Leafs Trade Rumours

There are many trade rumors surrounding the TML lately, and these are the options that they should take
1. Trade Pavel Kubina-
This makes sense because he was very little help to the team in regards to offence and took up $5 million dollars in salary cap. Its possible that Los Angeles is Interested in Kubina. In exchange, we could ask for some draft picks because they will finish next season low on the standings and with high draft picks.
2. Trade Andrew Raycroft- Again, this makes perfect sense because of the dissappointing performance in the 06/07 season. And with Pogge and Clemmenson ready to back up Toskala, I don’t see why Raycroft’s $2 million dollar contract is useful to us. Teams like Los Angeles again, or Colorado may be interested in Raycroft.
3.Trade Coliacavo and/or Ian white- Toronto has developed deep defensive depth by having young defensemen prospects in their lineup. They come at a cheap price, so it might be possible that teams like the Rangers, NJ or Colorado might have an interest.

Note that i used the word MIGHT in this article, and these are trade rumours, so bash me all you want.