Leafs Trade Talks Heating Up.

As you know this off-season the Maple Leafs have said that they will not be too active on the free agent market, however, that doesn’t mean that they wont make any trades. Fan590 reports that the Leafs and Sabres have been in trade talks for a period of time and they are starting to heat up. Leafs seem to covet defensemen Alexei Zhitnik, and the names that are being discussed are Darcy Tucker and Travis Green. Here is a description on each player

Alexei Zhitnik- Strong defensemen, can log a lot of ice time, which is something the Leafs desperatley need.

Darcy Tucker- Good gritty forward who can score, check, and fight all in one.

Travis Green- Good 2nd or 3rd line cente, and is very effective on faceoffs.

In other news, the Leafs are pretty close to re-signing Glen Wesley due to the fact that the Hurricanes broke off talks with his agent.

Don’t expect Bryan Marchment to be in a Maple Leaf uniform, the Canadian club is reportedly not interested.

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  1. Ruski says:

    Leafs REALLY have to get their priorities straight. They need to sign some good defencemen. Alexei Zhitnik is a step in the right direction. I hope the Leafs dont even consider signing Marchment because he is the “cheapshot artist” of the NHL and brings nothing to the table. Lets hope Wesley signs and Svehla retires then Leafs might have some more monney for more signings.

  2. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    I was really suprised that a Leaf fan could write reasonably. That being said, good article, and I am not knocking all Leaf fans, just the ones who are always convinced everyone and thier mother wants to play/is coming to Toronto.

    I think Zhitnik would be a step in the right direction for a team like Toronto. That being said, I think the Leafs really need to play better defense as a team, rather than allocating the defensive assignments to defenseman only.

    Also, I think the Leafs should take a look at Patrick Boileau. Boileau played well on the Wings last year, is sound and provides an offensive touch from time to time. He’s also an Unrestricted Free Agent.

  3. Leaf_Expert says:

    I’ve been asking for some time a trade to bring Zhitnik to Toronto.

    But I dont know why they would bring Zhitnik in who makes 4million. When they have Brian Leetch in their faces…

  4. sluggo says:

    The Sun reported today that the Flames are interested moving Boughtner, and since the Leafs have shown interest in the defenseman before they could be in the running, again Tucker and Green were mentioned as possibly going to the Flames.

  5. Seattleaf says:

    Because Zhitnik is in his prime, he’s EXACTLY what the Leafs need in D and Leetch is playing what should be his final year of hockey. He’s just not young anymore. Leafs don’t need any more old, injury prone players.

  6. sluggo says:

    Pat Boileau would be a good addition to the Leafs Defense, but they probably won’t even look at him, Quinn seems to want Oleg Tverdovsky (Kaberle Lite).

  7. Tradedude says:

    I really don’t give a flying fuck (excuse my language for one moment) who the hell we get in return, Tucker is a mothafuckin piece of shit, he cant score worth shit, and he goes around cheapshotting everyone such as Gonchar, Peca, the list goes on and on. Yeah, lets go jumping on other teams benches, and get our asses kicked. Travis Green is a great guy, but his point production has dropped straight down. He could use a new home, but i’ll for sure miss him. Zhitnik is a given bonus if this deal gets done, but i wont believe it til i see it.

  8. Hockeyman93 says:

    This could mean one of two things for the Leafs, if in fact this trade goes down. 1. Svehla will not return next season, or 2. Wesley won’t be resigned. Zhitnik’s big contract would be a tough swallow right now unless the leafs know that wesley or svehla are gone for sure. Also, by moving Green and Tucker, it would open up a spot at center for, guess who, Eric Lindros. I still think Sather will buy him out and Quinn will snatch him up, as much as I dislike the idea.

  9. Seattleaf says:

    I agree(except the mindless swearing) with that statement. Tucker is as good as gone. Now that Quinn’s no longer GM, the Leafs will no longer be the “entertaining”/cruel team reputation. There’s no use for Tucker other than trade bait.

    Green, however, I will miss. He’s a hard-working center who’s amazing in the faceoff. He has a knack for getting those important goals also. However, being a part of Tucker/Corson’s little clique, he’s no longer necessary.

  10. Leaf_Expert says:

    Leetch is 35(Still in his prime). The Leafs will only sign a defensemen to a 1-year deal and that is something Leetch would agree to.

    Zhitnik(31)who is in the last year of his contract also.

    So if you could have one of these players for just one year who would it be?

    Alexia Zhitnik is just a bigger, stronger, more offensive version of Dimitri Yushkevich. And the one thing Zhitnik lacks that you cant give to a player is desire, and brains. Something Zhitnik doesnt have alot of.

    I wont go into specifics of what Brian Leetch brings to the table ecxcept his 2 Norris Trophy awards. But Leetch is just about everything the Leafs could want and need on the blue line.

    Brian Leetch for the blue and white!

  11. Leaf_Expert says:

    This article is basically sayin the Leafs defense will look like this next year:



    Berg-(youth prospect)


    We need a Leetch,

    Brian Leetch….

  12. sluggo says:

    First get this straight – QUINN IS STILL GM. Quinn will stop being GM once a new is choosen, until then he is the GM. And since he has a hand in selecting the new GM (basically his boss) he will be very relcutent to hire someone who isn’t a very good friend who will do what he wants. That is why Quinn said last week there is a chance he will be the GM until his contract with the Leafs is up.

    Tucker I like a lot. He can score (normally between 10-20 goals a season) and is a very heart player. Hes the type of guy who goes out there and makes the big hit that gets the team going (like when he nailed JR in game 4, I bet you weren’t saying trade themth en). So many teams are interested him BECAUSE of that emotion and heart he brings to the game. If they do trade him they better make sure they get someone good for him and get someone like Tyson Nash to replace him.

    Green I’d trade in a second. He can’t produce. Hes good at the faceoffs but when you put him out there you can really only put 2 scorers out there with him. So you’ll probably get the puck, but have one less player to put it int he net.

  13. MapleLeafs says:

    What about Greg de Vries hes 6-2, 214 pounds,strong and puts up pretty good numbers and best off he has Stanley Cup experence and his contract should not be to big for the Leafs.

  14. big_booty says:

    “Alexia Zhitnik is just a bigger, stronger, more offensive version of Dimitri Yushkevich.”

    What a lame-brained comment. The two players are exactly the same size. Yushkevich is a punisher, especially in the playoffs, which is what the Leafs were missing. Zhitnik couldn’t knock my grandmother down. Zhitnik has more offensive talent, but plays nowhere near the amount of defense that Yushkevich does. Zhitnik is minus-37 for his career, and minus-29 in the playoffs.

    And if you continually think that Brian Leetch is going to join your precious Leafs then you are even dumber than people think you already are. No way Leetch even considers playing north of the border, and it’s doubtful he’ll ever play for a franchise not named the New York Rangers.

    Is it me, or do you keep saying dumb and dumber things? I guess some things never change.

  15. Hockeyman93 says:

    Are you retarded?? What makes sense about this deal?? Oh yeah, they get both Tucker and Green’s contracts off their books and take on Zhitnik’s. How much more would the Leafs spend? Maybe 1 million at the most. Leetch would cost an additional 4.5 million to the payroll they already have.

  16. sluggo says:

    ya, the Leafs are really strapped for cash – what with the raising ticket prices and selling out every game.

  17. Hockeyman93 says:

    By traded Tucker and Green for Zhitnik, the Leafs don’t really add salary, unlike if they signed de Vries or Leetch. Zhitnik is also younger than both Wesley and Leetch, and is arguably much better than de Vries. This deal would also free up space on the depth chart to sign a solid center behind Sundin to allow Antropov to further develope.

  18. Hockeyman93 says:

    Thats not what Im saying. If in fact the Leafs are going to stick to their budget, than obviously the Zhitnik deal is much more wise than sign a free agent.

  19. VACCAAD185 says:

    Good….Quinn and the Maple Leafs office are finally starting to step foot on the right track. I always invisioned Zhitnik being in a Toronto Jersey since the Trade deadline back in March…

    Thats what we need…a fairly strong defender who can put some points on the scoreboard and avoid opponents points on the scoreboard…and good thing we are getting rid of Tucker…freaking GOON

    ~~> GO Leafs GO <~~

  20. TML51 says:

    Obtaining Zhitnik would be a good step in the right direction for the Leafs, given their inactivity on the free agent market. However, trading Tucker and/or Green could leave some key holes in the Leaf offence.

    True, Tucker is considered a cheap shot artist, and is loathed by other teams as a result. His “Sideshow Bob” shtick is wearing thin with even the most faithful of Leaf fans. But, let’s face it, he’s the type of guy you want on your team in a playoff setting. He’s a spark plug, although his antics are probably starting to get on Quinn’s nerves. With Corson gone, it stands to reason that he will improve and tone down his abrasivieness one the ice.

    Green is a good 3rd line center, and his face-off ability is actually quite good. He proved to be a reliable “go to” guy along with McCauley in the conference semi-finals against Ottawa in 2001, with half the team on the injured list. He’d be a good pick-up for any team looking to bolster their 3rd or 4th line…and a good vetran leader for a team like the Sabres.

    What is interesting to note is how the Leafs seem to be “cleaning house”, so to speak. Tucker, Green and Corson were labeled to be a clique in the dressing room, and a negative one at that. (Remember the Sundin interview after Corson quit, where he eluded to the fact that there was distention in the dressing room?) The question is…who will replace them?

    I’d rather see the Leafs trade for Zhitnik, as compared to signing Teverdosky, as I’m not sure he’s what the Leafs need. Wesley is reported to be closer to signing, which is good. Losing him would be disasterous on the blue line.

    The only saving grace for the Leafs is that this year’s free agent time is much slower than that of years past, due to the impending lock out and teams being reluctant to take on contracts that will leave them on the hook. It’s still no reason to be moving this slowly.

  21. big_booty says:

    If the Leafs do indeed want to get rid of Tucker and Green, it’s not going to bring them Zhitnik.

    Buffalo would want younger talent who can help right away, not a third- or fourth-line journeyman center (Green) or a mouthy pain in the ass who takes stupid penalties when the game really matters (Tucker). The Sabres already had those types of players and it didn’t work out (Gratton, Barnaby).

    If the Leafs want Zhitnik, the Mighty Quinn would have to pony up one young forward, i.e. Steen, Stajan, or Ponikarovsky, and probably one d-man, i.e. Bell. Perhaps throw in a draft pick for good measure.

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