Do you think that the Leafs should trade Clarkson?

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12 Responses to Do you think that the Leafs should trade Clarkson?

  1. leafy says:

    I think there’s a trade coming.

  2. LN91 says:

    I don’t know, I feel like Clarkson has not worked well with anyone on the team.

    I’ve come to realize that Lupul plays really well when he’s with either Kessel or Kulemin.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Try not to forget that he didn’t play the first 10 games when we were healthy. He just started to get his game together, then Bolland went down, Bozak goes down, Kadri gets suspended, Kulimen has been hurt, Lupul has been hurt…Clarkson hasn’t really had a chance to connect with anyone yet.

      • LN91 says:

        He’s been moved around alot already, I’m just not sure about him.

      • LN91 says:

        I think you also have to consider even though he’s missed 12 games this season, he’s on pace for 18 points.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          I get what you are saying LN91, his points are unimpressive. Dion’s points are on pace as some of the lowest of his career, but I am on the overall happy with his play. Lupul has one of the worst +/- on the team, but we need him and he is a big part of the team.
          With Clarkson, you are tight, he has been moved around a lot, which was my point of why it has been hard for him to find chemistry on a new team. If you only look at his points, you will always be disappointed in Clarkson. Look at how he always goes to the net, how he controls the puck on the boards, stands up for his team mates…is that worth his contract? NO. You are a smart enough hockey guy to know to look past points. We need what he brings other than points.

  3. reinjosh says:

    You gotta love the almost complete lack of patience in Leaf Nation. It’s almost comical. This is Leaf nation as a whole, not necessarily indicative of this site.

    Clarkson is 23 games into his contract and there is already talk about trading him.

    Gardiner goes a game as a minus player and trade talk sprouts up because 9 games of strong play is too small a sample size to suggest he’s learning on his potential.

    Kadri’s a bust before he’s 22, and he’s got attitude problems (I won’t even go into the difference between cocky confidence and attitude issues). Then he puts up a 70 point pace season, and the season after “drops” to a 25+ goal, 55+ point pace and he’s not “good enough all around and will never be a great player”.

    And then you have a guy like Reimer, puts up starter numbers over 100 games, yet it isn’t enough time to determine anything. Yet the guy brought in to replace him has less time, similar numbers and the media pretty much anoints him future franchise starter.

    It’s just comical seeing the dichtomy of patience the fans and media (to be fair, it’s more driven by the media) have with this team.

    • leafmeister says:

      I haven’t heard any Kadri hate since he established himself as a top 6 guy. Personally I have been thrilled with his performance, especially since everyone was predicting a serious decline. I still think he can get hot and maybe get up to a 60-70 point season this year.

      I like Reimer as much as the next guy, but I love the Bernier trade, and if I had to bet on one, it would be Bernier.

      I would trade Clarkson, and it has nothing to do with him as a player. If they had not signed him they would have much more room to lock up Kadri, Bolland, Phaneuf, Gardiner, Franson and Reimer. I’d also love to give Raymond an extension, especially if he keeps up this play. He has been outstanding.

  4. blaze says:

    And yet they bitch the loudest about the giving up on the Steens of Leaf history.

  5. leafs_wallace93 says:

    So we trade Clarkson so we can sign another Clarkson type player a couple years down the line for what will end up being a worse contract?

    I’ll take the guy who we have signed from age 27-35 instead thank you.

  6. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    I am happy we are playing better over the past 4-5 games on the overall. Defence has looked better, we are getting out of our own zone a little better and we have the puck a bit more (not like it could have got worse). Two major issues still exist, we are still horrible on the cycle and do not win enough puck battles in either end. I mean, the obvious problems at centre are still there(poor face-offs, overall talent), but that is not an easy fix.
    Easier targets would be a top 9 winger with some grit and a solid veteran D. Florida might be willing to move Gilbert, maybe Klein from Nashville. Maybe Phoenix would move Moss< Colorado McGinn, some kind of somewhat inexpensive help should come available at some point I would hope.

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