Leafs to pick first overall?

A rumor circulating according to hockeybuzz.com, and insider-rumors.blogspot.com, is saying that Chicago is offering up Tuumu Ruutu and there first round pick.Now Chicago’s pick could very well be the first overall pick this year, giving the Leafs a shot to draft Johnathon Toewes, Phil Kessel, or Erik Johnson.

I would not want to trade Sundin, but lets just imagine they took Kessel, the lines would assumingly look like this. Assuming they didn’t make any more changes.





Not a bad team, althought hat would mean that the only players who started the 2003-04 season as Leafs would be Poni, Stajan, Domi, and Tucker… scary stuff eh.

Wouldn’t wanna see Sundin is a Blackhawk



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  1. MaltE says:

    That would be a Very good trade for us, but come on here, Sundin’s no trade clause, and his points right now wouldn’t make anyone too interested in Sundin. It would be a good team if we did have him, more younger players and speed. But I don’t think Sundin has better chances winning the cup there and he knows that too. On top of it all, he has been in Toronto for so long and has done so well, so that has not been un-noticed to the GM and Coach

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Which is why I got my money on Detroit, apparently they can offer Zetts or Datsyuk.

  3. BleedinBlueTillDeath says:

    I just have one question…Why would Chicago trade away a very high pick, and a young player for a declining mid 30’s player who is going to make nearly 7 million next year, when they are not even contenders?

  4. bryanlovestheleafs says:

    I think the leafs could get better than this for Sundin. However, if the possibility exists for the leafs to move into the top 3 or 4 in terms of draft without giving up Sundin, Kaberle, McCabe, Tucker, Stajan or Steen who are currently on the roster go for it. (Exclud Rask and Pogge).

    One name to remember – Jordan Staal.

    I have had the privilege to see this guy play many games, and i’m telling you, he is better, bigger and meaner than Eric at this age.

    As for the rest of the team, excluding the guys above, get what you can. Keep all the young guys,

    Here’s who you trade: Domi, Allison – if worthy trade bait- kilger, sundin, berg, klee, belfour.

    I’m telling you, if the trade with edmonton could come true- Belfour for Peca. take it and run.

    Sign Felix Potvin as a culpable back-up with playoff experience to Telqvist. I know people will say “POTVIN,” but man this guy is either hot or cold. IF we get him, hope he’s hot for the playoffs.

  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    To tell you the truth, I would’ve gone with the more realistic story in Datsyuk or Zetterberg, but you guys will learn if you post more articles, always post the article that will attract most attention.

  6. chink says:

    where do u hear this stuff? half the rumours on this site have absolutly no sence to them why would chicago give up there first pick which will most likely be kessel, it’s clear the hawks aren’t making the playoffs so why would they bother stocking up on fading talent being sundin, when they can keep the pick and a boost of youth on the team next year. the new nhl is not meant for old players, it’s designed for the young! not old farts like sundin and nolan

  7. BleedinBlueEH says:

    I would rather swing a deal like this…

    Bell, Bourque 1st rounder


    Sundin and Antropov

    Then ship Klee, Berg and Khavanov away for draft picks. Trade Allison for a draft pick or younger player.

  8. The-President says:

    Here is what the Leafs should do for this season and next:

    1st off here is a blockbuster trade:





    2nd rounder


    Florida for:




    These players no longer want to play for Florida, and Mike Keenan is a retard so both go hand in hand… This trade would provide Florida with some proven veterans, and Leadership, something they have been missing for the past oh I dont know 5 years.



    Antropov, Stajan, Kronwall, 3rd rounder for:

    Bell, Arnoson, and Vandermeer.


    Trade Allison, Wellwood, and a 1st rounder to Minnesota for Gaborik.

    Trade Klee, Lindros, Berg, to what ever teams would be interested in them, but if thats not possible just let them walk next summer. Along with Belak get him the hell out of here!

    Before all of you people bash this post, We need a cup not a pretender, we need to get serious, we need to be able to compete with the elite teams and not get shut out 8-0 to Ottawa, Wow we beat Atalanta in a blow out, well guess what Atlanta is just what we are as of now, a PRETENDER!

    JFJ needs to get off his lazy ass and turn this team into a serious contender and he needs to make drastic changes, not just tinker around with the line up and trade for guys like Asham, thats not going to please Leaf Fans, and thats certainly not going to bring us closer to the Cup. For Once I want to hear a sports commentater say the Leafs are Favorites to Win the Cup! It must feel good to Be a Canes, Sens, Wings, Canucks Fan.

    Here would be the Leafs Cup Contender Lineup:










  9. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Some nice trades, but I like the Leafs the way they are, they need to dump some dead weight on defense, and could get a new decent forwad, as well as rid them selves of Chow. I like Lindros. Him and Domi are my favorite players. I’d keep Lindros and move him to wing Jokey, and then move everyone down swich Pohl with Domi.

    Just my opinio. But man, I kinda wish there were more Canadians there, I mean nothing but Jokinen or Gaborik, they’re fantastic players, but I love seeing life-long Leaf fans play for their home town team, I love watching Ontarian Leafs, eh, if I was a Habs fan, I’d want French Canadians, or a Flames fan, I’d like the team the way it is, because they’re all from Western Canada.

    It’s nothing against other types of players, but seeing Ontarian Leafs is great, but I guess if Jokinen and Gaborik are the best guys they can get, go for it.

    The defense core you built is a terriffic set of kids.

    But really, something really doesn’t say “Leafs” about this team.

  10. goose says:

    i would give them allison instead of sundin for tuomo ruutu and a first round draft pick!

  11. goose says:

    yes we could get datsyuk, hes amazing to me, hes one of my favorite players, adn hes a first line center and if i were jfj or quinn i would pick him up nnnnoooo problem!

  12. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    According to insider-rumors.blogspot.com, it was a typo, Ruutu OR a first round pick.

  13. The-President says:

    Its not about being Canadian, Its about winning the Cup, and I like Lindros as well, but he isnt going to bring us a Cup. We need gamebreakers, which Lindros used to be. But thanks for commenting, and agreeing on some points.

  14. lukeleim says:

    time to rebuild…

    Mats Sundin & Staffan Kronwall to the Detroit Red Wings for Henrik Zetterberg

    Ed Belfour, Clarke Wilm & Andy Wozniewski to the Edmonton Oilers for Andrew Cogliano & Danny Syvret

    Jason Allison & Ben Ondrus for Jordan Leopold

    Aki Berg to the Nashville Predators for the Predators’ 3rd-round pick in 2006

    Alexander Khavanov to the Vancouver Canucks for

    Tyler Bouck

    Nik Antropov, Kyle Wellwood, Marc Moro, Mariusz Czerkawski to the Chicago Blackhawks for Pavel Vorobiev & Tyler Arnason

    Tucker – Zetterberg – Steen

    Ponikarovsky – Lindros – O’Neill

    Vorobiev – Arnason – Domi

    Kilger – Stajan – Bouck


    Pohl – Belak

    Prospects: Jeremy Williams, Robbie Earl, Roman Kukemberg, Andrew Cogliano

    Kaberle – McCabe

    Leopold – Harrison

    Klee – Colaiacovo


    Belak – Brown

    Prospects: Danny Syvret, Ian White, Phil Oreskovic





    Prospects: Tuukka Rask, Justin Pogge, Todd Ford

    avg. age: 24

    salary cost: 27 mil (estimate)

    next year salary cost: 33 mil (estimate)

    cap space left: 12 mil (estimate)


    off season signings: Patrik Elias, Ed Jovanovski & Curtis Joseph

    Next Year’s Line-up:

    Steen – Zetterberg – Elias

    Ponikarovsky – Lindros – Tucker

    Vorobiev – Arnason – O’Neill

    Kilger – Stjan – Domi


    Bouck – Cogliano – Belak

    Pohl – Williams

    Kaberle – McCabe

    Leopold – Jovanovski

    Klee – Colaiacovo


    Harrison – White







  15. whitee_boi says:

    You think our team is bad now? Ruutu Lindros (if he even comes back) and steen as ur top line is just sad. If were gonna trade sundin get something worthwhile back for it like Tanguay or Zetterberg or Datsyuk. Dont trade him for a chance at a first overall pick.

  16. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The Leafs might get more for Mats if they let a bidding war go on till March 9th.

  17. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Actually I like that team. I just wouldn’t want Mats to go.

  18. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I know, I just figure having more Canadian talent is an added bonus.

    Did you know…

    The last all Canadian Cup Winning team was the 1975 Philadelphia Flyers,

  19. The-President says:

    I think Canadians are more needed on Defense then on Offense. I think Europeans are much more skilled then North Americans, I’ll leave the scoring up to them, and the grittiness and heart up to North Americans. Canadians are better on Defense, and displaying heart.

  20. Marky2Fresh says:

    It doesn’t say anything about this rumour on hockeybuzz.com

  21. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I’ll have to agree, I really believe Canadians in general are better in all aspects of the game. The general Canadian is a power forward, and it’s funny, people thing power forwards crash the net and shit, but Bertuzzi, Thornton, and Nash… all more of play makers really. Nash doesn’t have the team mates to show it in the NHL, but you see him in the Olympics?

    I think I gotta disagree with the “Sens Canes, Canucks, and Wings” cup contenders thing. The Sens, and the Canucks are chokers, the Canes… we’ll have to see, they’re a VERY different team from last year. Ottawa and Vancouver just made cosmetic changes. Although I really like what Anson Carter brings.

    I’d like to see the Leafs get Hasek this summer. I hate the guy, but I’d like to see what his helmet would look like if he was a Leaf, I don’t think it would look quite right.

  22. The-President says:

    Hasek is tooo old, he will be gone after this season. I would never want him, the only reason hes good this season, is because he has an allstar team in front of him, and an awesome defense to go along with it.

  23. Krutch says:

    Toronto should keep Wellwood. He is the fastest the leafs have right now and it would be foolish to trade him before he can prove himself

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