Leafs Up For Sale???

I was watching The Spin with Steve Kouleas, Steve Ludzik and Al Strachan on The Score tonight. Well, I don’t usually pay attention to these guys but something quite interesting caught my eye. According to at least Strachan anyways, Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich is interested in buying MLSE. And he isn’t just any old Russian Billionaire, Abramovich is the same person who tried buying the Vancouver Canucks a few years ago but failed.

A little history on Abramovich. According to a Russian finance magazine, as of January 2007, Abramovich’s worth is apparently over 21 Billion dollars. Abramovich also bought Chelsea FC of the English Soccer Premiership and immediately poured funds into the team in order to produce a winner. Money is no option for Abramovich as he reportedly offered AC Milan over 89 million dollars for one single player (Andrei Shevchenko). Abramovich is also an owner of the CSKA Moscow soccer club.

In any case, if in fact Abramovich somehow manages to buy MLSE, he would also be owner of not only the Leafs but the Toronto Raptors, Toronto FC and the Toronto Marlies.

Personally speaking, I’m taking this news with a grain of salt, as it is Al Strachan who was saying this on The Spin. But if Abramovich does somehow buy the Leafs, he may very well be what the team is looking for in terms of stability. I believe that if the deal does in fact happen, Larry Tanenbaum and Richard Peddie will both be out of a job and perhaps with Abramovich’s “Money is No Option” philosophy, maybe he will buy the very best of everything in terms of executives, scouts, GM, coach and maybe even players(That is if the Cap keeps going up).

In any case, it is still coming from Al Strachan and he can barely tell you what a hockey puck is so hopefully no one takes this incredibly seriously.

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  1. habsrock99 says:

    Goddamnit I was hoping this wouldn't get posted. It turned out that what I did see was just half of the segment about this topic on The Spin, which happend to be talking about Abramovich.

    Only after I had written this and went into detail about everything, did I find out that their was another half, which was talking about the real perspective Russian-Canadian buyer, Alexander Schnaider.


    Schnaider owns a soccer team as well, but an Israeli soccer team. His net worth is about 1.8 billion and it is believed by Strachan, Ludzik and Kouleas that it would take around 1.3 billion for Schnaider to purchase the entire MLSE.

    Sorry about getting my facts all confused.

    But as far as the Leafs needing a more stable ownership situation, I believe Schnaider would in fact stabalize the franchise.

    Also, according to Strachan's sources it is believed Tanenbaum did in fact give Schnaider a price for at least his share in MLSE.

  2. leafy says:

    Why wasn't this article posted in the main HTR page?  This story is huge.

    Anyway, I agree with you habsrock. New ownership is exactly what this team needs.  Clearly the current ownership is totally dysfunctional.

  3. PaulK123 says:

    God I hope this sale happens!!!! MLSE needs to realize that this team is a ticking time bomb, eventually we as the fans will get fed up and stop selling out the building. I am on the verge of boycotting the Leafs out of disgust. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. New ownership will shake up the team and we will be able to hire a GM who doesn't get ass raped in every trade, and fire those two idiots who run the organization (peddie and tanenbaum). New ownership is what this team needs, hope MLSE seriously considers this

  4. habsrock99 says:

    I'm pretty sure the reason it's not on the Home Page is because I mistakenly thought Abramovich was trying to buy them when it was really Alexander Schnaider.

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