Could the Leafs trade Phaneuf to the Islanders?

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  1. mojo19 says:

    Now, I’ve been of the mind that the Dion trade situation is a lot like the Luongo situation. I recall a lot of dummies in the media talking about a Gardiner for Luongo swap and other shit like that. Of course, when you’re dealing a veteran with a big burdensome contract you just don’t’ get that kind of value back. Evidently I was correct about Roberto and I think it’s a similar situation with Dion.

    If we could unload Dion and not have to eat any of his salary, I would be thrilled. I personally would put him on waivers because within 2 years this is going to be considered one of the worst contracts in hockey.

    I really don’t think we could get any serious value for him… BUT, this rumour is actually really interesting because it’s NYI. I could see, of all the teams in the league, these guys making a ridiculous move like this.

    • leafy says:

      Totally agreed Mojo.

    • nordiques100 says:

      i think the value will be more than Luongo, just based on the position he plays.

      Luongo and Dion have equally cap sucking contracts.

      but, i think the market for goalies is really soft. From luongo to schnieder to scrivens to Reimer, there isnt a huge difference like say a toews and kopitar to bozak.

      And, its not like Luongo really wanted to go to a lot of other places other than Florida. that too is a factor IMO.

      No matter how mistake prone Dion is (and i cant say it enough, a byproduct of playing the wrong side), the guy plays 25 minutes, is a threat at the point on the PP and can withstand a physical beating.

      I am not saying he will be able to fetch Huberdeau, barkov and the 1st overall for him, but he definitely has more value than Mathias and Markstrom.

      If Kris Versteeg can be traded for a 1st round pick. i think there is some value out there the Leafs can go get.

      • LN91 says:

        I agree completely, and some other things:

        – Luongo’s contract goes until his 40’s…While Phaneuf’s goes until he’s 35. Right when he should be declining.

        – D-Men are the hotter commodity in the last while, especially since the best options for teams are Niskanen and Stralman.

        – Goalies, seem to have a cycle, and be filtered out easily. Even a random like Frederik Andersen took the spotlight from a Jonas Hiller.

        Phaneuf, should garner more then Luongo, but less then a Pronger.

    • blaze says:

      I gotta disagree on this. Have you seen the market for defenseman? I don’t want to dive right into an argument on Dions value but I feel like even most people would agree he’s a top 60 dman which makes him top pair.

      How many teams out there are looking for a top pair defensan, half the NHL? Nikita Nikitin just signed for $4.5 mil. At no point will Dions contract ever be considered worst in the NHL. The average fan (not you mind you) has a poor grasp of market value in the NHL. If Dion was UFA this July 1 he would have offers with AAV of over 7 million from multiple teams.

      • blaze says:

        Also with Toronto needing all the defensive
        Help they can get I will be shocked if they actually move their best defender. Odds are Dion is here to stay.

  2. leafy says:

    So how did the Leafs do previously with the no. 8 overall pick in the draft? It’s happened twice before.

    In 1992, the Leafs drafted Brandon Convery, a total bust.

    In 1970, the Leafs drafted some dude named Darryl Sittler! Yup, a franchise player and Hall of Famer.

    Here’s hoping the 1970 scenario plays out again.

  3. nordiques100 says:

    i think and hope the Leafs will try and move up.

    lots of moving parts. lots of intrigued depending on how the draft unfolds.

    i am really big fan of Ekblad and he’d be perfect for Toronto.

    but, at 8, there are good players to get. again, at lot will depend on how things unfold ahead of them.

    i think the team to watch is the Isles. I think they’d be willing to not only move down, but to drop out of the 1st round altogether if it meant getting ready, but young NHL talent.

  4. LN91 says:

    Looking at the Islanders, not a bad situation for them to go after Phaneuf:

    – No one questions the amount of firepower they have upfront…They finally developed forwards the right way and have a bunch at their disposal.

    – Solidified their goalie situation with Halak, whose a capable starter (Was Miller all that better than him?).

    – Got some nice pieces on the backend, with Travis Hamonic and Griffin Reinhart…Not to mention other prospects like Ville Pokka. A veteran player like Phaneuf would fit well.

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