Leafs to pick first overall?

A rumor circulating according to hockeybuzz.com, and insider-rumors.blogspot.com, is saying that Chicago is offering up Tuumu Ruutu and there first round pick.Now Chicago’s pick could very well be the first overall pick this year, giving the Leafs a shot to draft Johnathon Toewes, Phil Kessel, or Erik Johnson.

I would not want to trade Sundin, but lets just imagine they took Kessel, the lines would assumingly look like this. Assuming they didn’t make any more changes.





Not a bad team, althought hat would mean that the only players who started the 2003-04 season as Leafs would be Poni, Stajan, Domi, and Tucker… scary stuff eh.

Wouldn’t wanna see Sundin is a Blackhawk