
    but its not our fault

    most viewers here are leaf fans u cant change tht fact
    the only way this changes if more other cities fan watch/view this website

    its like sayin y does the yankeees/patriots/real madrid/man u/brazil/ get all if not majority of publicity in their respective sports…….

    well ???
    the only diff between them and leafs is our drought…….booo

    if u dun want a sport example i ill give u real life one (literally)

    well most viruses/diseases come from asian countries,,,,,,,,,, and not places like nunavut/antartica/scandinavia or alaska,,,

    its bc more ppl live in asia doh…

  19. LeafsneedSteen says:

    And yet you constantly have to voice this opinion on Leaf articles because the Habs aren't relevant enough to have their fanbase write Hab articles.

  20. gregmash_Leafs says:

    haha pfft.

  21. LeafsneedSteen says:

    You know this is a community run website, rather than moan that no one is catering to your ever whim you could write an article about a team other than the Leafs and people comment on it. 

  22. Frank181 says:

    HABSRULEFOREVER is a huge scrub

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